The Feminist War Against Men and Marriage

By Mike Walsh,

A natural woman speaks from her heart: “I do find it sad that not more women are encouraged to embrace marriage and family. I have many single women friends, now in their mid and late 30s, who now feel the clock ticking but have resigned themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives.”

Soon afterwards, I chanced upon Rod Dreher’s online article in which he discusses a column by Anna Hitchings, an Australian writer lamenting the lack of available men who were “churchgoing, single and worldly wise,” with that last term meaning socially adjusted.

Anna Hitchings writes that men “seemingly do not understand what it is to be a man anymore.” She then applauds figures like Jordan Peterson, who “actively promote qualities that are sorely lacking in our society, such as personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity.”

In his column, he goes on to say, “It’s no wonder why women complain the men aren’t asking them out, we men are not interested in having to argue our worth and leadership in a relationship”.

Few today would deny that male-female relationships among young adults are fraught with suspicion, discord, false hopes, and shattered expectations. I know a dozen women like Anna Hitchings who echo her sentiments, namely, that they and their friends have trouble finding men who are honest, responsible, and know how to engage socially. But as Steve points out, men also face challenges in finding the right woman.

Since the 1960s, our society has undergone a sea change regarding marriage and family. Schools find time for sex education but not for teaching the values of partnership, commitment, and obligation. Nor does our culture endeavour to restore marriage and family, institutions once considered the building blocks of a healthy society. Today our technology, the sexual revolution, and in some quarters, the hostility toward men and marriage, have severely damaged the prospects of family life.

Let’s look at just one of these changes. The women’s movement of the 1960s and 1970s stressed equality of opportunity in education and the workplace. Young women were encouraged to go to college, win a degree, take their place in the workplace, and break the glass ceiling; all well and good.

Unfortunately, this quest for equality has taken a different turn. Our popular culture, movies, television, children’s books, institutionally humiliates men while elevating women, an indoctrination began in pre-school. One small example: pick up almost any of the Berenstein Bear books, aimed at kids three to seven years of age, and you’ll find Mama Bear portrayed as flawless and wise, Papa Bear as a half-witted layabout.

This anti-male propaganda occurs in movies, theatre productions in television shows where Dad is a guy too dumb to change a light bulb, in the media, in textbooks attacking the patriarchy, and in classrooms from kindergarten through graduate school. More recently, some teachers and commentators go so far as to preach toxic masculinity, as if manhood was a piece of poisonous waste. We are raising our girls to be aggressive and independent; we are raising our boys to be… well, more like girls.

Annie Holmquist looks at what Paglia, a feminist writer and provocateur, thinks of feminism: “Girls who are indoctrinated to see men not as equals but as oppressors and rapists are condemned to remain in a permanently juvenile condition for life. They have surrendered their own personal agency to a poisonous creed that claims to empower women but has ended by infantilizing them.”

By buying into this propaganda, some women now regard females as superior to males. They engage in the tribalism endemic in our time. Like the male chauvinists of yore, they crack jokes in public about the stupidity of men, make sexist comments, or disparage males, all with no push-back. Meanwhile, men risk being accused of harassment simply for complimenting a woman on her appearance. Given such an anti-male culture, what sort of men are women expecting?

Young adults, male and female, who are searching for love, commitment, and marriage, who want a home and children, deserve our sympathy. They are the unwitting victims of a culture whose values have gone drastically awry. And until we recognize we are on the wrong road, these same young people must expect a bumpy ride.



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7 thoughts on “The Feminist War Against Men and Marriage”

