The Queens did not speak a word.

But after a moment, an Elder Queen stood up. Her words were stern. The civil war, regardless of cause, had caused the destruction of TIAMAT, a world crucial to the ARIDU, ASA-RRR and ARI-AN Empires. The lives of millions had been threatened, countless warriors of both systems had died.

The SSS-T Queens demanded the cessation of hostilities!

There would be no further destruction! The agreements with King AX»-AL, in the guise of King ZU-ZU, would continue! The war was over!

To the horror of King AN-U, the Rebel would be permitted to live! Once again, a Royal member of the House of AL-AL-U had thwarted him!

King AN-U was furious. This he would not permit! There would come a day, he vowed, when the solar system would be a part of the ASA-RRR empire again.
And so…the Golden Era of ZU-ZU would flourish, if only for a short time.

The tales of the world under the hand of King ZU-ZU were many. Though a savior to his people, he was still a King… and subject to arbitrary whims. Still things were well.

But the fates would once again interfere with the future of the ARIDU solar system.

Shortly after the confrontation in the SSS-T Palace, the ARI-AN Queens would find themselves facing the looming spectre of war with an ages-old enemy. Unfortunately for ZU-ZU, the threat cane from a neighboring star system, not far from his ARIDU solar system.

Advised of the threatening situation, AN-U recognized an opportunity to remove the Rebel from power. Approaching the ARI-AN Queens, King AN-U made an argument for the removal of the young King ZU-ZU. The Ninth Passageway was vital to the ARI-AN Empire. ZU-ZU, in his ambition to expand his Empire, might be swayed to accept support from the very same enemies who threatened to battle against the SSS-T Queens.

If ZU-ZU had rebelled against the ASA-RRR Empire WITHOUT aid, why would he not rebel against the SSS-T Queen WITH the support of ARI-AN enemies?
The ARI-AN Queens paused, and agreed. They would assist the ASA-RRR King in his return to the Ninth Passageway solar system to subdue King ZU-ZU. Lord King AN-U was elated! In this venture, he would not fail. This time, the war armadas of both the SSS-T and the ASA-RRR Empires would join forces!

By marshalling together his Starships and Warriors alongside the forces of the SSS-T Queens, AN-U had assembled an armada such as had never been seen before.

The skies of the SIRIAN worlds were filled with Warships and Starships. The ASA-RRR people, the ASA-RR-U, cheered as the King’s mighty army made ready its departure.

Victory was written in the heavens!

Lord King ZU-ZU was told that a diplomatic entourage was on its way to his solar system Kingdom. By the time he was to learn of the trickery, it would be too late. Cloaked and in silence, the armada of Warships arrived at the outer edge of the ARIDU system before they were detected. This mistake would prove to be fatal to the King and his young Empire.

The battle was quick and decisive.

The invasion forces poured into the solar system. IKIKI and DEH forces of AR-ZU were overwhelmed by the sheer number of ASA-RRR and ARI-AN warships. In short time, the invasion forces surrounded the War Planet. But the orders of attack, issued by King AN-U, did not allow for prisoners, DAK-MU was to suffer total annihilation.

The Starfighters were furious in their decimation of everything on the surface of DAK-MU. The fireballs created by the missile strikes reduced everything, including stone buildings, to cinders and ash. Final strikes with the destructive beams of light and the searing heat beams vaporized everything that remained. What was not blown apart, was burned and melted beyond recognition.

King ZU-ZU was captured and subdued, sentenced to return to the SIRIAN Star system for punishment. All rebel warrior forces of King ZU-ZU were summarily executed, as were loyal, faithful followers. The entirety of the empire’s population would be brutally and cruelly punished… guilty or not.

The War Planet’s surface was obliterated. All traces of life under King ZU-ZU were destroyed. Cities were leveled, forests destroyed. The beauty of the planet and its civilization was no more. All forms of life were destroyed. With no animals or plants to feed its atmosphere, the once living and thriving planet died. Only its red sands remained. The blood red dust became a fitting memorial to the bloodshed of the Solar System War in which billions perished.

Great Lord King AN-U was relieved. The Evil One, rebel King ZU-ZU was vanquished. The Hand of the ASA-RRR was once again restored to the Ninth Passageway, and the realm of the ARI-AN SSS-T Queens was strengthened once again.

And so it was peaceful for a time…


The Starship of Prince EA moved slowly over the land.

He examined the surface carefully. Enormous glacial ice sheets blanketed most of the upper and lower hemispheres, an equatorial strip was the only part left untouched.

The Prince and his crew had analyzed the data carefully, the landing sight had already been selected. As the Prince emerged and examined the area, the words of his father. King AN-U, were clear. Rebuild the devastated system, he ordered Prince EA.

The destruction of the world of ZU-ZU had been complete. The Planet of Red Sands was reduced to dust and rubble. All traces of life were destroyed. Without life and plants, the atmosphere died. Ice sheets formed from the poles almost to the equator, DAK-MU was frozen in its death. And its sister world, DAK-A-MU, had been transformed into a planet of arid, scorched lands and deadly poisonous oceans.

ARIDU, the once rebuilt home of the Rebel ZU-ZU, was also devastated. Only IRU, TARGALLU, and BAR-BAR-U remained relatively intact.

The Prince could not imagine what it must have been like to be in the middle of it all, in the center of the battles. He, like his brother, had been forced to flee. He looked up into the heavens. The Prince knew his brother was overhead. Somewhere, on an orbiting military cruiser, he was up above, looking down on him. Prince EN-LIL was Lord of the Airways.

Re-build, Prince EA was commanded. The Prince looked at the destroyed world. The task would be great, he would make sure to fulfill his father’s orders. He would re-build, and he would establish a mining operation, extracting vital ores and precious minerals. He would re-build the paradise world from the war-torn planet…and perhaps, he would do a little more. EA reveled in the thought.

