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  1. From Fast Food Nation, by Journalist Eric Schlosser we learn:

    Healthy e-coli is in our colon to help us digest our food. But due to the unsanitary conditions of the meat packing industry, MUTATED E-COLI, is now common and is a medical fact that it eats human brains. It’s all in the packaging. When blood from our bodies and animals enter the air, they turn black. So the store adds red dyes to make it look like fresh blood, but is not.

    Every day in the United States, roughly 200,000 people are sickened by a foodborne disease. 900 are hospitalize and fourteen die. According to the Centers for Disease Control(CDC), more than a quarter of the American population suffer a bout of food poisoning each year. Most of these cases are never reported to authorities or properly diagnosed. The widespread outbreaks that are detected and identified represent a small fraction of the number that actually occur. And there is strong evidence that not only that the incidence of food-relate illness has risen in the past few decades, but also that the lasting related illness has risen in the past few decades, but also that the lasting health consequences of such illness are far more serious than was previously believed.

    Not only are American people eating contaminated meat but are consuming the vibrations of the fear and pain of the animals as they are butchered – vibrations of which our own bodies are made. Feeling sick, tired and angry ourselves, we cannot blame anyone else – not even the dark forces – for our own choices have created bad habits. If we are to create a better world to live in, we must earn that right, or we will not be able to handle the vibrations.

  2. Viruses are bioweapons and according to my dictionary which was copyrighted in 2005, coronavirus existed even then and is a pathogen of humans and animals. Much like anthrax is acquired from animals (cattle and sheep) by humans who eat them, and or those males who have sex with them (a common practice among farmers and those males who admit to such practices).

    So, it wasn’t difficult to recreate or release into the atmosphere, the coronavirus virus, but the timing had to be right because viruses cannot exist in SUNLIGHT, HEAT and can be destroyed by dehydration when food-grade (fresh water) diatomaceous earth is consumed. Now we know why the easily obtained virus was released during the cold of winter where there is no heat and very little sunshine – chemtrail release?.

  3. As long as we stay in the belief that we have to divide between two parties, and hate each other, there will never be peace on earth.
    Why are americans so intent on being either Republican or Democrat? Cant we just be loving and caring? Let us move above the pettiness of diving parties.

    • I completely agree. Let’s hope more people are seeing the rhetoric of division for what it is. The controlling forces love to divide things, concepts and people. They thrive on separating what is naturally whole. This tactic gives the ones in positions of power even more authority. The answers to our dilemmas are not found in politics. The way for society to grow and mature is to learn self reliance and independence. It’s time to grow up and behave like response enabled adults. No more looking to others for the answers or for direction.


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