Hello, my name is Peter Reed and I am looking for a partner to help me carry out  a specific mission  that has been requested by the Light Forces through Cobra. When I asked him if the timing was critical in any way his response was, “YES IT IS ULTRA SUPER CRITICALLY URGENT, MEANING WE NEED IT IN DAYS OR WEEKS, NOT MONTHS . This mission involves finding and renting  a place in a specific area outside of Los Angeles, California to house a tachyon healing chamber.  The special reason for this location is that it is in an area where the veil (that surrounds our planet) above, is thinner. I can reveal the area via Tutanota email only. My plan is to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom house that will provide for a separate room for the chamber and provide a service to offer tachyon healing sessions to the public and also a place to live. 

My current situation is that i live in Florida and cannot immediately  move, but am willing to make the necessary trips (if necessary) to help expedite  finding and renting a place. In the future (a few months) i am willing to relocate there. This mission can provide for earning some income from a  business that renders  tachyon healing services (and other related services and products)

The person I am looking for has to be a sincere light worker and should be somewhat familiar with Cobra’s work and with Tachyon energy and be motivated for the liberation of out planet.  Familiarity with energy healing would be a plus. They will have to do the initial ground work in all that is entailed in renting a suitable place. (with my part time help making trips to the area) and will also have to have all the funds available to do so initially for the first few months.  Unfortunately i do not have the funds to set this up in the time frame requested by the Light Forces.  There are other qualifications and considerations I have for such a partner that can be addressed and discussed in a timely manner. 

If you know any such light worker that would be interested in such a mission, please let them know. if you are such a person, then you may have a “knowing” or feeling inside, perhaps in your heart, as I did when I first heard about this mission… please let me know.

This mission is to facilitate our Victory of the Light!

Peter Reed [email protected] 941 323 6661  [email protected]



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  1. thank you Eduardo for posting.
    you can view the total “Urgent Call…..” and any updates i make at my blog- www.peterpansblog.com


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