GIZA Pyramid, Eqypt accessing free energy since ancient times (unknown photographer)

By Suni Nelson,

IF we want peace & prosperity on Earth, we raise our collective consciousness, & we choose the most impactful regenerative solutions that benefit all people & the environment. (See just a few exciting examples below). We already have:

“… & anti-gravity systems, lunar bases, black shelved technologies (purposely denied patents) that can transform our world-IF we facilitate their introduction into the free market.” Steven M. Greer MD, author of ‘Unacknowledged.’

Zero-point energy (ZPE) technologies are meant for an evolved, peaceful society….us in the making. The key? These technologies must be made open-source, freely available globally to benefit humanity & the Planet. Individuals or companies can then manufacture, build, a thriving business that contributes, states Dr. Greer.

WHAT’S KNOWN: this energy transfer (power generation from the ZPE field, quantum vacuum) unlimited in the Universe, is everywhere on Earth (research & scientific proof: refer to Blog #1, Cosmometry, author Marshall Lefferts, & Physicist Nassim Haramein’s website: It is in Nature, sound, &, in our body’s trillion of cells as spinning spheres!

WHAT’S KNOWN: bold new scientific discoveries that have been studied for many decades in classified projects need to be brought forward to benefit the human species (pertaining to the ZPE devices available since the 1950’s; active global solutions for free energy, climate change, pollution of our soils, oceans, air, transportation, housing, food & water desalinization). Richard O’Connor states in a Zero Point article, 5/5/19 @, “this tech is hidden in massive underground military R&D facilities in the US Southwest.” Why is it hidden?

Since Earth & its inhabitants are in ‘survival crisis mode,’ only able to access outdated, inefficient industries owned by ‘profit-focused’ corporations, while we presently tinker with solar & wind technologies, it’s crucial we expand perception, education & immediate funding towards ZPE technologies, to transform our situation.

Zero Point Energy & our Galaxy (photographer unknown)

Here are a few ZPE examples to look forward to:

  • Examples from Richard O’Connor, 5/5/19, ZPE modules on cars eliminates lithium ion batteries & fossil fuels; ZPE is always available everywhere in the environment. ZPE replaces the electric grid globally! ZPE Plants desalinize sea water for drinking water while pumped to irrigate agricultural farmlands, inland dry areas. ZPE anti gravity transportation replaces sea going (polluting) ships to move goods around the Planet. Airlines convert to anti-gravity as do high speed trains.
  • & Physicist Nassim Haramein announce a new printer, the “Replicator” unveiled by researchers in CA, that out-dates present 3D layer-by-layer printing. Tomography technology uses 3D images to create 2D images seen from many angles. A digital projector outputs the images onto a time-sequenced rotating, resin-filled cylinder. The photosensitive resin solidifies on contact with certain intensities of light which materializes entire objects at once! “It’s as if objects are materializing from the quantum vacuum field itself.”
  • Garbage technology (presently unnamed to protect the patent) exposed by the David Wilcock blog, 6/25/19, disrupts garbage/recycling collection by processing 1,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day! Everything becomes recyclable, even car tires, animal waste, ocean plastic. The only by-products are usable biofuel & distilled water, while the machine generates far more fuel than it takes to run. Machines could be placed all around the country for self-sustaining communities. No more toxic landfills, polluted oceans.
  • Brillouin Energy, CA, reveals LENR/Cold Fusion controlled electron capture reaction products as a reliable & continuous heat source, using small amounts of hydrogen, nickel, electricity for inputs. Thermodynamics that are new to the energy industry & mainstream academia, this waveform can be impressed on magnetic material in new ways to heat entire buildings.


You get the picture how ZPE will change everything we know now, for the better, once we integrate it into every system & economy. Integration as soon as possible considering the significance: no poverty, hunger, lack of housing while abundant resources & unlimited free energy are distributed to everyone globally. From money, greed, destruction to a humane, thriving & peaceful Planet, at our fingertips.

One way to support advancing ZPE technologies & Inventors with designed devices is Dr. Steven M. Greer’s New Earth Incubator Fund @ His team will assist Inventors expansion, research, use vetting procedures to assure efficiency before releasing on the open source internet; along with how-to-build instructions. Companies will be able to scale, as well as profit from, while benefiting the world. Other significant organizations having researched & proven the unified field is prolific are: IONS, Noetic Science, Petaluma, CA, founded by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14; & Resonance Science, Hawaii founded by Physicist Nassim Haramein, exposing ongoing Astrophysics research making the unknown real for us.


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  1. Pedro Daun, um cientista brasileiro independente, já desenvolveu vários dispositivos baseados na tecnologia ancestral egípcia ZPE, dando sequência aos estudos de Nikola Tesla. Agora ele está prestes a demonstrar esta tecnologia sustentando uma vila inteira. Seu objetivo é fazer com que todos tenham acesso gratuito à essa energia. Quem se interessar em apoiá-lo pode procurá-lo em seu website ou no facebook.

  2. I would not support Steven greers fund he has a history of misappropriating funds. All of these technologies and more will become available after we establish peace. A radioactive power source is used by the venusians using what we call Californium a quarter sized piece can Power Los Angeles in a cold fusion type of reactor


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