Jude and James Younger

By Madeline Jacob,

Seven-year-old James Younger, whose mother enrolled him in kindergarten as a “girl,” has finally been able to attend school as a boy for the first time.

James’ parents’ fight over whether he should be subjected to a gender “transition” garnered national attention after LifeSiteNews and The Texan reported on the trial.

Mr. Jeffrey Younger was fighting to prevent his ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas from “transitioning” James into “Luna.” The custody battle over James and his twin, Jude, sparked public outcry. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called for an investigation into the situation, as did other conservative leaders.

On October 24, Judge Kim Cooks awarded Dr. Georgulas and Mr. Younger joint managing conservatorship and joint decision making of James and Jude. The new ruling increased Mr. Younger’s time with his boys and allowed him to have his boys on school nights. Dr. Georgulas will not be able to subject James to medical “transitioning” without Mr. Younger’s consent, although a court-appointed individual will be able to make decisions if the parents cannot come to an agreement.

In the ruling, one of the court findings highlighted a statement from Dr. Albritton, the custody evaluator, that Dr. Georgulas was “over and above affirming.” The court also found that “the Mother has exceeded the scope of the exclusive rights and duties provided in the prior order.”

According to a Facebook post from the Save James page – which is now run by friends of the family, as Mr. Younger is under a gag order – James chose to wear boy clothes to school while he was staying with his father. Mr. Younger argued in court that James does not want to be a girl, citing James’ choice to wear boy clothes and use his legal name, James, when with Mr. Younger. Mr. Younger also testified to an incident when James threw away the dresses James had at Mr. Younger’s home in the middle of the night.

Prior to the judge’s ruling, James had always been with his mother, who calls him “Luna,” when attending school.

Moving forward, James will be allowed to pick what name he wants to be called at school.

Prior to Judge Cooks’ newest ruling, Dr. Georgulas had complete authority over psychological and psychiatric care for the boys. The previous ruling granting Dr. Georgulas complete psychiatric and psychological care was also made by Judge Cooks.

In addition to granting conservatorship, Judge Cooks placed a gag order on Mr. Younger and Dr. Georgulas preventing them from speaking about the case until James and Jude turn 18. Judge Cooks also ordered that SaveJames.com, a website created by friends of Mr. Younger and at the time of the trial run by Mr. Younger, be taken down.

SaveJames supporters have since created a new website in James’ honor to fight to save thousands of children from chemical castration via puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. This was displayed prominently on the old site before it was removed.

The new site is now sjsavethousands.com.

SaveJames supporters see the fight as far from over and are focusing their efforts on legislation to protect children from gender “transitioning.”

Alan Echols, a SaveJames supporter from early on who now helps with the SaveJames Facebook page, told LifeSiteNews, “We determined to get louder and now have thousands who will hold those Senators and Representatives accountable during the next election. We the people are fed up with the attacks on children by the transgender agenda.”


Source: https://www.lifesitenews.com

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  1. Not only do we live many lifetimes, but we alternate between male and female lives and for some switching can be very difficult. It was for me many, many lifetimes ago, but today I can function in either. I am faced, however, with a resentment towards males who consider themselves to be superior to females and have the right to do whatever they can get away without any sense of responsibility for how he affects her, especially physically.

    By alternating between male and female bodies, we learn mastery of both genders. Because we are both male and female (electromagnetic) – left side female (magnetic), right side male (electrical), it gives us the opportunity to focus on one more than the other, but health and energy flow are dependent upon the use of both. Suppression of either creates an unhealthy environment that brings ill health . A true master has mastered both and does not consider him or her superior to the opposite gender.

    Father-Mother God and we are their children, their thought projections in search of experience for self-mastery. It takes time and we learn from our mistakes. Therefore, there is no judgement.


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