And so they began, Prince EA and his volunteer crew, the ANUNNAKI. The chosen site for the initial compound had lots of water and fertile soil. Studies had revealed deposits of precious ores far below. It was the logical place to begin.

Each of the members of the Prince’s crew had been chosen because of his or her special skills or abilities. Each one had been assigned the rank of Lord, each had been granted an amount of property in ARIDU, and each was given a fair share of future monetary returns from the new colonies.

The rewards were generous, the dangers considerable. The Prince had taken his time in selecting his crew, the stakes were high. But he was proud, they were good.

The first assignment was the construction of the base of Operations. The compound would be built in stone, naturally durable and readily available. But as the ANUNNAKI began to set up the cutting lights and sound carriers, the generators ceased to operate. The natural energy grid lines of energy, common to all worlds, were fluctuating wildly on the planet.

The ‘Great Collision’, the event which had created the world they stood on, had caused the inner core to become unstable, thus causing a constant wavering of the energy lines.

To produce a stable supply of power. Prince EA located a point where six energy lines naturally intersected. Here on the intersection, the Prince erected a large Energy House, a focusing center which would extract sufficient energy to run the construction equipment. Power crystals, specially grown for just such a purpose, were place in the Energy Chambers.

The Energy House would also hold the Re-animation Center within its walls. Fatally injured technicians must be taken care of immediately. Prince EA could not afford to lose even one of his carefully chosen crew.

As the dreaded D-K were ‘Destroyers of Life, so the ANUNNAKI were known as the K-D, the ‘Givers of Life’.

And, because the irregularly pulsating energy lines made Star ship instruments unreliable, the Energy House was built with four highly reflective triangular sides that allowed an aerial orientation for pilots high above.

Slowly the power problems began to be resolved.

But for much of the time, power anomalies made progress difficult in every aspect of the mining and construction projects. Field technicians were forced to perform unexpected physical labor to compensate for failed equipment. The ANUNNAKI were few, the labors many. The ANUNNAKI complained. Prince EA relayed the words to King AN-U, but the King would not hear of their problems. Production would still have to increase!

The ANUNNAKI felt overworked and ignored, they protested and threatened to cease their labors. Prince EA promised an increase in future rewards. Grudgingly, but with additional recompense promised, the ANUNNAKI returned to their labors.

Construction and mining/recovery crews switched to lower consumption cutting lights and sound wave movers. But lower consumption meant lower output. Production was slowed down, causing King AN-U concern. To this end. Prince EA began the use of beasts of burden to assist the ANUNNAKI. Progress in the operation slow, but there was progress.

But in time, the operation was able to begin sending the gold shipments on schedule. Transport ships landed on ARIDU and departed with their vital cargoes. Gold was immediately sent back to ASA-RRR, other precious ores were sent right to the BAR-BAR-u and TARGALLU refineries. Even the tilting and erratic spinning KAKKAB SHANAMMA began to show signs of life on its surface.

Construction crews completed the stone structures of the compound, making the ARIDU settlement look more like a city, and not a raining camp. And in the center of the compound, a magnificent Agricultural-Biological center was fast becoming the centerpiece of the stone city.

The Prince had done well, the Great AN-U was pleased.

Prince EA’s Operation had allowed AN-U to retain control of the ARIDU solar system and keep his hold on the Starlanes in the Passageway. EA had succeeded beyond the expectations of his father. His talents as a Genesis Master had been put to the test and had exceeded the task.

TIAMAT was re-born!

King AN-U immediately sent a dispatch. ‘Old ARIDU’, the ‘Conquered Place’, was dead! ‘ERIDU’, the ‘Enslaved Place’, was alive! No one would ever doubt the power, the might and vengeance of the ASA-RRR King again! The name of the colony would serve as a reminder and a warning to anyone who sought to challenge or question the might of the Great AN-U!

The Hand of AN-U would always be upon ERIDU!

From ERIDU come the words for EARTH:

  • Erde (German)
  • ERDA (Old High German)
  • Jordh (Icelandic)
  • Airtha (Gothic)
  • Jord (Danish)
  • Erthe (Middle English)

Prince EA was assigned the title EN-GI, ‘Lord of ERIDU’. The devastated world was a living place again!

EA carefully manipulated and engineered animal and plant life forms that could endure in the harsh environment and poisonous nitrogen air of the planet. Atmospheric conditioning units began to make the air breathable and warmer. Often laboring for many time periods, the Prince gave little thought to rest.

But the continuing efforts of Prince EA were not without their rewards.

One of his ambitions, the establishment of a Center for Life Sciences, an agricultural/biological center, was actually, achieved. An above ground laboratory, the Life Center, that produce the hybrid species and hybrid creatures which could be transplanted around the globe.

The Center became Price EA’s pride and joy, a Garden for Life.

Once again, the world began to take on the look and feel of a paradise world. Once again, the planet was alive! But though ERIDU was once again a harbinger of life, the planets of DAK-MU (Mars) and DAK-A-MU (Venus) were forbidden to have life once again on its surface. The Great AN-U decreed that both worlds would remain barren, they would serve as warning to any potential challenger.

The Wrath of AN-U was great!

The Agricultural Center was also making great strides in creating new and unique life forms capable of surviving the atmosphere of ERIDU. But the experiments occupied Prince EA much of the time, taking him away from administration duties so necessary to a Lord.

The Great King AN-U was upset.


The King of ASA-RRR had put Prince EA in charge of ERIDU because of his Genesis abilities.

Prince EN-LIL, his second son, was to remain in charge of the airways and lanes of the ERIDU solar system. But Prince EN-LIL was once again making sounds of great displeasure in being placed so far away from the Royal Palace of ASA-RRR. This further upset the King.

And so he moved to resolve the problems.

