By Caitlin Johnstone,


We all slid out of the womb an itty bitty helpless information sponge into a world full of mentally ill giants who couldn’t wait to fill our tiny skulls with all of their inner demons. And now everything, understandably, is fucked.


That’s basically our whole entire situation in a nutshell. You can add on as many extra details as you like — plutocracy, corruption, mass media propaganda, billionaire wine cave fundraisers, whatever — but ultimately our plight is due to the fact that every single human showed up on this planet completely helpless and knowing nothing, forced to trust crazy giants to give them the grand introductory tour.


Why were those giants crazy? Well you see, they got here the same way you did: small, slippery and completely clueless, surrounded by enormous gibbering lunatics who were all in a mad rush to teach them how to be insane.


And those giants came into the world under the exact same circumstances, as did the giants who came before them, and the giants who came before them, and so on.


It’s a grand old tradition of ours, ultimately stretching all the way back to our own evolutionary birth in this world and the emergence of a massive cerebral cortex in a mammal who up until that point had been primarily concerned with sneaking in a snack and a quick shag in between mad sprints away from sharp-fanged predators. This newfound capacity for complex abstract thought burst onto this frantic, confusing scene and was quickly seized and manipulated by the cleverer primates.


And thus human madness was born.


The most powerful early humans were the cleverest humans, the ones who understood how to use this new capacity for language and abstract thought to their own advantage. They realized that by simply saying something is true in a sufficiently confident way, they could persuade the less clever humans to treat it as true.


Those clever humans used this newfound ability to place themselves in charge, and to make a bunch of rules to be passed down from generation to generation proclaiming that the less powerful humans must submit to the more powerful humans. Over the generations these rules became more and more numerous and complex, weaving in moralism, codes of filial piety, and insane, power-serving religions glorifying meekness, obedience and poverty.


These power-serving rule sets were picked up and used to justify highly traumatizing behavior in the service of the powerful, from wars to genocides to institutionalized torture and brutal executions of the disobedient, and just within domestic power structures the institutionalized normalization of spousal rape and physical abuse in households all around the world.


This eons-long tidal wave of deep trauma and power-serving rules structures passed from generation to generation to generation picking up more and more demented flotsam and jetsam as it went along, to ultimately come crashing down upon your crowning head as you emerged from your mother’s body.


That is your legacy. That is everyone’s legacy. Countless generations of cumulative madness, washed into the present moment on a current of eons of exploitation and senseless cruelty stretching all the way back to the dawn of our species on this planet.


This heritage of madness is funneled straight into our sponge-like brains from the moment we emerge from the womb and all the way through an extremely traumatic and confusing ordeal known as childhood, after which we are handed the keys to the world and told “You’re an adult now. You’re in charge. See if you can figure out how to run this place better than we did.”


We never stood a goddamn chance. None of us did. The deck was stacked against us long before we got here.


And now you get political commentators constantly railing on about “Gosh, if only we could get people to stop listening to their televisions and vote third party and read World Socialist Website and turn up to demonstrations and take back the power of the people from our oppressors, we could turn this thing around!” Not realizing that everyone else in their country went through the same traumatic, confusing ordeal that they went through at the beginning of their lives, the only difference being that most of them got a lot less lucky in sorting out reality from madness. And not realizing that they themselves are still quite mad.


This is ultimately the answer to every question about why things are fucked right now. Why does it seem like nothing changes no matter who wins the election? Why do the wars keep expanding instead of ending? Why is the news man always lying? Why are they locking up that white-haired fellow for publishing facts? Why are those nuclear superpowers hurtling closer toward direct confrontation? Why are the rainforests vanishing? Why are the whales dying? Why are the mass shootings increasing? Why is everyone so miserable?


Because every adult on this planet started off tiny, helpless, impressionable, and surrounded by gargantuan madmen, and it made it almost impossible to be sane. That’s why.


