By Daisy Magnum,

False prophets are a lot more present in this world than most people realize. While we are all working to become more awake, we are also beginning to spend more time with those who might not be working to benefit anyone but themselves.

False prophets are spiritual leaders of any and all religions and ‘soulful’ backgrounds who are only working as such to gain things for themselves. They don’t want to achieve things with others or see the people around them grow, they just want to use them to get where they want to be. Their intentions are lacking drastically.

Who we place our trust in is a big deal, and we need to remember this as we move forth in our lives. Those who we choose to allow to guide us, especially in a spiritual manner are people we need to know that we can trust. Evaluating your spiritual teacher is important in figuring out what things are going wrong and whether you’re following someone you shouldn’t be following.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that indicate someone you’re following or allowing in your life is a false prophet. While not all of these signs might be present if many of them are you need to think things through. Perhaps some changes could go a long way in regards.

1. You feel like pushing the way you’re following on others is acceptable.

There is never any reason to try and force your path on someone else. We all take our time in figuring out where we are headed. If your views or guides are pushing you to force things on other people, you are following the wrong guide.

2. You trust this person more than yourself.

At the end of the day, we should trust our own guts more than our gurus. While these people are guiding us, our soul knows what is best for us. We have to be able to trust our instincts above all else.

3. There are boundaries being broken by this ‘guru.’

If this guru or guide, in general, is doing inappropriate things with his/her followers then that should serve as a red flag. We are meant to help and heal one another not take advantage of those who are struggling. Boundary breaking should never be tolerated.

4. They are very closed off regarding their past.

Spiritual teachers, in general, are very open about their pasts because they know that their struggles can help others grow. If your guide isn’t willing to open up there has to be a reason behind that. For many that reason is not as simple as you might assume and can be quite sinister.

5. He/she does not treat everyone the same and always picks favorites.

If your spiritual teacher is picking favorites and showing more kindness to those who have more to offer him/her that should make things clear. We are all the same and if the money and benefits do not matter then favorites shouldn’t exist. Everyone should be seen on the same level.

6. He/she always has convenient explanations for everything that you question.

When you question your spiritual guide, and he or she comes up with answers that fit perfectly as if they were rehearsed, chances are they were. Regardless of the question, some thought has to go into an answer. If things seem too spot-on, you should keep that in mind.

7. This person has a very deep-seated ego and struggles with letting go.

Gurus are people who have reached a higher spiritual level and thus in most cases have already experienced ego death. If they are still very rooted in their ego, they’re not much of a guru, are they? Don’t overlook this kind of thing.

8. He/she only offers help to those who can offer him/her something in return.

If your teacher is only willing to help those who can benefit him or her in the long-run, you’re following a false prophet. Real truly spiritual people will help all they can with or without gain in the end. They don’t care if they are being rewarded, they like to help.

9. The things he/she does do not align with his/her teachings.

If your teacher is saying one thing but doing another you need to cut ties. As a prophet, your teacher should always follow the words he/she preaches. No one should be considered as above anyone else.

10. This person pushes a narrative that is not possible.

If your guru promises you that you can become awakened in just three weeks by paying him/her a lot of money and going on a retreat, just stop wasting your time. This is just someone who wants to get paid and keep the wool over your head. Awakenings have to happen on their own.

11. Everything this person teaches sounds like it is too good to be true.

If this person is merely running around selling ‘snake oil’ you need to stop being so naive. If it sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is. You are very smart, do not be deceived.

12. The people in your life have expressed their concerns.

If the people closest to you are concerned for your well-being religious views aside, there has to be a reason behind it. Stop to consider how the things you’re doing or partaking in look from the outside in. Are you being too trusting with the wrong people?



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  1. Gday Kristy here.
    Just reading the signs and notice that 6 seems to be the toughest sign of all.
    Most people awake have to go back to having an ego to release its microcosms making up its macrocosm via lessons learned and do exhibit an ego for learning to let it go process that takes alot of patience and understanding.
    Any unwise person my interpret this sign as a sure sign and the spiritually awake may face their toughest challenge yet.
    This can result in a messenger shot.
    But still very clever of the false to have found a loophole to get closer to total control.


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