By Melina Siebold

I am a Light worker who was ‘awakened’ during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. I recognized that I had prophetic abilities and could receive messages from outside of myself. It wasn’t until a little over eleven years ago that I would say I was fully thrust into my mission as a Light worker. I had always been interested in history and other cultures and peoples. I had studied my family genealogy for almost ten years. It didn’t take long before I figured out that I was related to those who were known as the fallen angels of the Bible! That of course means that I am related to the unfallen angels too. I soon realized that all of humanity are related to them too, to one degree or another, so I set out to figure out our family story. If you are at all interested to know who you are and how you got here – I invite you to continue reading.

First of all, let me start by saying that all of creation comes from, and is composed of, the Essence of God or Source or the Great Spirit or the Creator or whatever you want to call him, her or it.

It is my knowing that God is pure love and pure consciousness ever expanding. I would say that God can’t be defined and yet can be, because everywhere we look, everything we see – there is God.

It is also my knowing that in the beginning God/Thought emitted a Word and the Word/Logos created. The Word created worlds without end and that continues. So God emitted, or emanated and the Word creates. Some of you may have heard the term, “as above, so below” or “as within, so without”. I could go on all day about the multi meanings of those terms, but let me just speak about the “as above so below” part. First of all, God had a thought and then uttered a word and the word became a creation. That is the ‘above’ part here. Put yourself in the ‘below’ part. You have a thought, you speak a word and you – whether you realize it or not – are making a creation. People are creating for good or ill unconsciously through their thoughts and words. But this is a sidetrack to our story that I give example of, because that is how God experiences – through its emanations.

As souls progress, they are given greater creative powers and understandings. There was an original Logos or Word but there are also sub-Logoi – many of them. They themselves create their own creations or work within the creations of others. I would imagine that some creations are more successful than others, depending on the skill of the creator or creators who come together to make a creation. Evidently creations can become stuck in development, meaning the souls involved do not evolve further – they either decline or get stuck. So there was devised a ‘game’ which is called a Polarity Integration game that is meant to put a soul through trials and tribulations to stimulate soul growth. It is meant to be a means to sympathy, love and compassion. Its purpose is growth and expansion of consciousness for all who take part in it. Souls line up and hope to be chosen to take part.

A glimpse into the vastness of creation is not the subject of this story, so let’s just narrow it down to the one all of us here on Earth are experiencing now. We are the ones who chose the fast track to consciousness expansion through the pain and heartache school. As you will see, we devised this drama with quite a cast of characters. It’s important to keep in mind that as far as original creation goes, everything is perfect love and harmony. However, the Logos and sub-Logoi, and everyone ‘below’ them (really no one is above or below the other) – let’s just call them creator gods and goddesses, can create anything they want. It’s called acting and pretending. They use their imagination. They create through thought and word too. Do you know the magical word Abracadabra? That word was originally from the ancient Aramaic language, the one Jesus spoke, and it literally means ‘I create as I speak’. So, believe it or not, this hell-hole reality we have been experiencing is really just an illusion. We are just actors on a stage. Our real reality is pure love and unity with all Life. For ages people have been saying, “If God is good and loving how can he allow all this bad stuff to happen?” Picture God as the parent standing off to the side and watching his children play a game that he him/herself might not be all that thrilled with.



So back to this hell-hole polarity integration game we are in. There were two founder races to the creation we currently find ourselves in, the Felines and the Avians – also known as Carians. Yes, cats and birds! They came from another universe where they had completed a Polarity Integration game, to lead that same game in this universe. They would work jointly, one serving as leaders of the ‘dark’ forces, the other as leader of the ‘light’ forces. The game in this universe started in the Lyran Constellation. They created two more races to be the participants in this polarity integration game, the humans and the reptilians. The humans represented the light and were led by Amelius/Sananda/Jesus who was a Feline, and Lucifer/Satain who was an Avian in charge of the reptilian forces representing the dark. It is important to remind everyone here that birds are considered part of the reptilian species even though they are technically warm-blooded. Birds on Earth are thought to be descendants of the dinosaurs. There are species on Earth today, called Mesotherms which include the tuna fish and the leatherback turtles who are in this middle ground between cold blooded reptilians and warm blooded mammals. Generally, reptilians are those who propagate their species through egg laying.