Notice I said “almost”. It is still possible to find one’s way into a relationship with reality that is guided by truth and untainted by madness, but you’ve got to start way, way, way back at the beginning and deeply re-examine even your most fundamental assumptions about what’s true and real. Because it turns out that while the mad giants gave us information that was very useful for interacting with other mad giants, it was almost entirely useless for learning how to navigate through life in a wise and truthful way.


And that’s what I’m pointing to here: it’s important to get clear on just how far back the crazy goes and how fundamentally interwoven it is with the situation in which we now find ourselves. If you begin with the assumption that our problem is simply due to humans not voting and mobilizing correctly in alignment with the correct ideology, you’ll miss the real obstacle entirely. You’ve got to zoom the camera out much, much further to see the full picture.


Can you become a deeply sane individual, untainted by your ancient heritage of madness? With a lot of work and uncompromising self-honesty you can.


Can all humans become deeply sane and untainted by their ancient heritage of madness? It would take a miracle. A whole lot of miracles. Billions, to be precise.


But then, I believe in miracles.



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  1. Much of what you have said is true, but I have a slightly different perspective on what has happened, from my own research and experiences, the Era of and my own I AM Presence.

    I agree with Leira on what was said about the manipulation of our (male) DNA. There is too much evidence not to recognize that. Not much has been said about the RNA (female) so beyond wars, rape, murder, restrictions and male ego dominance, dark energies that were for centuries dumped into female bodies lowering each generation’s awareness and vibrations, I’m not aware of how much the RNA, if any was genetically changed. As far as I know, cloning and genetically engineering of humans is dependent on women’s source energies (wombs) not available to males. Therefore, it is possible that the dark forces could not change our RNA but used it for their own purpose; probably a major reason their hatred of females is so great. (The dark forces are not stupid, just trapped in their own single-energy absolute control, male ego energy attraction to violence and the thrill/excitement of war and rape.)

    What I wanted to say was after the fall in consciousness during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, we were slowly tricked into rejecting the Source within – God/dess – a dark forces’ power of contamination agenda. And we ended up rejecting Mother God. When our Higher Selves tried sending us to the Earth fully awake, it didn’t work and our Father-Mother God/dess placed a VEIL OF FORGETFULLNESS over our memories so we could start fresh each time we reincarnated, to avoid the emotions of revenge, fear, hopelessness an self-hatred for our prior lives’ mistakes.

    Unfortunately, due to the resulting dark energies in and around the Earth (our own and the dark forces projections) we were not able to see things clearly and learned to live our lives from the constant programming and manipulation from the dark forces whose intention was to use us as slave labor to abstract gold from the Earth to send to their own planet to sustain the rotation of their planet. (Gold is of a ‘Christ Consciousness energy source and they were not able to attract, sustain their planet because they had forsaken their higher Christ Consciousness to become a single-energy male dominated planet of destruction. The dark forces soon learned that we do not make good slaves. They, however, managed to trick us into forgetting who we are and what we can do, beliefs that continue today. As you have said our present government continues to support schools of control and programming, that for most part have become not much more than ‘baby sitting institutions’ for parents who are forced to spend their days and hours working.

    Fortunately, today information and Light is freeing us to learn to think for ourselves and with any effort, we can learn to remain strongly connected to our Higher I AM Selves, but we must remain vigilant at all times.

    Because each of us is playing a different role to free the Earth from the dark forces and habits of our past, it is a grave mistake to compare our lives to others; to try to be like what we have been programmed to believe we should be like from fallen religious teachings that have a strong connection to the dark forces’ agendas. We are each individually unique. Our experiences of past and present lives are unique, our choices are unique, our talents unique (if we let them be), etc. We are unique and are intended to be that way. We are here to serve truth through our strong individual connection to our I AM Selves. Once we recognize and accept that, we become more connected, functional and courageous. But we must never become ego foolish, but remain clearly aware of what we are dealing with and learn to out-smart the dark forces; not fall into their very, very carefully crafted traps (of fear, resentment and revenge mostly). That’s how the dark forces trapped themselves. Strong male egos bent on serving their desire for ultimate control are easily manipulated, but the price paid is too high – loss of male “Y” chromosomes have rendered far too many human males powerless, colorless and lost. Only those who have chosen not to experience that are able to avoid that trap. It is time males learn to heal themselves by balancing their male energies with their own female energies of love, caring and responsibility.

