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  1. Trump is not Jewish. As far as I’ve seen he attends Christian services. Am I wrong? Why do you say he is Jewish? I never heard this. His daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man Kushner and converted, that’s true.

    Maybe Alfred Webre is a Zionist Jew. That might explain his thinking about Trump, and it would be relative to this video.

  2. Albert Webre sold out Kevin Annett a few yrs back, calling him a liar when he has worked for years trying to expose the native child trafficking & murders at the residential schools. I do not trust him!

  3. Ahaaahh another guy with TRUMP DERRANGEMENT SYNDROME working for the Navy and Lizard peoples. Wonder if he has Jewish relatives; would not be a surprise.

  4. VIDEOS……wondering WHY transcripts can’t be provided for EVERY video on this site……..not everyone wants to watch a video!!!!

    please consider!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have an overwhelming feeling of love for my three cats. Unlike what I have ever felt for any human being. Five years ago I had no interest in cats. I didn’t know anything about them and really didn’t like them for lack of exposure or only negative exposure to very mean cats. Things happened, and suddenly I became the mom of three big boy cats who probably came to me to teach me.

    In 2016 I had given up on politics and was pretty depressed about living on this planet, but for my cats. I didn’t vote. I was a liberal Democrat but only because my parents were, and that was what I was taught I should be living amongst all democrats in Los Angeles. You have to go with the flow because it’s easier. My beliefs were actually more aligned with the Republican party but I didn’t know it back then.

    A few months ago, me with my open mind, became a Trump Republican. I was surprised when I was watching a Trump rally, and suddenly I felt that same feeling of love for Donald J. Trump that I feel for my cats. I started to cry with love. I do a lot of research. So aside from what I know he has already done for country and the world, that unexpected surge of love is the truth, and I will stand up for him because of it.

    There are so many Trump haters in Los Angeles. They are filled with hate and they are miserable, and if you ask them what they hate about Trump they won’t tell you because they are uninformed and they don’t know why. They walk away. The standard answer they use is “oh, then we can’t talk”. I, on the other hand, get to be happy because there is hope with him because he is an outsider. What a blessing. The whole world may blow up while he is in office, but it won’t be because of Donald J. Trump. It was on it’s way to decay, decades before he came on the scene. He is simply exposing the deep state and the really evil people who are in control now, but they are losing and won’t be for long.

    I always liked Albert L. Webre’s work, so I am sorry to hear this interview. He is way off in my opinion. Open your minds, and watch some of Trump’s rallies, especially Trump the Establishment. Thank you for posting this.


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