The object of any polarity integration game is to experience both light and dark roles, and to win the game is to be able to integrate the experience, develop the 13th octave level of compassion through neutrality in order to win and exit the game. The idea is always to have everyone who participates win. It seems the problem with the game we have been in was that there were many who played the dark role who never wanted to leave it and had no interest in integrating back into the light….but that is another story.

Now, I have pointed out that humans are a lower version of God who create through thought and word just as God does. It turns out that Earth humans are a special case – a subject of a whole other story which can be found on my website That story is titled Humans Are Superior to Their Controllers. It turns out that those other creator gods and goddesses, when they come down into the lower physical realms do not create through thought and word. They create using technology, science, biology, physiology, mathematics, etcetera.

So the Elohim, or creator gods, used different combinations of DNA they found in the natural world – the world created with the First Thought of God. In this particular creation, the first four types were felines, avians, human hybrids and reptilian hybrids. The reptilian hybrids include serpents and dragons. The royal caste of dragons are white and are up to eighteen feet tall. For all you white supremacists out there, they are the origin of your supremacy beliefs. The other dragons are various colors and are in the range of eight to twelve feet tall. The white dragon race are ruled by queens. They are the original Amazons. They originated in the Orion constellation. If the females of their race didn’t like their mate they would spit venom in their face that would kill them! The story is that this white dragon, female led race conquered the Anunnaki who are very tall humanoids who evidently had reptilian genes. Anu, the king of the Anunnaki, married the Dragon queen to make a peace alliance with them. They had a son Ea, who is also known as En-Ki. He is known in the Bible as Yahweh or Jehovah.

The story of the feline race is that they at first were etheric (without bodies) and developed feline bodies on the planet Avyon in the Lyran Constellation. They mixed themselves with some type of ape to become bi-pedal. They then worked with apes to upgrade them and gave them a soul. These were known as the Adamic Humans, also known as Adam/Eve Kadmon. It was the feline race who first created humans. Most likely these apes were evolved naturally from an aquatic mammalian species (mermen and mermaids) that adapted to land living. The whole story about humans developing out of the waters of the ocean is true.

Later on, the feline’s planet in the Lyran constellation was destroyed and some of them went to Sirius. Some of these later went to Venus and were known as the Kumaras. Sanat and Sananda Kumara have been working closely with Earth human evolution for eons. Sananda is the ‘higher self’ of the one known as Jesus/Yeshua. They are Prime Archangels, Wingmakers and Seraphim angels. They are part of the Ra Confederacy who wrote the Law of One, and worked closely with Lemurians and Atlanteans. The Pleiadians are their fifth dimensional descendants. Twelfth dimensional Lyra is home to the highest level of evolved beings that ever existed.

Jelaila Starr says that the etheric Sirians are the Lyran humans who were moved to Sirius B and eventually given Earth as their home. Felines reside on Sirius A in the Lyran constellation. They went to Sirius B which imploded to create Sirius and A and C – Tiamat and Nibiru. Sirius A is home of feline/carian construction and genetic engineers. Sirius C is a laboratory and storage facilities. She says the Felines are not to be confused with humans who colonized Sirius. I really wish she had explained this further. She says they were living on Sirius A long before the humans from Lyra arrived. I speculate that what she meant by the humans who colonized Sirius, was that they were a reptilian human hybrid. She relates that Nibiru was created from a huge chunk of rock from an implosion of Sirius B which was floating in space near the Pleiades. So you could say that Nibiru is Sirian and Pleiadian. Nibiru was one planet of the Anunnaki, so the Anunnaki could be considered Sirian and Pleiadian. In speaking about the Carians/Avians she wrote that they came from the same universe as the felines, and that the Carians protected the evolving Lyran human primates from the reptilians who wished to destroy them. It is important to remember that Avians/Carians and Felines were the founder races, and even though one side supposedly supports the light and the other the dark, both are really ‘for’ both sides. Jelaila says that the Felines mainly work with genetics and seeding new planets and the Avians create star gates and dimensions and portals and that type of thing.