Prince EN-LIL was given administrative control of ERIDU, the solar system, the planet and the city. But control over the development and exploitation of the planets would remain with Prince EA. Thus, dominion over ERIDU would be shared! In this way. King AN-U believed he could continue to keep an angry EN-LIL away from the Court, fulfill his ambitions as a Lord of Power, and still utilize the abilities of Prince EA.

Prince EA, still EN-GI, was shattered and angry. All of his efforts and successes had been ignored, his place in the faraway empire stripped away. In anger, the Prince of Life left ERIDU, moving to a distant region in order to build yet another Agricultural-Biological Center.

Here, too, he would develop a gold mining operation, but here, he would focus on his passion, the engineering of Life. Joined by his sister, Princess NIN-HUR-SAG, also a Genesis Scientist, both began a renewed effort in the creation of life forms for the planet of ERIDU. And in this effort. Princess NIN-HUR-SAG would be the creator of a ‘hybrid’ creature that would forever change the destiny of ERIDU and its ASA-RRR Masters.

In the meantime, Prince EN-LIL would use his own skills to streamline the Operation. Increasing production, calling for additional cargo flights, and demanding increased labors from the ANNUNAKI, Prince EN-LIL produced greater quantities of ore for less cost, and in shorter time. This pleased the Great King AN-U greatly.

But the demand for higher production stressed the worker ANUNNAKI to the breaking point. Fueled by the isolation and distance from loved ones, the anger of the ANUNNAKI became a work stoppage, a strike. When threatened with punishment, a group of ANUNNAKI attacked the palace of EN-LIL itself. His life threatened. Prince EN-LIL immediately called on AN-U to descend to the faraway Kingdom.

Angrily the King responded to the call from ERIDU, Both Prince EN-LIL and the ANUNNAKI demanded an audience with the King.

The angry laborers asked for the immediate removal of Prince EN-LIL. Even the Prince himself asked to be removed, his desire was to return to the far away Royal High Court of ASA-RRR. Quietly yet firmly. Lord Prince EA added his voice to the requests for the re-assignment of his brother. Again faced with a serious situation. King AN-U was forced to make his way to the troubled outpost!

Arriving in the Palace of ERIDU, AN-U immediately held a hearing for the purpose of resolution of the situation. The voices were loud and angry. Everyone presented his case for the return of Prince EN-LIL to the Court of ASA-RRR. No one asked for his continued rule. When the voices were finally quiet, the wishes of every member of the assembly was clear, EN-LIL must go.

Everyone turned to the King. He sat in silence, he made no movement- He was sorely troubled, he had hoped that Lord Prince EN-LIL could somehow be kept in ERIDU, The Great and Wise AN-U found himself wanting, needing, a solution.

Seeing his opportunity, Prince EA stepped forward. With Princess NIN-HUR-SAG at his side, the Prince proposed to his Father and the Assembly, a simple solution. Within the Life Centers, he and the Princess had engineered many hybrids for use in labor in the fields. By utilizing genetic substances from the ASA-RRR people themselves and the genetic materials of ERIDU beasts, hybrid creatures of half ASA-RRR blood were created.

The creatures retained their natural strengths but also gained sufficient intelligence to understand commands. The earlier success of the ‘H-N’ Lizard hybrid worker in the underground mines proved the worth of such an experiment.

Other fabricated beasts, successful in specialized tasks only, were the ‘SEMT-UR’, a half horse, half ASA-RRR hybrid, capable of carrying burdens long distances; and the powerful ‘MENT-UR’, a half bull, half ASA-RRR being with a capability of phenomenal feats of strength. The success of the hybrids had encouraged Prince EA and Princess NIN-HUR-SAG to attempt yet another untried combination, one which would resolve the difficulty at hand.

King AN-U sat forward in his throne. The possibility of a hybrid beast as a solution to his problems was intriguing.

Prince EA, seeing the interest of the King, turned to an awaiting Princess NIN-HUR-SAG. He motioned to her, she made a gesture into the hallway. The show was about to begin.

To the surprise of everyone gathered, a huge hairy black beast came forward. It was the ‘APA’, a beast of the jungle, renowned for its strength and ferocity.
Cries of protest and fear went up from the assembly, the beast was unchained! But before anyone could move.

Princess NIN-HUR-SAG gave the beast a command, which the beast calmly and obediently followed. And in the next few moments, while everyone watched, the beast obeyed every command of the Lady Genesis scientist.

When the demonstration was completed, the Prince explained his idea to the King. The creature, a beast of great strength and limited intelligence could be genetically altered to become a laborer in the mines, taking the hardships away from the ANUNNAKI and freeing them for the more important tasks of construction.

The Great AN-U was impressed. Indeed the hybrid proposed seemed to be the solution. The murmurs of the ANUNNAKI seemed to be approving, EA felt. He smiled, sure he had succeeded in removing his from ERIDU.

King AN-U stood up. Prince EA expected good news, ERIDU would be his now, EN-LIL would soon be gone. The dominion of the solar system would finally be rightfully his.

The King made his pronouncement. Prince EA would begin the immediate genetic changes needed to alter the beast! All ANUNNAKI laborers would return to their operations until the new creature was ready for work in the fields!

But to the horror of Prince EA, the King ended his words with an announcement that cut like a knife into his being… EN-LIL would remain in charge of ERIDU! The Beast of Prince EA would alleviate the situation and allow EN-LIL to stay!

Such were the words of the King, so it would be! Prince EA was shattered! He had once again been denied the Throne of ERIDU! EN-LIL, his life-long adversary, was a victor once again!

Storming from the Palace, Prince EA vowed he would never again enter the ERIDU Palace again until the throne was his! Though he had been the first born son of King AN-U, he would never ascend to the Throne of ASA-RRR because Prince EN-LIL, the younger son, was born to King AN-U by his half-sister, a requirement in the ASA-RRR Rules of Succession.

And now the Throne of ERIDU had also taken away from him!

