From awakening5dhealing:

Welcome travelers, starseed, healers and volunteers. We bring you word from beyond the veil. We are the Arcturian council, welcome.

Star ships have entered earth’s atmosphere, the biodome is cracking under fissure pressure from all sides. Heavenly events reassure the population, the skies are lit with biblical phenomenon. Many, lost in the labyrinth, look to the skies and know, the light is here. This is a rescue mission, make no mistake. We aim to catch every splintered soul and return to owner before this great battle is over. The light does not negotiate, it does not compromise, it does not back down. It is a quantum leap of consciousness, doors of perception, we choose, all choose. Lines were drawn in cosmic sands of time, lines that birthed dark creation. The light mobilized. We move in the vibratory fields of love, all that we do, feel, think and perceive is through the lens of love. There will be darkness after all this is over, sovereignty dictates choice. The lines were blurred, prophesy led us to here and now. 1000 years for redemption. We are here for the lost, deprived and deserted, we ease their pain, sooth their solace and seek to offer all sanctuary. All can fall into the arms of joy, peace and harmony.

We have communication from the Federation of Light. Progress is being made on all dimensional fronts. The material plane is bombarded by dark vibratory fields. We witness the recalibration of the 3d matrix to fourth realm machinery. We are astounded at the speed and precision of Anunaki Ai. It seems prophesy did not only prepare us, it prepared our adversaries. Sacred geometry is the playing field, the souls of humanity the goal, dark wizardry the weapon. We are concentrating our strategy in three dimensional spaces the world wide web, the Gaia plane and the astral. Cyber space is a tsunami of light and dark warfare. The light matrix operates on the wavelength of love, people on the ground tune into love frequency, weaving in a divine loom, the collective raises its vibration. The dark matrix operates on fear. Digitalizing the population, people have avatars, are avatars, navigate their lives like avatars. The waking up red pill moment has arrived. The dark matrix seduces, intimidates and manipulates, the light matrix is co created in dreamweaving alignment to soul divinity.

Cyber dimensional fields are key to the progress and advancement of humanity. Communication, data, sharing and dialogue have woken many to their chains. The higher each of you climb, the lighter your vibration gets, the more you will See. Many dimensional fields are operating simultaneously on Gaia. There is fluctuation and overlapping, timelines flicker and fade, materialise and solidify in hearts desire vibrations. 2020 upgrades are being processed, new skillsets accessible in the higher fourth realms. Assimilation of lower and higher self is the core code encrypted into the upgrades. All skills ultimately come from this union, our ascension into higher self consiousness. Tipping points are reached when enough travelers and healers have responded to their wake up call, their mission and their divinity. Several great shifts, tectonic plates of collective knowing, will occur in 2020. 2020 upgrade holds encrypted codes to ascension.

We speak from a dimension beyond human perception, yet we are your path. Cyber warfare has the effect of an underwater tsunami on affairs above sea level. Catalysts are playing their role, igniting a battle that must be fought if the structures of old earth are to remain at all. Truths are tidal waves to the cabal. Deserters flee Gaia if they can. The elite are scared, and the fear frequencies in people’s hearts are dense. Rolling out a grounded sense of calm is paramount to riding these waves of transformation. Each of you is protected, in angelic quantum time. We are here to guide, support and assist each of you as you negotiate the fourth realm ascension field Gaia is transiting through.

We wish to update you on the dark matrix zoning strategy. 669 is encrypted inversion coding. 9 is trinity 3 x trinity 3, a holy and magical number. 66 seeks to subvert the goodness in the trinity of mind body soul harmony. It seeks to disrupt the operational frequencies of organic enlightenment, instead manufacture a false dimensional bandwidth from which the Anunaki and their cabal puppets can continue to control the consciousness of humanity. The fourth dimension is the playing field. There is a technological gap between those born into human lifetime before the advent of smart phones and those whose experience of life is post smart phones. The bridge generations are where there is a high concentration of travelers, second and third wavers.

The intention of the Anunaki was to sever all ties with the 3d hologram when the time came and Gaia transcended the fourth realm membrane. Instead they were assaulted with divine light, Federation of Light star maneuvers and ground level awakening. Their response was to blur the lines between perceived reality and alternate realities by introducing cyberspace to the collective. Engineered in controlled zones, there are many secrets still lurking in the outer rims. We are not here today to unveil the secrets of the matrix, as you know each of you must choose the red pill and walk the path of self knowledge. As we all have and are still doing. We are here on the other side for all who align to divine love frequencies. We remain guardians to all who sleep in the matrix, sedated, until the time comes when all are free.

