The resurgence of vulnerability.

I am Athena and I have a message for you. With the increase of rebalancing energies, the divine feminine within you all rises again. This will be indicated by your ability to re-embrace being vulnerable again.

To love and to divulge of oneself requires vulnerability for both partners. Your world has been invulnerable for so long because of your attack culture. As this subsides, and it is, a resurgence of the gentleness of the mind, the higher, finer energies bask your planet in their Light again, and your people experience more willingness to become vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not the state that you have defined it as. Vulnerability is not the state you see as being at risk. Vulnerability is a state of confidence where disclosure is undertaken in an exchange of refined energies. Your people have re-defined the original term and distorted its meaning to indicate something that is perishable through fear and attack. It is not. Vulnerability is strong, it is wise, and it is progressive. It is not perishable through fear-based states. This is not vulnerability. That is fear.

Many of your terms have been distorted by your minds that could not embrace the higher frequencies anymore, and as these frequencies return to your planet, redefinition of your words must begin anew.

Vulnerability is sweet. It is mutual. It is the route to higher understanding of the other’s expression.

Your world has been so harsh for so long and the delicate richness of expression has been lost to you in your fear-based states. These higher states have always been available to those who forsake fear in favour of the expression of love. You see this in your old literature. Fear cannot eradicate these higher frequencies of love. It will only leave them out of your grasp.

Refinement of your minds brings with it the ability to express at higher frequencies, and in so doing, relationships will take on renewed satisfaction, interaction will provide richness to your lives again. Your heretofore fear of divulging your deepest thoughts will leave you as your world continues its ascension to higher Light.

I am Athena. I loved your world once and now I have returned.

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  1. To everything there is a season. Vulnerability CAN be sweet when it’s mutual. It can change the world when offered from a confident vantage. But vulnerability alone seems an impotent, useless response to aggression or cruelty. Vulnerability strongly bolstered by Love is fiercely protective in the face of a lower, brutish frequency.

  2. Well, I have my doubts. I am sure that being open to attack works well in her world because there people and animals do not attack. In this world, a man or a woman has to be careful or bad things happen. I trust her motives, but generally I am especially leery of people who want me to let my guard down. It reminds me of a Popeye cartoon fifty-some odd years ago in which Bluto sweet talked Popeye into throwing away his spinach. Not safe.

    • Great example of a canned, “idealistic”, but “unrealistic” article that would work well ONLY if you were in a protected fishbowl, where society could be left alone and would come to these idealistic conclusions about themselves, without external influence. But our fishbowl isn’t protected! And since there has been no protection for humans on earth (and these negligent ones responsible have not come forward), human beings are “forced” to live within an invisible mind-controlled matrix connection, constantly attacking you in the mind with random negativity 24/7/365, all along while 95% people don’t see this setup behind their scenes. Taking that into account, how useful is the verbiage in this article really? No one will benefit from these wise-sounding words because they are intentionally given without the “proper” premise, scope and detail of our complex situation.
      Great example of “False Light” teaching/preaching. Sounded “flowery” good, but in the end no attainable substance to sink your teeth into. Listen up “Athena”: Humanity has a right to defend itself, and yes it is in a sad state of “defensive mindedness” with each other, but that is only because humanity has been left abandoned from its benevolent protection, and allowed to be hit “blind-sided”. And because of that, humanity can’t collectively help itself, IMPOSSIBLE, due to the allowed divide-and-conquer strategy of the control matrix. “They” would be happy to keep sending you these “idelaistic” articles that you can never conform to, just to keep you busy. So, Athena, you were here before and have now recently returned. Can you share a little detail on how you made it, and are making it back and forth through the matrix?

  3. This is truth – thank you!!! Vulnerability and male/female energy balance creates a trust and love of one’s self where self-mastery becomes possible. Self-mastery is our destiny and purpose.

  4. Perhaps, the most appropriate term instead of “vulnerability”, is what we would call “delicacy”, – to portray the need for this current moment in which we are no longer being so harsh.
    Victory of Light!


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