The enmity between the two had extended even to the very purpose of life itself. EN-LIL had believed the purpose of life was to give undying service to the Kings and the Throne of ASA-RRR. But the Genesis Sciences had revealed something highly different to Prince EA. Life controlled was not life evolved, as blasphemous as that might be in ASA-RRR.

Prince EA saw life as an opportunity for exploration of self. Born of the same blood and world, no two brothers could have been further apart in their ways.

And so, the words of the Great AN-U added to the already raging feud between the two Princes. Prince EN-LIL would be Lord of the Word (Command) and continue his iron rule, while prince EA would remain the Genesis Lord, developing ERIDU to the expectations of his father.

Prince EA resigned himself to his task, re-designing the beast his sister had initiated to suit the needs of the work community of the ANUNNAKI. With his sister beside him, the Prince began the intricate procedures. But the anger was in his heart, and would not leave his thoughts.

And thus the revenge of EA was born. Although directed to use the cellular material from one of the ANUNNAKI Lords, specifically chosen by Prince EN-LIL, Prince EA substituted cells of his own choosing for the experiment. The time for the uncovering of the true identity of the beast would someday come, and he, Prince EA, would have the last laugh.

Prototype after prototype was tried. Slowly, the beast was developed in intelligence without sacrificing strengths.

Through experimentation in the field, the final product made its appearance. Rushed into service, the beast immediately proved itself. With strong arms and back, dexterity of hand and intelligent enough to follow instruction, the creature’s versatility soon created a strong demand by the ANUNNAKI for additional beasts. The APA hybrid, known as ‘ADAPA’, was an able beast, ready to serve his masters.

Prince EN-LIL was unhappy with the beast from the first. He did not trust either the temperament of the creature, nor his brother. The beast was dangerous, controlling it was an undertaking he had no wish to do. There was a foreboding, a sense of trouble in EN-LIL’s being, he could not rest easy.

But forced to use the beast by his father’s Word, Prince EN-LIL decided to put the beast in the most perilous of work situations and in the most harsh environments. The creature was an experiment and therefore, expendable. Demanding that beasts who fell from their labors not be relieved, or tended to, the Prince was responsible for the deaths of many of the creatures. They were, after all, only beasts.

Prince EA received the news with horror! The creatures, his experimental ADAPA beasts, were being worked to death by his brother’s orders. The creatures were not labor helpers, they had become slaves, inconsequential, disposable, slaves.

Prince EA had never felt such anger before. Everything, all of his efforts, were being systematically destroyed, his reclamation of ERIDU, the planet; his successful building of ERIDU, the city; and the creation and engineering of a beast of labor. There was wanton destruction of everything Prince EA had worked so hard for. His entire life’s history was an on-going tale of submission to the whims of his brother.

But now it would come to a halt! Prince EA would strike back. He would have no more of his brother’s dominance over his. He would make his brother pay for his sins…through a vehicle unexpected – the beast!

Returning to the Agricultural Center in ERIDU, Prince EA sought out the beasts in the Garden where they fed. Finding several of them alone, he approached them. Careful planning and precise breeding schedules permitted only certain beasts to mate, and only under the strictest supervision. No beast could mate without the approval of the Lord of the Word, the results could be disastrous.

But Prince EA, in the Garden, introduced the beasts to a simple pleasure…the pleasure of spontaneous, unsupervised, sex. Reacting from basic instincts, the beasts took to Lord EA’s instruction quickly. Playful at first, then earnest in their enjoyment, the beasts frolicked in the Garden.

The Prince watched as the beasts reveled in the pleasure of intimacy. In a short life filled with agonies and labor, the brief moments of pleasure were a godsend. And with this new knowledge, the beast could be as his Masters, choosing a moment’s pleasure without scheduling, without approval!

The beasts looked back at the Prince, he had given them a little taste of true happiness.

Their Creator, a Genesis Scientist whose mark was two intertwined strands of DNA, like serpents mating, had endowed them with the knowledge of ‘knowing’.

In time, the clandestine ‘behavior’ of the beasts became known to their Masters. Lord Prince ENLIL, informed of the beast’s disregard of established Commands of Conduct, became furious. An immediate command was issued to round up all of the offending creatures, any and all renegade creatures were to be severely punished and instantly thrown out of the Life Center.

Prince EN-LIL would tolerate no disobedience!

Prince EN-LIL knew that somehow his brother had been the cause of the beast’s horrendously criminal behavior. Only a Genesis scientist could affect the beast’s temperament, only Prince EA could have had access to the creature. EN-LIL was being undermined by his brother, he knew it!

But EN-LIL was not to be trifled with. To prevent further transgression, a new set of strict Commands for ADAPA beasts still within the Life Center and in the field operations was issued.
Thus were issued the Commands of the Lord of the Word:

All beasts in the Agricultural Center must give complete and total obedience to Lord EN-LIL only! Loyalty to Prince EA or any other Lord Creator (K-D) was strictly forbidden.
All beasts in the Agricultural Center just give complete and total obedience to Lord EN-LIL. All traces of Prince EA and any other Lord Creator (K-D) will be removed. Any beast carrying any remembrances of Prince EA will be punished!
All beasts in the Agricultural Center must give complete and total obedience to Lord EN-LIL. Any beast uttering evil sounds or angry sounds about Lord EN-LIL will be punished.
All beasts in the Agricultural Center must give complete and total obedience to Lord EN-LIL! Every beast must attend an obedience lesson every seventh period!
All beasts in the Agricultural Center must give complete and total obedience to Lord EN-LIL. The pairing together of beasts for mating must be approved by Lord EN-LIL. No beast may mate outside of the pairing approved by the Lord.
Such were the Commands of the Lord of the Word!

Prince EN-LIL would not be challenged! He would keep an Iron Hand over ERIDU.

Let the beasts die in the wilderness! Let Prince EA care for them! They are ‘MUS’, ‘monsters’ and deserve no assistance! Let the renegade beast henceforth be called ‘ADA-MUS’! Let the females suffer in childbirth! No longer will the birthing chambers be available to them!