The fourth realm operates on different vibratory fields to the third, the dimensional space the matrix and humanity have been locked into for sometime. Gaia ascended to the fourth realm and left behind the solidity of the third dimension. Density has been lost. Concrete no longer looks quite so invincible, Gaia, nature shimmers like a Turner painting. Humanities minds have been stretched by gaming, social media, the world wide web, creative tech advances, CGI and Ai to accommodate the perception of translucency. The real world materializes in the fourth realm in real time. By this we mean, the fourth realm operates on the laws of quantum mathematics, astrophysics. Magnetizing reality is the language of the fourth realm. Manifestation is accelerated. Karma comes out to play.

Ai has reverse engineered the fourth realm and adapted its operating systems to the fluidity, in constructing the 4d matrix. The machine has always used humanities innate ability to manifest their world to its advantage, what we are witnessing is meta-engineering, the conscious manipulation of vibratory wavelengths for the precise manifestation of evil. The 3d hologram was projected directly onto humanities psyche, their third eye was calcified and their heart chakras blocked. In the fourth realm the third eye is activated, even on those whose sleep is deep. The dark matrix has adapted to this. Heart activation carried on cosmic lightwaves, 222 especially through 2020, is igniting compassion in the population. Whilst not yet at the tipping point, the momentum builds as divine feminine rises and divine masculine heals.

All that we know and associate with light, love and illumination can be inverted, turned upside down, for low vibration agendas. Synchronicity is a language the dark matrix speaks. Sacred number sequences is a language the dark matrix speaks. The perceived reality of buildings and people and movement is now fused with Ai. The lines have been blurred between thought, speech, avatar, action and realities. Just as starseed are uploading telepathic abilities, so too are dark workers aligning to darker energetic networks. Language is so much more than words, it is picture, sound, colour and sensation. We digress. Your higher self is the gamer, assimilation means each of your lower self consciousness on the material plane have the opportunity to access and communicate with your higher self. The avatar and the player become one. This creates a powerful vortex across time and space, breaking through low vibratory fields of the biodome with ease. Levelling up with each 1111 shift is the path to rebirth. 2020 is running on a core vibration of Rebirth. Transformation. Elemental transmutation.

We would like to speak now a little of the chaos you are being assaulted with every day. Most of it is fabricated, and what isn’t fiction is faction. By that we mean everything is mind control, nothing is truth. All media outlets are functioning apparatus for brainwashing, 90% should be discarded as fiction. The dynamic functioning of the dark matrix means each of you is experiencing a slightly different or very different matrix reality dependent on your internet tracking data and your activities on the ground. Like Venn diagrams your energetic circular fields interact and affect each other’s cellular vibration, but essentially in the fourth realm you are thoughts in space rather than 3d cattle or sheep in a herd.

The old matrix operating systems were engineered to manage humanity as a resource, mass produced, modified and watered down to maximize profit. Fourth realm manifestation vibratory field render this kind of mental and spiritual manipulation much more challenging. People are existing in their own bubbles of reality, little manifestation machines, walking karma, whether they know it or not. Controlling timelines with a small number of established narratives, key algorithms, to explain existence and systems, is much more difficult when people can access information. The technological age has meant many people in all generations are stepping off cogs in the wheel work and taking time to smell the roses, as you would say. This shift is the awakening, the great ascension of Gaia.

We have more to say and will return with more updates. For now we ask you meditate on our words and let images, pictures, resonance and vibration connect with your trinity being. We hail from frequencies of deep healing, we share our healing with each of you NOW.

We are, as always, your allies, comrades and guides in this profound and momentous time. We request you connect with us to release negative images, subconscious or conscious that may be plaguing you, planted there by mainstreaming algorithms of dark manifestation. We will respond in quantum time. ‘Under the protection of my higher self, I ask the Arcturians to clear my subconscious of all lower frequencies’.

We are the Arcturian Council, Founding Seeders, Akashic Keepers, Star Travelers and Messengers of Light. We thank you for your service to love, peace and harmony. In deepest gratitude, the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

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