White Eagle channeled by Jonette Crowley has this to say about them: “There were two classes of original people throughout the ancient lands. The Elder Race – the luminous Sun Gods and the rest of humanity. They came from Sirius and Venus. They were the leaders of the leaders – They were the kings and queens. They were the priests and priestesses, the gods and goddesses. They were the leaders and the rulers. The Sun gods stayed pure by intermarriage. You mistakenly talk about brother-sister marriage. It wasn’t really brother-sister it was marriage between the high race of the star beings. In time they intermarried with humans to bring the light and the lineage of the stars into the ordinary people.”

According to the author of the book, Secret of the Andes, the Elder race were on the Earth beginning about one billion years ago. The Elders are the ones known as the Elohim in the Bible. The Elder race were not the humans of today, but were of the race of original true man. They were the ones known as the Cyclopeans, Els and Titans. Those such as Zeus, Chronus, Poseidon, Athena, Artemis, etc. Some had one eye, some two. They had colonized much of the Milky Way galaxy. They were not exactly three dimensional but were physical in a physical world. They tried for countless ages to reach a place where they could create by mere thought and escape the chains of physical existence. Soon after their arrival on Earth they conquered physical matter (achieved the power of Creative Thought) and became Gods. The Thought universe is the Theta universe. They achieved a 90 degree phase shift (an L). Because of certain karmic reactions, a few of the Cyclopean race did not pass through the 90 degree phase shift and were forced to remain on Earth to work out their destiny.

I probably lost many of you in this author’s talk about a 90 degree phase shift, or an L. That is a whole other message, one I am not sure I am not all that qualified to talk about, but I will say that what is referred to is what we as a human race are just beginning to undergo now. We are preparing to learn the power of Creative Thought. We have been creating unconsciously already. But to achieve the power of Creative Thought, which is creating through the Mind of God, one has to become aligned with unconditional love through neutrality. That is what I will say about it for now.

According to the website, The Elder Race were the Anakim – the giants. These are the same ones spoken of in the Bible. That writer says they may have been from the Orion group with an outpost on Mars. I will say that Anu, a leader of the Anunnaki, married the white Dragon Queen who was from Orion, so that could be how this website’s author sees that connection – because it is there. El also refers to the inhabitants of Mintaka – near Arcturus. I believe Arcturus is a home to Avians. Most of the Els ascended a very long time ago. Some of them remained in the physical realms to merge with other species forming hybrid Els. Hybrid Els are mainly found on Mintaka, Arcturus, An, Ra and Earth. They are not a single race but more of a collective of races that are a good billion years older (or more) than the rest of us, including even the Pleiadians and Alpha Draconians. The original Elder Race are eight to eleven foot tall with red or blond hair.


To quote from that website:

“The El Essence gave birth to the Elder lineage. Pure Els have served upon this planet as great masters. Their symbol is the all-seeing eye. They are Knowers of the Great Mysteries. They were extremely active on Earth at the time of Atlantis. They have often served this Earth in positions of leadership and power. Cyclops were early forerunners of the Els. Chronus and Rhea, the parents of Zeus, are related to the Phoenician and Canaanite gods called the Elohim. The word El translates as “The Strong or Powerful One”. Several extra-terrestrial races are referred to as Els; 1. The original founders. 2. The Orion mass consciousness. 3. The Hybrid Els – these are their allies that were given the same name. 4. Then there are the frauds – the self-declared founders of reptilian origin. There also is a group or mass consciousness from the Orion System that is called the El consciousness. In fact, this El consciousness could very well be what Lyssa Royal describes as the Orion Mass Consciousness – the non-physical aspect of Orion that operates from a sense of unity and integration.”

This websites author just said that the original Elder Race had red or blonde hair. This indicates that they were originally Felines who then mixed their DNA to create other races. This all goes back to the fact that in this universe, Yaldabaoth was a lion headed serpent, so there were two types of beings in our race to begin with.