If the beasts of the Garden remain faithful, they shall be allowed to remain. They shall be called ADAPA.

And so the beast was divided into two groups, the faithful and the unfaithful, the ADAMus and the ADAPA.

Prince EA was pleased, however. For in the cast-outs, a chance to continue the experiment to create independent life still existed. His desire to fabricate a life form that was intelligent, yet independent of the ‘System’ that Prince EA, and Prince EN-LIL, had grown up in, was still possible. The beast would have a chance at freedom and independence, something that he, a the Prince of ASA-RRR, had not had.

The beast had been a testament to the Genesis skills of Prince EA, a Lord K-D. Engineering the combination of brute strength with some measure of intelligence had been tedious, but the Prince wanted more for the creature. Developing the beast’s ability to speak had been a priority for Lord EA, it allowed communication with the K-D’s and provided a means of measuring progress. Though the beast’s vocabulary was quite minimal, it was understandable.

Locating pockets of the rejected beasts in the wilds, EA and his sister NIN-HUR-SAG began to teach them the skills of survival necessary in the cruel environment.

From the first fire to the making of simple clothing, from making scratches on cave walls to the reading of symbols, the beast was taken along the path to a higher intelligence by both Lords of the Genesis Sciences. The experimental ‘prototype’ of Princess NIN-HUR-SAG, had gone through several stages of development, but it had proven to be unique in its abilities.

In time, several of the beasts exhibited the exceptional ability of learning and communicating its knowledge to other beasts. Prince EA and his sister began to focus most of the attention on them, teaching them so that they might begin to spread the knowledge to others.

These ‘teachers’, taught by K-D himself, became known as the ‘su’, ‘They who knew’.

The ‘EA-SU’, the teachers spread the ‘The Way of EA’.

A later ‘Teacher of Righteousness’ would bear the name IESU (Jesus), a variation of EA-SU.

As the beasts in the wild progressed through the efforts of Prince EA, Lord Prince EN-LIL became further angered with the creatures.

Though many of the ADAPA beasts still served loyally and faithfully in the ERIDU compound, still the Lord of the Word felt hatred and distrust for the creature.

The AR Flagship, the ASA-RRR Ship of State, was expected to arrive in ERIDU soon. Knowing that the massive Deathship caused an enormous gravitational pull, the Prince decided to steer the course of the AR into a path he could utilize. By changing the path over the icy poles, the gravitational pull would be strong enough to cause glaciers to fall into ocean.

This in turn would cause needed environmental changes – If a resultant flooding destroyed the beasts, then so be it!

The Prince of the Word could justify the sacrifice of the beasts in exchange for the warming of the planet, the increasing of the amount of usable ocean waters, and the end of an ice age gripping the upper and lower hemispheres. All of that was of significantly greater import than the fate of the beast.

When Lord K-D EA discovered the plans of his brother, he made immediate protest. But the Lord of the Word would give no heed. And to make matters worse. Prince EN-LIL forbade a single ADAMUS be spared, only the loyal ADAPA would be given shelter from the flood waters. The renegade beasts would be sacrificed if necessary, they had broken the Commands. And, the Lord of the word cautioned the Prince, giving warning to the beast was aiding an enemy of the State, a heinous crime!

Prince EA was trapped! To work with rejected creatures, that was one thing, to give Royal aid was another. With not much choice in the matter. Prince EA gave his solemn oath to remain silent, giving no warning about the impending floods. Though reluctant to accept his brother’s Word, Prince EN-LIL continued his plans for the ceremonial arrival of the AR.

But the Genesis Prince could not allow his beast to die. In secret. Lord EA made plans. Taking several of the beasts to the underground caverns of the ‘HEN-T’ hybrids, and other beasts to mountain highlands. Prince EA assured the survival of at least some of the beasts. As a final measure. Lord EA had a special cargo ship constructed that would sail far out into the ocean, away from the regions most likely to suffer. With these secret plans.

Prince EA kept ADAMUS alive and his experiment intact.

When the mighty AR returned, the floods began as EN-LIL had expected them to. He felt relieved, the beast would not be around to disturb him any more.
When the floods subsided, and Lord EN-LIL discovered the deceit of his brother, his rage was uncontrollable. The two Princes confronted each other in the ERIDU Palace. Each had betrayed the other.

Lord EN-LIL had attempted to destroy the prototypes of Prince EA’s beast in Its early stages. Lord EA had tried to undo his brother’s administration by tampering with the beast’s breeding. EN-LIL had tried to destroy the beast with a flood, EA had broken a promise not to warn his creation, the beast.

Each Prince had committed a crime against the Empire, an act of deliberate sabotage of the assigned duties of a Royal Prince of the Throne. Neither would ever achieve the Throne if that kind of behavior continued. But Prince EA had never believed the Throne of ASA-RRR would ever be his, the Rights of Succession assured him of that. Prince EN-LIL, however, was the Heir Apparent. He could stand to lose everything!

Prince EN-LIL, Lord of the Word, had no choice. He made a decision. There must be a truce. Never again would he or any one of his Administration interfere with Lord EA’s duty, the development of ERIDU and all of its life forms. Lord EA had no alternative but to return the promise. He and all of the K-D’s would never interfere with Lord EN-LIL again.

As a sign of his good intentions. Prince EN-LIL gave his brother agricultural implements for the beast, tools for him so that the beast could learn how to grow his own food. The Genesis Prince was surprised, but grateful for the gift from his brother. In exchange, Prince EA promised to enhance the skills and abilities of certain special hybrids used by Lord EN-LIL in the administration of ERIDU.

Thus, for a time, the peace on ERIDU came to be. Beasts were allowed to become educated and civilized, the Empire of ERIDU under EN-LIL grew and prospered.

