An interesting interview by Laura Eisenhower of Stewart Swerdlow who claims he is the last living survivor of the Montauk Project.  While I don’t personally agree with all his opinions on Q, aliens (all demonic) or reincarnation (you only live once) it’s an interesting interview nonetheless.  I won’t believe Trump is making the 5G harmless unless I see the 5 year rat studies for myself either!   None of us agree with everything anybody says because we are all unique and each one of us has figured out some aspects of the true reality we live in.

Nobody has all the answers except God ultimately.  I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.  We have to pray for God to give us wisdom to learn the truth for ourselves.  I won’t believe anybody who says the “Blue Avians” or other “aliens” are my friends unless God himself lights up a burning bush and tells me so!  Until this happens I will strongly disagree with anybody who says there are any “good” aliens.  Joe Jordan (MUFON) has dozens of witnesses who say alien abduction stop in the name of Jesus!   Even some of the whistleblowers in the 20 and back secret space program said “aliens” asked them for permission to take them!    This is because these aliens are demons and you have free will!    All I really need to know is God and Jesus are real and are our only hope.   If we stray from God’s Word and believe aliens are here to save us we’re in real trouble!

While I wish Q was true, I will believe Q is real when I see people like Hillary in jail and not until then.  He’s certainly an interesting character as is the Montauk Project legend.  Swerdlow claims he was one of the “Montauk Boys” which were put under mind control and that less than 1% survived.   This interview is far more entertaining than watching the Federal Reserve puppets on Fox News, that’s for sure!  I enjoyed the talk about infinite alternate timelines and how the Mandela Effect is bleed through between timelines.  Interesting!

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  1. Contrary to Nick- I felt this man has accessed so much knowledge that he is secure in what he knows. Many of us do not have that security because we are being exposed to so much that is new to our thinking. I’m glad I discovered this person and will look into more of what he has to offer. I’m still placing my chips on Q. Timing is everything.

    • He was exposed a fraud on Dark Skies Stranger Things. When questioned he totally lost it. He was exposed as someone who was taking advantage.

  2. He’s running a cult in Michigan with his wife Janet, people wake up this guy was in prison for fraud. Do your research instead of just getting sucked into this con. That’s the issue people so want to believe and belong that’s how cults are made. I watched this video and it was way too much to stomach.

  3. Thank you Edward for posting this even though you are not sure about the legitimacy of Q. This is what a true non-mainstream media reporter should do.
    I do follow the Q drops. I have my favorite researchers and I do some on my own. I don’t see how it cannot be legitimate. I resonate with the speaker and Laura Eisenhower very much, and it is not just wishful thinking. I have attended events where Corey Goode, and Laura have both been speakers. For me, I just had to briefly make eye contact with them, and there was my proof. Thanks again for your bravery.

  4. I watched this a week ago and then some from his channel. My discernment radar flashed red, he doesn’t feel right. Although interesting he is too set in his dogmas to be of any real source of truth I M O


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