I really wish the author would have elaborated on the frauds – the “self-declared founders of reptilian origin,” because I am still having a hard time finding the Felines in our story. It seems to me that we are surrounded by reptiles and the felines are hard to identify! That is probably because the reptilians have been in control on Earth for millennia. But will I say that the original seeders of our planet, including the human life, were the Felines.

What makes it hard in trying to identify and keep track of the various races involved in human evolution is that these star races moved around, usually because their home planets were destroyed or overtaken through some type of war or aggression. Another reason it is hard to keep track of them is because there are so many hybrid groups.

This leads us to some of the hybrid El groups, and I will say, it is these hybrid groups who have caused me a great deal of confusion in trying to sort out the story.

According to the channel Pamela Aralyn, Adonai is a soul group who are part of the Lyrans. Adonai is a Christ Consciousness collective of the seventh dimension made up primarily of reptilians and insects. My guess is that the insect race referred to are the Antarians who look like praying mantises. They are quite involved in Earth human evolution. Pamela calls the Blue Avians the Seraphim Adonai. I believe the Blue Avians may be the same or part of the Ra Collective. I am a part of that collective and have believed for years that I am a Seraphim angel. The very meaning of the word Seraphim is “fiery flying serpents”. I also know without doubt that I am of the feline race and I am of the Christ Consciousness Collective. I am a feline, reptilian, avian and evidently an insectoid too! I am the product of an inter-marriage alliance between the reptilians and felines at some point to try to achieve a cessation of conflict. It hasn’t worked yet – except within me personally!

Delores Cannon, when speaking of the Sirians, said they were created by felines in Lyra, they then went to Sirius B, then Andromeda, the Pleiades, then Lemuria and finally to Atlantis. Delores points out that Lyrans were the Egyptian gods. Those gods were Thoth, who had a baboon head, or sometimes an Ibis head, Horus who was hawk headed, Sekhmet who was a lion woman, Anubis who was dog headed, etc. The early creator gods first took their forms from the animal and insect kingdoms before developing a more suitable vessel for incarnation – the Adamic human body. Delores says that Lyrans and Vegans (a place in the Lyra Constellation) were not Pleiadians – but were cousins to them.

Zorra of Hollow Earth says that Sirians are Velociraptors in appearance – tail and all. It might be that beings on different planets in the Sirian star system have different appearances.

Kryon says that Orion/Sirians seeded the Pleiadians and the Pleiadians seeded us. We have all their DNA. Kryon calls the Pleiadians ‘Lizzies’. He says it was the Pleiadians who changed the DNA of one kind of seventeen humans upon the planet and that this is the creation story given to us in the Bible. He explains that the Pleiadians look like us, they do not have lizard skins. He says that there was no conspiracy – no control issue – all was done with the Creators approval. I have a slightly different take on that. I believe their intention was to make a slave race, pure and simple, but that the Creator had other plans in mind! So yes, it was intentional by the Creator, but not through good intentions by the Pleiadians/Anunnaki. We had been part of the animal evolution on the planet. So what the Pleiadians/Anunnaki did was take us from the animal to the human realm. I can’t say that I am mad at them for that. They made human angels out of us – whether they meant to or not.

Barbara Marciniak admits that the Pleiadians “made the tyranny” and “stripped our DNA” and says that they must “heal the past if they are to grow.” She refers to the fact that they took our DNA from twelve stands to two by disconnecting ten strands. I had pegged this on Ea and his half-sister Ninhursag in the past, but Jeliala Starr says Ea’s son Marduk was responsible for the tampering. She also admits that the Anunnaki (Pleiadians) are reptilian. Regarding the ancient Sumerian civilization, she says; “Stellar reptilian ancestors established it.” She calls them, “awesome, ferocious, gracious, creator gods – master geneticists.” It is important to remember here – in case you are confused, that these Anunnaki were a combination of feline, reptilian, avian and humanoids by the time they made it to Earth. The original feline and avian founder races were billions upon billions of years ago. The Earth was first seeded four and a half billion years ago, and humankind upon it is much more recent than that.

