By Mary Clare Amselem,

Americans have long suspected that, for many, a college degree simply isn’t worth the price.

American taxpayers—two-thirds of whom do not have a college degree—are likewise increasingly skeptical of the notion that they should pay off loans that someone else made the decision to take out.

With recently published College Scorecard data, American students and taxpayers have more reason than ever to reject the left’s “college for all” agenda.

The College Scorecard recently released program-level data on individual schools. Students can now go online and see how much debt the average student graduates with in a certain degree program, along with expected starting salaries.

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The results indicate that choosing a major matters immensely, especially when relying on federal student loans to finance one’s education.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 15% of programs graduate students who carry more federal student loan debt than their annual income.

Interestingly, graduate programs—which are generally perceived to be good investments—are some of the worst offenders.

Students who graduate from the University of Miami Law School, for example, hold a median total debt of $150,896, but earn a starting salary of just $52,100. Even more problematic, students who obtain a master’s degree from New York University in film/video and photographic arts graduate with a median total debt of a whopping $168,568, but earn a median starting salary of $29,600.

Those findings are particularly concerning, considering that there is virtually no cap on how much students can borrow for graduate school under the PLUS loan program.

There is simply no reason that American taxpayers should be footing the entire cost of the bill upfront for degrees with such a low return on investment.

The new College Scorecard data provides not only valuable insights into the debt burden of college students, but also underscores the deep-rooted inefficiencies in our federal student loan programs.

Holders of bachelor’s degrees hold an average of $31,172 in student loan debt. However, depending on where a student goes to school and what their major is, earnings potential can be quite different.

For example, at the University of Miami, students who study mechanical engineering graduate with a median total debt of $20,500 and earn a median starting salary of $66,400. However, political science majors graduate with similar debt, $18,269, but earn a median starting salary of $37,500.

Providing the same loan to both of those student populations paints an inaccurate picture of their earnings potential. The private sector, by contrast, would take into account earnings potential before providing a loan to a student who may not be able to pay it back.

Unfortunately, American taxpayers are on the hook for students who are not able to make loan payments.

It is simply poor public policy for Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars to go toward degrees of such questionable value.

Indeed, a privately funded student loan market would have identified such programs early on and either ceased to provide loans for students who want to pursue, for example, a film degree at NYU, or simply charged higher interest rates commensurate with the likelihood of repayment.

Instead, our accreditation system, which accredits institutions in their entirety, shields students from seeing the true value of individual courses of study at a college or university.

Today, Americans are debating whether or not a college education should be tuition-free, with the cost of education transferred to all taxpayers. With overwhelming evidence that many colleges and universities are saddling students with significant debt, the debate should shift to whether or not federal policies are enabling a system that is failing students.

At the very least, policymakers should reform the federal student loan programs so that taxpayers are no longer financing programs that leave students worse off.



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  1. My parents wasted so much money sending me to private institutions of programming……I mean learning. I am spending the rest of my life deprogramming myself. I always remember this from the “Godfather” movie, “Did you go to college to get stupid?”. Everyone needs to get familiar with the Protocols of Zion. Our society has been dumbed down according to plan. 80% of our high school graduates are functional illiterates, according to the research of J. Stossel. Education is big business, with accompanying loans that will probably outlive you. The end goal is to place 500 million (Georgia Guidestones) of us in smart cities where we will be completely controlled. They are busy microchipping us now. There will just be enough of us to serve our NWO masters. Retired people like me will be “Soilent Green” material. My diploma will not save me.

    • Excellent Cecille. The answer to ‘Did you go to college to get stupid” has to be “If we let them!” Fortunately “Ask and you shall receive” means just that. We have to ask for and accept the powerful help that is filling the world of Light. Why? Because it is time and because we have and continue to ask for it. Our job is to not let others fill our minds with junk, but keep clear by thinking of the freedom that is being offered and created for us. There is so much Light energies filling the Earth, the dark forces are losing their power to manipulate and control.

    • I so agree with you.
      I see high school age and college age people who are so indoctrinated and programmed to a left learning political construct of give me this and that because my government owes me that and I’m entitled.
      This type of mentality is not how this nation was created but it just may be how its destroyed.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to the public’s attention. How sad college degrees are proving to be poor economics for individuals.

    There are people who have earned a college degree but today live on the streets. And there are individuals who did not go to college or University who have created very successful businesses.

    Tesla’s genius did not come from a textbook but from many, many lifetimes on other planets that have a greater understanding of how to work with the energies provided for us to use.

    Colleges and Universities hire those who serve those who financially support the college or University and do not hire those who encourage powerful and responsible creativity who would threatened the financier’s business.

    A college degree, in the mind of those who hire, tells them you know how to memorize other people’s beliefs, not one who thinks for him/herself. Individuals who think for themselves are a threat to corporations and individuals who have spent their time memorizing are easier to manipulate and control. But what they fail to understand is it is the energies of those who work there that create the energies with which the corporation attracts customers and the very people who make or break a business. Humans are creative creatures, its a mistake to discourage creative questions and thinking.

    WWII when we were set up to create a war with Japan and we dropped our evil bombs on Japan, that small island rebuilt its economy and today we are buying their products. Rarely do colleges and Universities provide that kind of creative environment, but strive to justify the teacher’s salaries by serving the financiers of that institution.

  3. Bernie Sanders’ plan to forgive student loan debt will be paid for by a tax on investment bank and hedge fund speculative trades; the American taxpayer on main street will not have to pay a cent for this. Senator Sanders also understands that by relieving this massive amount of student loan debt on American students, the money they make after they graduate can be spent and put back into the economy, where it benefits shopkeepers, waitstaff, and other product and service providers. This is as opposed to the current system, where the loan and interest payments on this massive debt bubble only go to the elites who control the banking system. This loan forgiveness program operates on the same demand-side economics theory as FDR’s New Deal policies, which revitalized the American economy in the 30s and 40s; this is just one of Bernie’s plans to not only revitalize America’s failing economy but to make more just for all Americans, not just the 1%.

    • Bernie’s plan however doesn’t address the real problem.
      Student loan forgiveness doesn’t address the problem moving forward.
      How do students pay for useless degrees they cant use to get real jobs?
      My neighbor has a bachelors degree in Anthropology she cant use.
      Having student loan forgiveness doesn’t address the price of college as well.
      Its similar to this medicare for all situation that personally I wouldn’t want.
      High Schools should encourage more students that aren’t really college material to go to trade school.
      Trade positions like HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical those jobs are in high demand.
      They pay well and you can literally find work anywhere in the country.
      Granted, we do need people who go to college and are highly trained for specific tech jobs etc but we need trained trades people too.
      Just a thought to add to your comment.
      Have a good day

      • My point was to address where in the article it says that taxpayers are on the hook for this student debt… Sanders’ plan would take that burden off of the taxpayer and tax Wall St. and the Financial Industry (who pay nearly no taxes and receive billions in government subsidies) to eliminate this debt bubble that is only benefiting the wealthy elites.

        Bernie is also working to address skyrocketing tuitions by making state colleges & universities free for in-state residents, like many of them used to be decades ago.

        How is this like Medicare for All?


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