Genetic manipulation had given the beast the ability for minimal communication and understanding. Through engineered enhancement, the ADAPAS who remained in the Garden were made significantly stronger in analytic thought processing. They became highly intelligent, capable of small-scale decisions, but remained docile and servile.

Through the use of ADAPAS and HEN-T servants. Prince EN-LIL and the ANUNNAKI were able to make dramatic progress in the ERIDU Operation.

The ADAMUS beasts, however, uncontrolled in their sexual activity grew quickly in number.


Genetic manipulation would be more difficult in producing specific traits in them. Any genetic enhancement would be subject to random breeding, the desired results probably watered down. At best, only some of the beasts would retain the desired attributes, most of them would lose the hoped for traits entirely.

But through personal contact and his EA-SU, Lord EA gave the ADAMUS beast what the ADAPA would never get, a chance to appreciate beauty. Teaching the beast how to enjoy and feel the wonders of art and music, the Prince inculled a sense of self and an awareness of the world around him. Untainted by any influences of the ASA-RRR ‘System’, the ADAMUS developed a sense of belonging to a family, and a sense of shaping and choosing his own destiny.

The Prince was pleased. The System would not take hold, not with the beast.


It had a chance, or so he hoped. In an effort to insure the beast would never again be desirable to the system, Lord EA continued to enhance the sexual drive of the creature. If placed in a situation of choice, labors in the service of the System or pursuit of sexual pleasure, the beast would always choose sex. This would make the beast an undesirable in the eyes of his Brother EN-LIL.

Two distinct beasts, the ADAPA and the ADAMUSr were part of planet ERIDU. Lord Prince EA, a Master Genesis Sciences, was ‘Lord (EL) of the Beasts’ (EL-EA or LEO). Prince EN-LIL Lord of the Command, was ‘Lord of Obedient Servants’.

As word of Prince EA’s beast spread to neighboring stars and galaxies, another group of Genesis Lords extended a gift to Lord EA. Known as the ‘AKHU’, they were descended from a bird-like ancestor. The Genesis Lords presented EA with the single strand of DNA filament that provided ‘passion’.


With this one single element, the invisible motivating force that gave a being intense feelings was passed on to the beasts of the Prince. And with this gift, the ADAMUS beast would have even more passion, more feeling, than even the beings of the ASA-RR Empire themselves. Taken from the cells of the AKHU, the offering became known as ‘The Gift of the Feather’.

Thus, the paths of the two beasts, the ADAPAs of EN-LIL, and the ADAMUS of EN-GI or EN-KI, continued to separate. Of the same roots, initially for the same purpose, the two were now on different paths.

With time. Prince EA and Prince EN-LIL were able to make both groups work together. The ADAPA beasts completed their labors as obedient servants, the ADAMUS beasts completed the labors in exchange for food and supplies. As ERIDU expanded from one compound into many, the use of both beasts became a commonplace occurrence, ERIDU was a world of laboring beasts.

The World of ERIDU had become the new capitol of the far away solar system, a system nearly destroyed by the War with Lord AR-ZU and his rebels. Its restoration had strengthened the hold of King AN-U on the Ninth Passageway, assuring that his place with the ARI-AN Queens was secure.


ERIDU, Capitol City; ERIDU, Capitol World; and ERIDU, the solar system, had become a thriving, productive system.

But the way of the ASA-RRR always involved internal war. Off-spring of both Prince EA and Prince EN-LIL made constant war with each other. Jealousy, envy and sheer want of power motivated members of the Royal families to attack each other and seize holdings. And so long as the Empire itself was in no way imperiled by the Royal wars, they were permitted. It was good for the young to test their war mettle against each other, from these things the Way of the ASA-RRR was born.

And… since Prince EA had given the beast the ability to learn and retain the knowledge, many Royals began to use the beast in the administration of their small kingdoms, using a beast to control other beasts. To the horror of the Prince, many boasts pledged fidelity to their Lords in exchange for an unending source of food and shelter.


The one fear of Prince EA had been that the beast might return to the system if its survival was threatened, and now the fear had been realized. But they will had been part of the experiment of the beasts, if Prince EA interfered, he would defeat his own purposes in creating the beast. And so the beast learned war.

The wars of the Royals were merely planetary chess games with pieces comprised of servants and beasts. Re-animation, a technique for bringing a dead being back to life, and medical transplants, were always available to the Royals in case of an injury or fatality. But crippling injury, wounds and death, that was for the lowly soldiers on the field, that was saved for the beast.

But the beast proved itself, again and again. Loyal and intelligent, the beast had become vital participants in the running of ERIDU daily events. The ASA-RRR genetic background of the beast had a profound influence in its ability to learn and to adapt to the ‘System’.

Through the guiding efforts of Prince EA, the Royals and the ANUNNAKI, in time the beast was permitted to minister to its own affairs, to run its own small kingdom or territory… as long as it continued to pledge its loyalty and fidelity to one of the Royal Lords…and ultimately, to the Empire of ASA-RRR.

And BO ADAMA became part of ERIDU. From a role strictly as a slave beast of labor to a role as a contributing member of society (with an understanding of faithfulness to a Lord above), the ADAMA had risen to a place above other creatures of the world, second only to his Lord above.

The Wars of the Royals raged on, faithful ADAHAS serving on the battle fields for them. ERIDU Kingdoms rose and fell on the backs and the blood of the ADAMAS. Children of Lord EN-LIL and Lord EA constantly challenged each other over the rights of domain and power.

And so began the era that would see the War of the Great Take-over, an attempt by Lord Prince MARDUK, son of Lord EA, King of the Beasts. An accomplished Master in the skills of the DAK Warriors, Prince MARDUK wanted to become King of the system of ERIDU. Challenging other Royal family members for the Throne, including his uncle. Prince EN-LIL, and even his father. Lord EA, MARDUK would use war, works of intrigue and even the deadly art of betrayal to try to seize the Throne.