Kent Dunn explains that the Dracos are from the Draco constellation in Orion and are not the same as the Anunnaki. He says that the Anunnaki are from the underworld (under Heaven). He says that Zeus is of the Draconians and Anunnaki. I believe that Zeus is also Ea. He was a Draconian on his mother’s side and an Anunnaki on his father’s side. It is possible that Zeus is Ea’s son Marduk. He would have even more serpent blood if that is the case. Kent says that the El in the Bible refers to Enlil, one of the Anunnaki. He equates the Archons with the fallen angels and the Anunnaki, which I do as well. Kent Dunn always says that the Pleiadians and Anunnaki teamed up against the reptilians. He either doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to admit, that they both have reptilian blood too.

According to a YouTube interview with the Reptilian Housewife, whom I really don’t trust completely, birds and cats are Pleiadians, reptiles are Sirians. Sirius is right below the Orion constellation. She says that the reptilian race that is native to Earth descended from the dinosaurs. She says that Alexander the Great’s priestess mother was a snake (Naga), making Alexander a half breed. At that time the snakes (serpents) were against the Saurians who came from Alpha Draconius in the Orion Constellation circa 2000 B.C. Alexander sealed a portal to the underground at Sinai to keep the Alpha Draconians out of top Earth in that area. She says that the well-known depiction from Mesopotamia of a humanoid with a bird head and wings who looks like he is wearing a watch is actually a being named Pazuzu who was one of first Alpha Draconians in Sumeria:

It seems that the Earth reptilians – the serpents, were caught between the Els/Titans and the Alpha Draconians. They – along with Earth humans – have been manipulated by both parties. She says that the Elohim modified simians and themselves (reptilians) to be slave soldiers in future wars. Evidently the simian was the human ancestress known as Lucy. She says that the Elohim came from Aldebaran which is in the Orion constellation. She made a statement that made me feel a little better about the horrible god of the Old Testament. She said that the Israelites were told to kill all the children of the Nephilim (such as the Philistines) and their animals because the Nephilim (Elohim) had genetically modified them. The story of the Israelites is a special one – and another story in itself. Let me just say that the Israelites god is Ea/Yahweh and the Old Testament has two gods in it. The mean, horrible one is Enlil – the ‘Lord’.

The first feline shapes of the Lyrans were blond and red haired cats. The humans they created had red or blonde hair. So they made what are known as the Nordic and white races. The red and brown races were also made by them, but slightly different to allow for adaptation to different Earth environments. The god Ashen developed the yellow Asian race, and the god Alta developed the red Atlantis race. The black race was from the originally evolving primates who were crossed with the Anunnaki DNA to upgrade them to Homo Sapiens.

Delores Cannon said that shamans and priests kept the history and teachings of the Lyrans alive. I will add that these priestly lines went by such names as the Great White Brotherhood, The Masters of Wisdom, The Order of Melchizedek, The Order of the Red hand, The Rosicrucian’s, the Templars and many more. She said that humans under Anu brought darkness to themselves through karma. I might add that Anu and his family added more than a little to that darkness themselves.

Trying to sort out this picture has been so hard because one tries to look for the good guys and the bad guys. Since the idea is that everyone on either side play both parts, both light and dark, to try to find one bad side and one good is fruitless. There seems to be more than enough bad on all sides.

For instance, there are tall white humanoid races, who may be a mixture of races, but who look like tall white humans, who are very negative. These are known as the Tall Whites – not to be confused with the Blondes. The Blondes are tall too, but are what is known as the Pleiadians, while the Tall Whites are part of the Orion Confederation, which is reptilian. It could be that the Tall Whites are white dragon humanoids while the Pleiadian Blondes are a mixed race.

According to a YouTube video by the Universe Inside You, the Lyrans were attacked by Draconians and Avians and were made to leave their home world. The Lyrans broke into three factions – the Pleiadians, the Orions and the Andromedans. From what I understand, the ones who were taken to Orion and Andromeda were made slaves by the reptilians and avians. This experience caused some of them to go dark, and they formed the Black League there to try to free themselves from the reptilians.

