David Icke is an English writer and public speaker, known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling himself a “full-time investigator into WHO and WHAT is really controlling the world.” David joins us today to talk about the Coronavirus Pandemic, the worldwide COVID-19 Lockdown, the looming global economic crash & why the CORONAVIRUS is taking a toll on countries such as China, Italy & Spain.


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  1. I wished you will use the argument of the difference between a Gene expression and the viral nature of this expression pointing out that the PCR testing related to the human genome project is the key to this actual mass murder crime and it’s genocidal aspect.
    Thanks your words are confronting

  2. Why does this have to be a conspiracy theory? This is a fast mutating RNA sequenced virus that has mutated into two strains already in the time span of a couple months. It’s deadly and could have the potential of wiping a lot of us out so it would be foolish not to quarantine. I honestly hate how everything has to be labelled a conspiracy now a-days. You people need to stop feeding yourselves with nonsense. Frankly I think you’re all a little too bored with a lot of time on your hands researching debunked websites and sources. Go do a hobby of yours and stay off the internet. Only reason i’m here is because my sister sent me this on Facebook and i’m sick and tired of people saying, “OH THIS IS APART OF A BIGGER PLAN” etc. Use your brains people and stop taking credible information from places like these. This guy is a capitalist and I bet if the money wasn’t coming in like it does this guy wouldnt be doing it.

  3. I am a point of attention within a stream of consciousness
    I am that shinning star that we see in the sky
    There are my other friends (stars) that have been enjoying that space for a while now
    They are practicing social distancing
    There is that silence and peace out there that I’ve never heard before
    Now, don’t steal my star
    Just kidding
    It’s big enough; I can share it

  4. I’ve been listening to this interview whilst stuck at home with what might or might not be Coronavirus.
    David Icke is absolutely right, the illness is no big deal for most people.
    The escalation of fear & subsequent lockdown is out of all proportion to the problem.
    My heart & guts tell me that Icke is right.: there is a systematic calculated agenda woven through this ludicrous situation, but most people are too busy panicking, having their survival mode well & truly activated, to fully realise.
    I’m grateful that he has the wisdom, courage & intelligence to join the dots & expose this attempt at mass mind control, yet again.
    Let’s bring ourselves back to a place of Love & Compassion, get into the truth & healing power of Nature as often as possible & wrest back our power & volition from the vampiric cabal.

  5. I now have time to do deep meditated work using’s very powerful crystals
    which I have brought with from my past live times before as a very powerful GALATIC SHAMAN to hold and ground the light of the feminine energy here on Pachamama Mother Earth but not just me but all the rest of my bothers and sisters all of the ascended masters of the 144000 of the ( 9 )
    144000 = 9 Starseeds = 9 Moldavite = 9 Cintamani = 9 Holy Grail = 9
    There is no such thing as coincidence.

  6. While said information may cause the world to panic generally, someone ,somewhere out there like me needs a community of same minded who entertains conspiracy theory and facts to arm us from the power of fear and inaction

  7. Thank you PFC and thank you David Icke for speaking forthright with what I perceive is the Truth. I have been following David Icke even back to the first days when he began speaking these truths. I remember “they” wanted to have him locked up in an institution and labeled him a “deranged nut case”! But ……. look …… he’s still here speaking up for truth. And why?????? Because the truth ALWAYS prevails – this is Universal Law. I truly believe our perceptions form our reality – if we perceive fear as our reality and allow it to control us then this is what we will cultivate as our basis of our life experience while here in this lifetime. I choose a different perception and align with that of David Icke and trust that in having this perception I am contributing to raising the mass consciousness of this experience on this planet.

  8. It is very easy to avoid being tracked by your cell phone. It is just a simple matter of leaving your phone at home and going to wherever you want. I always have to leave my phone at home because if I took it very far away from my computer modem, the cord would pull out and it would not work. I never had a cell phone, and I avoid a lot of interruptions and distractions when I am away from home.

  9. One needs to look at that everything that is shut down is evil anyways. Movie industry (brain washing industry), Schools (history & science manipulation industry), Casinos (prostitution & drug industry), Airlines (industry to get to the sinful desire industry), Cruise Line (do people really need to be entertained all the time), Restaurants (most are not worth eating at), Government facilities (do we really have to think about that one), Sporting Industry (sports are out of control in the way Who owns them & how they are controlled just like the Movie & Music industry) Take advantage of The Peace outside. If they stop Chem trailing you will see Our Creator.

  10. I believe this virus was released by the Cabal that has been manipulating this planet for at least 70 years. They are about to be exposed and they are desperate.

  11. If you are religious lets not forget the teachings in Revelations where a “man of great charisma will bring about world peace for about 6 months at which point he will reveal his true form and enslave humanity” – Could this be Trump and could the whole QAnon thing be a PsyOp designed to usher in Technocracy? These are the questions you should be asking.

    • The book of Revelation does not mention a “man of great charisma.” In fact, the only book of the Bible that mentions “antichrist” is First John, twice. There it describes antichrist as anyone who does not believe that Jesus is the messiah and that there were already many antichrists in the world 19 centuries ago. There is no one, great antichrist to come. This is a false teaching of men, not taught in the word of God.

    • I think so, Jay. This sounds like “The Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn”. Qanon is following these protocols. https://i-uv.com/protocols-of-the-illuminated-suns-of-the-golden-dawn/

  12. Makes Qanons message look like crap doesn’t it? Almost as if the whole concept of QAnon and Trump saving the world was cooked up to misdirect those who believed they were awake to deception only to wake up in a few months and find they brought in 1984 meets Brave New World without even knowing it!

    Take the UBI for example. Wasn’t this suggested by the inhuman Zuckerberg last year? Make no mistake we are moving to cashless and maybe even a credit score system just like China. The West is becoming China and you don’t even see it!


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