His father, EA, had been deprived of the throne of ERIDU and ASA-RRR… he, MARDUK, would not suffer the same fate.

But in the midst of his rise to power. Prince MARDUK was wrongfully accused of the assassination of his own brother, Lord Prince DUMUZZI. Refusing to be imprisoned, MARDUK chose to fight against his accusers, taking refuge in a pyramid fort-tress. A hasty council was called, the decision made to end the war by sealing MARDUK into his stone structure. Trapped within. Prince MARDUK was doomed to death.

But fortune was with him. Several of his followers were able to tunnel up from beneath the structure, thereby giving MARDUK an opportunity to escape. With a bounty on his head. Prince MARDUK fled into the heavens.

And for a while, peace once again came to ERIDU… but as is the way of the ASA-RRR Empire, it would not last long.


High above within the stars of the ARI-AN Empire, MARDUK would find an ally, an ages-old enemy of AN-U AND the Queens of the SSS-T Throne.

Known as ‘SSA-TA’, ‘underground ones’, they were part of a reptilian rebel group who inhabited huge caverns within the worlds of the ARI-AN. Constantly threatening the Queens in power, they unceasingly searched for new ways to undermine the rule of the Queens.

Despised and dreaded, the SSA-TA rebels gave audience to the Prince. Promising them great wealth and power, and full participation in his Empire In exchange for their support, a daunting MARDUK elicited their support.

Eagerly, the SSA-TA seized the opportunity to support an effort against the ASA-RRR. By weakening the DAK Empire, so too, the SSS-T Queens would be weakened. Perhaps enough so that their own rebellion in ARI-AN would succeed. Sending a communiqué throughout the ARI-AN Empire to their allies, the SSA-TA raised huge numbers of Warriors, each a dedicated and willing enemy of the SSS-T Queens.

By secretly supporting MARDUK, success in the take-over of the ERIDU colonies would give the SSA-TA rebels a tremendous stranglehold on the Ninth Passageway. The SSS-T Queens would have to negotiate with them. Should the rebellion not succeed, the death of MARDUK would satisfy both the SIRIANS, and the Queen. The failure of a civil war far away from the SSS-T Empire would be tolerated by the Queen.

Once again the spectre of a War loomed on the horizon of the ERIDU solar system.

But the success of another rebellion in ERIDU was remote at best. The Great AN-U had gone to great lengths to assure himself that another War of Revolution could not occur.

To succeed, there would have to be yet another group who would have to give active support to Prince MARDUK, one that had a firm foothold within the ERIDU solar system itself and was part of the integral EN-LIL Forces of Command.

Deep within the mining operations, the HEN-T hybrids had proven themselves as loyal servants. Long before the ADAMUS had done so, the HEN-T hybrid had risen to a position as one of the Royal families of ERIDU most faithful administrators. And, although many of the Royal off-spring families had used the ADAMUS beast as administrators over other beasts. Prince EN-LIL had continued to use only the HEN-T, considering them to be less of a threat and much more obedient. Key mid-level administration positions were assigned strictly to the HEN-T hybrids and never to an ADAMA beast.

Unlike the ADAMUS beast. Lord Prince EA had not altered, had not manipulated the HEN-T to a higher intelligence, thus making it more servile and less of a choice maker. But more crucial to the planned War of Darkness by Prince MARDUK, the HEN-T was created from the cellular materials of lizards, it was therefore a reptile!

As distant relations of the SSA-TA rebels, they could be approached and possibly persuaded.

With the behind the scenes of the SSA-TA, the Prince and an army of Masters of Deceit began their campaign to seduce the HEN-T servants of Lord EN-LIL. Promising the HEN-T that they would become his administrators, if the take-over was a success, MARDUK and the SSA-TA used every trick to swing the HEN-T over to the rebel side.

MARDUK even offered shares in the wealth and riches of the Empire and future territory for their control. Their place in the Empire of MARDUK would be second to none but the Prince himself.

And so the secret take-over began. Using HEN-T hybrids, created and developed by the ARI-AN SSS-T for their own use, the vengeful MARDUK secretly maneuvered his agents deep into the mines, the administrative offices and the Command Forces of EN-LIL himself.

As the HEN-T hybrids had moved up in the ranks of Prince EN-LIL’s administration, they had become known as ‘TCHET-T’, ‘Those of the TCHET’ (The ‘Word’… the ‘Word’ being EN-LIL.)

Referred to as the ‘SUET-I’ or ‘SHET’ by the administration members of EN-LIL, they became trusted servants of both Lord Prince EN-LIL himself and the Royal families. Their loyalty was never in doubt, no one suspected the betrayal.

Slowly and quietly, the conspiracy began- The plot was simple, SSA-TA lizards, trained for subterfuge, would infiltrate the ranks of the HEN-T workers. They would spread the word and recruit their distant cousins to the rebellion. In short time, the SHET were able to persuade the HEN-T lizards to enter the folds of the rebels.

The HEN-T who joined with the plot became known as ‘SHET-I’, ‘the Secret Ones’.

Following the initial infiltration of the ranks of HEN-T in the underground operations, the conspiracy moved into the very inner core of the administration of Lord Prince EN-LIL. The Command Forces, including the Communication and Logistic departments, were also targeted. Carefully and deliberately the conspiracy gained a foothold in every department of Lord Prince EN-LIL’s administration.
In time, Prince MARDUK and the hidden SHET-I were ready. Word was given to begin the attack. Invading ERIDU with his warships, MARDUK attacked viciously and unmercifully. ERIDU DAK and BEH forces were surprised. HEN-T workers in communication rooms disrupted messages of the invasion, preventing effective defensive action.

When finally notified, the DAK Warriors responded in war ships that had been sabotaged, thus rendering them impotent. Many ships were detoured, or given wrong coordinates. ERIDU communications systems went silent. EN-LIL was undone. The SHET-I, and the turn-coat HEN-T hybrids, had done well.