The resistance operative who goes by the codename Cobra, when speaking of the dark forces, says that the Chimera are at the top of the dark ‘food chain’. They are the “Andromedan humanoid fallen angels”. Next in the hierarchy are Archons, then Dracos/Draconians, then Reptilians. He says that the Chimera/Andromedans took over the Orion/Draco reptilians and control them. I guess they didn’t like being made their slaves! On the Earth, the dark forces hierarchy are the Archon families who control the Jesuits who control the Khazars. The Archon families are the black nobility and are mainly living in Italy.

Cobra says that Lucifer turned to the Light. He was from Andromeda. He had an important role in the history of this planet and is no longer on this planet.

Cobra also said that the Chimera group uses artificial intelligence to control the Dracos and Reptilians. I won’t go into the story of Yaldabaoth here, but will refer you to an earlier article I wrote which can be found at, and is titled Humans Are Superior to Their Controllers.

Yaldabaoth uses artificial intelligence as his body. Yaldabaoth was created many millions of years ago. Cobra says it was through an impulse by a male angel. The story I know of Yaldabaoth says he was created by a mother named Pistis Sophia. In any event, Yaldabaoth was said to be a lion-headed serpent. I am unsure at what point either before this Polarity Integration game or after it was started that Yaldabaoth was created, but Cobra calls Yaldabaoth a fallen archangel and says that the fallen archangels were from Orion. Eight million years ago, there was the fallen angel’s separation, they became insane because they tried to make an etheric planet physical and it exploded – causing their souls to shatter.

Cobra says that Yaldabaoth existed before “intentional evil”. Fallen arch angels brought that about. Evidently at first, humans and reptilians were co-existent on the Earth, but at one point the Orion reptilian hierarchy came to Earth and were not happy that humans and reptilians were co-existing so well and maneuvered to change the situation.

According to the YouTube channel Mystery and Discover, the Lyrans and Pleiadians united against the reptilians. For them to have united means that they must have at some point been divided.

Vegans from the Lyra constellation were the first civilization on Earth. According to this YouTube channel, the Lyrans came and caused trouble. There was conflict between the Vegan/Sirians and the Lyrans. I think this could be seen as a humanoid/feline/serpent race (Vegan/Sirian) versus a more pure feline race (Lyrans). This YouTube channel calls it a battle between the Brotherhood versus the custodial gods. The Brotherhood are the Vegan/Sirians. They wish to bring us knowledge (gnosis) and enlightenment. The Lyrans are more authoritarian. They turned the Mystery teachings of the Vegan/Sirians into religions and wish to keep us subverted. The Lyrans are cats. Catholics, Catholocism, Catechism, Catecombs, Catastrophe’s, Catatonic, Categorize, Cataclysm, Cathedral, Catch. Hmmm….maybe it’s not just the reptilians who are causing trouble!

The Vegan/Sirians are the darker humanoids – East Indian and Native Americans. You need look no further than their spiritual traditions and symbols to see that they are deeply rooted in serpent culture. The Lyrans are the original white Aryans on Earth. According to this YouTube channel, it was the Lyran gods who tampered with human DNA, the Sirians were not in agreement with the tampering.

So thus far in the picture of our history here on Earth as regards to us humans, we have a picture of two competing families of beings that came originally from Lyra battling for control over the Earth and her humans. We learned that they became united against the reptilians.

So let’s take a closer look at that original ruling family, that Elder Race of Titans or Anakim. Now, I believe that the word Anakim and Anunnaki are synonymous with each other. We learned that a tall white Anu married a Draconian Queen and they had a son Ea/Ia, also known as En-Ki or Yah or Yahweh.

On Earth, Ea united with the queen of a race of serpent people already established here. They had a son Marduk. So Marduk’s DNA was serpent (Naga), Draconian and Lyran/Humanoid. Marduk married Bathenash who was the daughter of Enoch of the Bible. Evidently Marduk was punished for marrying into the Earth human race who had been developed for the purpose of being a slave race. Marduk was banished to Mars where evidently unknowingly to the rest of his family he set about seeking his revenge – aided by the Draconian side of his family. On Mars he developed technology and a large army and at some point took over the Earth and our solar system as well as the planet Nibiru. Marduk seems to have been working in an alliance with his uncle Enlil.