  2. Everything is fucked ever since the invaders started genetically engineering human DNA and downgraded us since the days of Atlantis. This is the story of Adam and eve, the fall of humanity. The introduction of death and despair… the deliberately broke our triple DNA strand and inserted their own tainted dna to sever our connection with the Source. Hence why we became so easily manipulated and ended up forgetting our true power within and the love that protected us. But now we have been asleep and tortured from intentional amnesia and dementia for about 25k years, so it’s been fucked for as long as there has been wars. And war is human history for thousands of years also

  3. Very well said. My thoughts exactly. Shame it takes us all our lives and if we are very very fortunate we realize just how fucked up the world we were born into is. This is what should be taught in kindergarden

  4. I liked this, well put…though to those who’ve read my comments before, they know I am more verbose and detailed but, then, there are probably not enough electrons on Earth nor data storage, to fully document the ways we’re all ‘fracked’.
    Yet, there is hope, a few humans alive today are fully awake, some are awakening at various stages, however yes that leaves most of humanity only dimly aware anything exists outside their sleeping comfortably in the matrix, they, so strongly adhere to, and believe in.
    The few,, the awakening, are the key to unlocking the chains reality has placed on our minds and our lives whether before, or after, the Event. The saying, “we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for” is so true. We were lucky to be in the places at the right time to be given that proverbial, first, red pill of awakening, fortunate whether some experience occurred such as seeing a UFO/UAP which sparked our awareness into being, or some intuitive insight, perhaps even blessed, or telepathically touched by heaven I will venture say, to become even partially aware. We are, the first wave folks, be grateful, you,, are aware, and had enough initiative to have find this website.
    Admittedly, we have little power outside collective meditation to change the world, as much and as fast, as we might like. However,, I have “Faith” that whatever force of the universe that brought us to our awakening, and brought us to this cyber place PFC, to learn and if possible, help prepare for the day of the mass landings and intervention by the forces of “heaven” (Here’s one of my early lessons in unlearning; ‘Heaven’ is not here used as a Christian reference specifically but, the word, “Heaven”, in biblical terms [see Abington Strong’s Exhaustive Bible Concordance] means literally “the sky” overhead in EVERY biblical use,, so, although I do not mean it in a Christian sense, you can consider it, a “spiritual reference” in regards to those that occupy ‘heaven’ and probably started the whole mess here, to begin with), INTERVENE.
    I have ‘faith’ that day is coming (“Faith” being the evidence of things not seen and my digital camera recording/photographing thousands of UFO/UAP since 2013, I have to say yeah, I have ”Faith’ in things I cannot see because they are flying through a given video frame in 1/25th a second so fast the human eye cannot track it nor the human brain interpret what the eye might have seen, and therefore most cannot. Yes I admonish those whom have not collected such data themselves, to also “have Faith”). The Event,, is coming, it is an inevitability because ‘we are fracked’ without it, and I believe,, no intelligence which started this mess, eons ago, is going to allow it, to just remain ‘fracked’, because there is no ‘progression’ of ‘their agenda’ in creating it in the first place, without a mass intervention to set it aright. Thus again, it is, an inevitability but, that’s just my, albeit, educated from above, opinion.

  5. David Icke is truly sane and reasonable. For that cause he is radically different than most other people. Because he is radically different, many people imagine that it is him who is crazy. The good news is that an ever-growing minority is figuring out that he is one of the great thinkers of our time.

  6. A woman. Calls for socialism, what kind? What flavor? Fucked? Funny how many never mention the culprits, they did not started small they started strong to go on further. What is weak is the Kali Yuga and that good men stopped trying. Your wisdom is weak and your vision is narrow.
    Thank you for using poor lamguage.


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