  1. All this B.S. started in the 1960s when some super-rich super-evil men got together to plan the destruction of the United States of America. No one could take the U.S. militarily without their military’s getting crushed in an all-out war or their cities all literally turned into burned-out wreckage. They came up with a plan, hiding under the guise of ‘population control’, but in reality aimed at changing the U.S. so it would be submitted to global government. So they opened the floodgates of immigration, legal and illegal, in 1965. They used Sputnik as an excuse to pump the textbooks full of anti-Christ anti-Biblical Darwin’s conjecture while using a mentally ill crackpot (Madalyn Murry-O’Hare) to strip prayer and acknowledgement of God out of the classroom and society. They deliberately engineered and started the counter-culture movement to divide the opposition to their war profits side project, the Vietnam War. They used Hollywood, television, and movies to brainwash women and turn the role of wife, mother, and home maker into being ‘Mary Tyler Moore – single, free, and on-the-pill, ‘one of Charlie’s angels’, and ‘Dr. Quinn, Career Woman’. The goal is to destroy the U.S. from within, by first and foremost destroying the family, the basic unit of society. They created no-fault divorce, legal aid to fund it, welfare families (ruining 70% of black families), unfair divorce and family courts, and most recently the 30-hour a week job: just enough to barely, barely get by, while making as many people as possible slaves to government-funded ‘health’ insurance. They want white families wiped out especially, because regardless of what people have been told, higher IQ and larger numbers of higher IQs reside in the white race than in black or brown races. That’s just a fact of life, though Ashkenazi Jewish people and Asians are higher than the white race in these characteristics. Can you see a Mexicanized U.S. population defending the nation against the future threats? Like the PRC? Did Mexico win the first Cold War? Did some SH country in Africa? Look at the pictures of famous U.S., German, or Russian generals: They are white, and they have blue eyes, and were very highly intelligent. So the globalists, want to overrun the U.S. with a million plus illegal immigrants PER YEAR from these non-white countries, because they’ve already succeeded in taking women out of their God-given role and put them in the workforce to pay income taxes and mortgage interest, and THEY DON’T HAVE CHILDREN ANYMORE. So it’s the destruction of the U.S., from within, by the destruction of marriage, family, sexuality, fatherhood, motherhood, and childhood. And it’s aided by the invisible evil forces the Bible talks about, at all levels.

  2. We used to have a spiritual consciousness called KRST by our beloved Brothers and Sisters in Africa. It was a oneness with nature and an awareness of self. The Anunnaki became the anti-KRST. They corrupted or destroyed anything that made us strong. That included the Divine Feminine. Our perfect sacred trinity is the same as we see in nature, man, woman and child. The anti-KRST tried to destroy us by destroying the Feminine. To destroy the man you destroy the woman. The pendulum is swinging but we will find balance. We are One and We will bring Love to the world. I would stop for any man, woman or child of any race. There is one God, the Creator of All and he is a God of Love. Fret not. You will heal when the Divine Feminine returns.

  3. This is stupid. Us men have sucked for a LOOOOOONG time. All feminism means is that the person is for equality. If a person is not advocating equality, then they are sexist. Just be a good person, treat people as you would want to be treated, nobody is getting called out for sexual harassment for saying “Hello.” Thats a silly false narrative.

    • Exactly. I’m Hispanic, raised to be pretty traditional, and I went through so much crap with men. Ofcourse, everything is great at first. I’d be so in love. Then some bring a lack of commitment, or jealous fits, or abuse, or cheating, or alcoholism. Whose fault was it? Well mine ofcourse! I just “chose” the wrong guys! Silly me! Totally my fault, not the fact that men are testosterone fueled emotional cripples who don’t truly love us. 9 years ago I made the drastic choice to put my very severely autistic children into care and begin escorting. It’s been a great ride! I’ve made good money, had great sex, met politicians,pro athletes, doctors, etc. No bs to deal with. Yet women are still looked down upon for living her best sex life. Well I tell you, there’s no way in hell I’m going back to being a good woman. Like you’ve said, men have sucked for a very long time and us women just want our independence, both financially and sexually. Equal rights, freedoms and no need to commit to some asshole just so I won’t be called a whore. The great thing is women always have a never ending supply of sex partners to try out and I fully intend to safely do so. If that irks the patriarchy, so be it!

  4. “Hello” is the equivalent of HATE speech and SEXUAL harassment according to the leading Feminists. As a guy I never stop for any woman in trouble for any reason. I’ve walked past girls in fights as it’s just too dangerous for men to get involved for the spin that women can put on a situation. I know plenty of women now in their late 30’s and single who have resigned themselves to spinsterhood. Men aren’t stupid anymore. No woman is worth giving up your life for and that can mean literally if she decides to corner you.
    Women Have Waaay too much power over men so men are pushing back.

  5. Young men have a hard time finding the girl of their dreams, and vise versa. I don’t know what we are doing to humanity, but it’s not good. A guy can’t even be friendly without being afraid of the outcome. Or can’t be a gentleman and open a door or offer a seat on the bus. I am not a guy, but I do have 3 sons. They are good men. I want them to be at peace.

  6. It’s happening with men of ANY age. They seem to be afraid to just even say Hello! I’ll usually have to speak up first. So sad!

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