So when we see the Lyrans/Anunnaki and the Vegan/Sirian/Pleiadians uniting against the reptilians, what we are seeing is part of the family uniting against the other part of the family!

Barbara Marciniak helps us to distinguish this by saying that; “Two Pleiadian sons of a minor god battled over the Earth.” She is speaking of a minor god, Anu, whose sons Enlil and Ea have been battling each other. And, just for the record – I am on Ea’s side! This battle can be seen in the Bible as the Wars of the Kings. It can be traced throughout history in, for example, the War of the Roses in England or the American Revolutionary War and English Civil War.

We learned that the Anunnaki and Pleiadians teamed up against the reptilians. So let’s identify the Anunnaki as those led by Marduk and Enlil, and let’s identify the Pleiadians as a mixed race group led by Ea. To clear the picture further, it is Enlil, son of Anu, and Marduk, son of Ea, together who have been making it hell on Earth for us for thousands of years and their respective fathers and extended family – who have been battling them.

For some corroboration… or maybe even more confusion, I took some notes from various sources that I will share with you:

James Gilliland says that the Anunnaki were ancient Lyrans and that Marduk made a pact with the Draconians only to be betrayed by them. He says that the Andromedans are the archangels. The benevolent Anunnaki that continued to evolve are returning – these are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians have the greatest stock in the genetics of earth and they created Atlantis and Lemuria. He says the Anunnaki are also Lyrans and Pleiadians and that the planet Nibiru was just one of their outposts.

Rudolf the Tall White Alien – who has a black heart – don’t trust most of what he says, said that the tall whites originally came in reptilian form. They turned half apes into workers and gave some of them their DNA. He says they came from Sirius. There is a story in an ancient text that says that Adam and Eve were horrified by the beastly appearance of their ‘makers’. I believe it was in response to that, that the tall whites started incarnating into, or shape-shifting into, human bodies, because really, they became overly fond of having sex with humans.

The channel Pamela Aralyn Says that the Elohim/Ra soul group are the indigos-rainbow crystals, prophets, channels and mystics of our times. She says that the Anunnaki were originally non-sentient and evolved into AnRa-Solarians and Blue Avians. Non sentient does not mean all bad – they can evolve, all races can have good in them. They were originally from Sirius and Arcturus and became the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Fifty percent of Atlanteans were AnRa. The other fifty percent did not evolve and became Alpha Draconi, Greys and Zeta Reticuli. She believes Enki did not fully evolve but Enlil did. I disagree with her on that, I believe it was the other way around. The confusion probably stems from the blending of the two gods of the Old Testament into one God. She calls the Adonai soul group Arcturan. She says the 144,000 are from that group and after the 144,000 there are also 144 million prophets sent with them. (To help establish the next Golden Age).

Brad Johnson who channels an entity known as Adronis says that the Anunnaki are human reptilian hybrids. They wanted to use human genomes for their own agendas. He said they did this with permission. I disagree according to what is written in ancient Sumerian texts which disclose their discussions on the topic. He says that the Anunnaki represent factions of the ancients (the Elohim). He agrees that their origin is Lyra and Vega and that they are connected with the Great White Brotherhood. He calls them the original creators of humanity. He says they, “stepped out of our evolvement cycle.” They observe only and are not working for our expansion of consciousness.

So…if you are confused after all this – believe me, I completely understand! It’s not an easy story to sort out. After all, it’s been going on for billions of years. But I hope I have brought at least a little clarity on the subject.


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  1. Pleiadians ‘Lizzies’???lol Perhaps, as they referred to it in ‘law of One’, a confusion distortion? 🙂 Maybe some hybrids here and there just like with our reptilian brains here? But, then again, commoners can not know without direct experience really. Waiting for the upgrades to figure it out.

  2. Yep – Our History is about as clear as mud. 🙂 I’ve heard all these viewpoints of our history before and each are similar to mildly or vastly different. One thing is that since we are multi-dimensional …. maybe these views of our history are all correct, depending our level of perceptions and dimensions ?:-)


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