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The world’s most hated companies are headed by Monsanto: Dr Strangelove, the creator of DDT and Agent Orange, Monsanto is one the world’s largest genocide (Orange agent) pesticide and GMO seed manufacturers. It is known for being the first company to genetically modify a seed to make it resistant to pesticides and herbicides. Monsanto’s herbicides have been blamed for killing millions of crop acres, while its chemicals were added to blacklists of products causing cancer and many other health problems.


Apple: Apple stands accused of mistreating or underpaying their employees, hiding money offshore, and not paying taxes. It has also been accused of violating health or environmental legislation and misusing its position where they have a monopoly in the market. And, deliberately slowing older iPhones and overcharging for its products to boot.


Nestle: The world’s largest food and beverage company Nestle says it is committed to enhancing the quality of life. However, it has been dragged through numerous scandals involving slave labour. The multinational is one of the most boycotted corporations in the world, as violations of labour rights have been reported at its factories in different countries.


Philip Morris: The products of the American multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company are sold in over 180 countries outside the United States. Philip Morris owns Marlboro, one of the world’s biggest brands. Back in 1999, Philip With breathtaking anti-human rhetoric, Morris courted officials of the Czech Republic by explaining how smoking would, in fact, help their economy, due to the reduced healthcare costs from its citizens dying early.

McDonald’s: McDonald’s was founded in 1940. The company serves more customers each day than the entire population of Great Britain, but has a long history of dreadful labour practices. It has been constantly under fire for serving ghoulish junk food, which contributes to health problems. Researchers have found that McDonald’s burgers cannot decompose on their own.


NOTABLE MENTIONS of corporations not quite evil enough to make the top list: Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Chase, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, British American, Tobacco, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Bayer, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart.

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Michael Walsh was awarded Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With 60 books bearing his name, thousands of new stories and columns, Michael is arguably Britain and Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books.



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  1. As for the McDonalds food, a former doctor of mine in Duluth, MN had a McDonalds burger and fries on a plate in their office that was 6 years old and looked the same as the day it was purchased. It had not decomposed. SCARY.

  2. Nestle is also complicit with Governor Brown of California in trying to convince people that California has severe water shortage, and draconian water conservation laws should be imposed on Californians. While we were suppose to have drought, Governor Brown was selling California’s aquifer water to Nestle. The Nestle CEO blatantly said that water should be privatized. We no longer have the basic right to have water. There were a few conscientious protesters standing outside the fenced aquifer. I do my best to awaken people to the very deliberate stripping of our sovereign rights, but it is a Herculean task when a large part of the population is actively fighting against you as you try to awaken them. The person in charge of the website for my local community is censoring my emails. She also calls my information “conspiracy theories”. She conducts herself like the ADL, wanting to control the narrative, and by golly, I hope she is doing it out of ignorance, not because she is one of them.


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