Like him or not, Glenn Beck is very good at presenting complicated materials.  In this video he lays out the Deep State’s slow, lengthy plan to control governments and peoples.  Timely, as this includes the ties to Ukraine and the impeachment hearings.

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  1. Good recap of the history of socialism – but half the photos were hard to see. Why not use a large screen or a computer?
    And the paper shuffling was very distracting.

  2. Socialism does not mean there has to be an end to businesses…. Europe was very social for the last 75 years, and up until now they have managed to live happily, and healthy. Only America with it’s patrons in the world ruling classes have tried to destroy Europe, by making it live beyond it’s means… America is being destroyed by extreme capitalism, there has to be limits on Capitalism or the markets will as we all know implode, and as this website constantly reminds us, it can happen at any time.. How can any person who says they are believer in God, or in divine love, tell another human being that they do not deserve a home, clean water, food, a vehicle, a job that gives you time off, or freedom to live without excess taxation..? The wealthy have brain washed every person in America to believe that the only way they can keep their businesses running is to pay their employees next to nothing or move to China… But that is not the way it used to be and it is not the way it has to be…. There were plenty of millionaires in the 1960’s and 70’s but the middle class had everything they needed, free public college education, pensions, healthcare, time off, etc…. We let the wealthy lie to us, and sell us line of BS…. Glen Beck is a charlatan…and as my Momma used to say a leopard does not change his spots, he would go back to Fox in a minute and sell us out all over again if he had the chance….

  3. Lost me at ‘Democrats’
    I’m tired of the divisive propaganda BS trying to pretend we will be fine if we just keep ‘the other side’ out of power.Total and complete bullshit.This is why I can’t take guys like Glenn Beck and Trump seriously.

    They are liars that want you to falsely believe that the ‘Deep state’ is just Democrats and left wing elitists like George Soro’s.While they repeatedly attack left wing politicians and elitists they completely ignore the right wing/Republican variety of globalists in guys like Bush,Trump,Romney,Mccain,Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers.

    Until they can grow up and at least get over the two party delusion,i will never take them seriously.

  4. The waters have been muddied of late in describing or obfuscating I should say,as it relates to socialism .As a small c capitalist ,I would describe myself not against business
    but for small business enterprises and not for multinational corporations , where there is no allegiance to anyone or country but strictly for the bottom line regardless of all else.
    I attribute socialistic values to what I would consider human values i.e. everyone should have a roof over their heads and not living under a bridge or tent cities which are sprouting up .Everyone should have proper health care provided by the state or the commons as it is often called.Everyone should have free education up to at least college graduate level to be expanded for those that show abilities and qualifications for university degrees etc.
    It would seem to me that as mankind goes forward and automation replaces work ,there will soon be a time when there will just not be employment for everyone .Useful work will have to be re-defined and subsidized by the state .We should get creative in this area as it will soon be upon us all.
    It is possible to have a blending of capitalism and socialism and acquire what could be a happy medium vs what we presently experience in the divide and conquer meme.

  5. I will be eternally grateful to Beck when he outlined Soros Banks The Vatican and The crown . He opened many eyes . The only problem was that he was a part of it’s web . I believe in his heart he is good . Something went quite wrong with him personally and quite frankly his ego overcame his soul and goodness. I will thank him for alerting the masses almost 20 years ago . His chalk board and 5pm slot on fox awakened many . I took what I needed and grew within . As we ascend we humans many changes are here and I for one remain a star seed planted at the exact right time . I am humbled and grateful to grow into our millennium of peace and love for all living creatures . We are all connected

  6. History has proven that socialism is economic insanity that leads to hopelessness and violence that feeds into the hands of those who control, to give reason for more and more control and manipulation.

    We are here to learn to master ourselves with clear thinking and self responsibility. And we cannot do that when we give our power to others.

  7. Our Divinely inspired Constitution, Bill of Right and Declaration of Independence are designed with ‘check and balances’ where no one part of our government has absolute control. Socialism has no protection from those who live to control others. Socialism is what destroyed Russia and the spirit of the people who were denied rights and protection from that terrible dictatorship that destroyed all hope and creativity in the people.

    We the people, as thought projections of the God/dess, are creative beings, but under dictatorships, like socialism, that is stifled and suppressed. And we slowly die. Ask any woman who has been forced to live her life under the dictates of religious fanaticism (a form of socialism), in service to the male ego, what it is like to die slowly. The price is too high to even consider because under the laws of socialism, there is no way out but physical death.

  8. Yeah Glen Beck made a ton of money pandering to the Deep State media while working on Fox, which we all know is owned by Rupert Murderock who is directly financed by the Rothchild Media/ Banking Moguls… So maybe Glen has turned over a new leaf, maybe he feels ashamed by his making tons of money lying to people when he worked for Faux News, and now all of a sudden he is for real…? Maybe…but what I noticed is how much more blame Beck gives to the idea of Socialism, a true socialism has nothing in common with what America or any other nation has ever experienced on this planet. What Beck is talking about is Dictatorships camouflaged as Socialism and Communism, which we are subverted by the real criminals of the Deep State that Mr. Beck conveniently leaves out…the Bankers, the Industrial Magnates, the super wealthy are the Cabal…they tell the Clintons, the Bushes, the Trumps what they need to see happen, and they let their little Capo Mafia Dons loose to do their dirty work…. Socialism is not the enemy, in fact it is how humans have existed for thousands of years, tribalism, is Socialism….Beck is still a stooge for the Right wing nuts…he just is doing it much more subtly now….

    • He most certainly could be! All information, particularly when it might not be 100% accurate, or even presented from someone we dismiss, allows each of us to formalize our own opinions and open ourselves to possible new theories, especially from those we may not agree with.


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