ERIDU, the island outpost of the ASA-RRR Empire, was now the seized Empire of Lord Prince MARDUK, son of Prince EN-KI and grandson to King AN-U. MAR-DUK had been victorious, the ‘War of Take-over’, backed by the reptilian rebels, had been successful beyond expectations. The stealth and subterfuge, the hidden deviousness, had prevented direct confrontation.

Prince EN-LIL and his followers fled back to the distant worlds of ASA-RRR. Prince EA took many of his followers and ADAMUS beasts to his star system, ‘BAAL-EA-DAUS’ (Pleiades) ‘Place of BAAL (Lord) EA DA (The Creator)’.

The Royal off-spring of both of Lords EA and EN-LIL were also forced to flee. As MARDUK landed on the world of ERIDU his place on the Throne was unchallenged. To insure that no challenge might occur in the future, the Prince immediately ordered a search for any remaining Royal heirs. Their choice would be easy, total subjugation or death. The entire ERIDU Empire would bow to MARDUK, he would see to that.

Once seated, MARDUK began his final campaign… to change or destroy any records which attributed any heroic or kingly achievements to anyone other than himself. Stone monuments, obelisks and edifices were altered by stone-cutters, tablets of clay or wood were burned or destroyed. No records of any other Monarch would remain. MARDUK had become the beginning and the end of all things, he had appointed himself Lord God and Creator of the Universe.
Henceforth, he was the ‘Sun God RRA’.

And so the records of ERIDU were changed. The Rulership of RRA MARDUK was total and retroactive.

Only one change remained to be made. Records were given a new face, but memories were left. Using the mind-altering techniques of his SSA-TA reptilian minions, the new King RRA ordered the systematic alteration of the minds of the beings of ERIDU.

To accomplish the monumental task, the SSA-TA converted existing structures with chambers for ‘re-programming’. One by one or in groups, the colonists and the beasts, ADAMA and ADAPA, were promised wealth, property, power, sexual favors, any enticement which would draw the victims into the tunnels leading into the brightly lit ‘re-programming’ rooms. Once inside, memories were erased or altered.

‘Screen’ memories, images designed to hide recollection of the event were often implanted.

The Sun God RRA would be the one and only God of record, the one and only God of memory-Colonists or beasts who refused voluntary treatment were seized and forcibly taken into the memory alteration chamber for adjustment. Some EA-SU fled into the wilderness or high mountains, there to engrave in stone, clues to the secret of the ‘Take-over’, the Sun God RRA and the SHET… BEFORE their capture and re-programming.

Somehow the truth would come to light again. The clues, however, would remain hidden, until uncovered and recognized or de-ciphered. (The ‘Face on Mars’ and the ‘Domed Cities of the Moon’ are two examples.)

In time, the SHET-I completed their task. The populace of ERIDU had ‘forgotten’.

As they went their separate ways, however, they each had a vague uneasiness, something was not there anymore, something was missing. And curiously, though they seemed not to have common backgrounds, each remembered, each recalled, a bright light at the end of a tunnel. And., each one knew that they were supposed to go to the light and enter the light…for there their ultimate reward resided.

As insurance, the SSA-TA took one more precaution.

To insure the ‘Passion’ instilled in the Beast, the Gift of the Feather, did not give impetus to rebellion, the rebel lizards constructed huge towers which would transmit a cloud of electronic signals designed to keep the Beast in a fog, a docile state. The electronic blanket also served as a cover preventing outside signals from reaching the Beast.

No one, not EA, not EN-LIL, nor the ARI-AN Queens would be permitted to contact the Beast.


NOTE: The sourse of this document is not comming from any Sitchin,s history.


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  1. HI,

    • Thank you Brian, here you can find the last part of this history,, The hidden history of Planet Earth Part III

  2. The entire source is V.S Ferguson Book Innana returns from 1995 it is partly channeled and researched. The second book is Innana Hyper – Luminal
    the words here are 1 to 1 copy of the book
    In my own opinion first book is true . it is hard to accept if conditioned filters arise , but worth reading. Still to remember we have power in our thoughts we can create

    • My deep thanks for bringing this communication to light.
      I have consciously been in this work since 1952…and known
      of much of the actual information for some decades.

      However, a few sentences in Part Two were like tumblers of a great
      safe falling into place and the secret data inside made available.

      For a very long time I have known Marduk’s thoughts and plans.
      even how he actually operates….(present tense) not a great honor,
      for it suggests that I was one of his circle of despicable confidants
      (although he really had (has) no one he trusted)…and even now as
      I read Part understanding of that being’s behavior and plans
      continues to open within me. And yes, he’s still around.

      And no, he has not changed an iota.

      Now understand, I will be 87 in November have had a good career dealing
      ethically with senior managements and foreign goverments….and am
      not some innocent newbie to channelling…having been one for about
      60 years.

      Part Two contains data I have not read anywhere in my long life and
      resonates with accuracy at a level I really did not expect. Frankly,
      my friend, I seem to be more familar with the post-takeover times
      of Marduk than the prior events..which I read more as an observor.

      If you wish, you are welcome to share these remarks with those in
      your circle who mighty find some usefulness in them- or have more to share.

      Ronald S. Ross
      19 Cerro Blanco Road
      Lamy, NM 87540

      • Thank you Ronald for your comment, The whole history about it is in the next link. Today I will post the Part III which is last part. I have other sources who are talking about the same history and very trusly too.
        If you have more information or you want share with us whatever you konw about this I will appreciate you can contact me at [email protected]

        We keep in contact and have a nice day.


    • I have scrolled through the 2 books you mentioned on pdf at the sites below, and do not see any word for word content of this hidden history story in them although the Anu, Enki, etc characters and worlds are there. I would appreciate what you are referring to as ‘source’.
      Thanks, Robert

      • Terra Papers (The hidden history of Planet Earth)

        This is the Source and very credible and true


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