A Cobra interview has been created by We Love Mass Meditation to bring more clarity in the current planetary situation and to help spread the word about our coming Ascension Timeline meditation.

You can listen to the interview on Youtube:

Or read the transcript here:


On Sunday, March 22nd at 3:58 Am UTC, Saturn will enter the sign of Aquarius. You can join our booster meditation taking place at that moment, to plant the first seeds of the coming Golden Age:


Since now until our main meditation on April 4th/5th, the Light Forces are asking everybody to visualize the Violet Flame purifying the surface of the Earth, removing all fear and removing all viruses. You can do this simply for a few seconds or minutes many times daily every time after you read any coronavirus related news.

People in infected areas are asked to invoke Command RCV Stardust protocol as often as possible to help the Pleiadians in stopping the virus. All Command RCV Stardust instructions, videos, images and other resources are gathered here:


Those who feel so guided can also do the Flower of Life meditation to strengthen the positive energy grid on the surface of the planet in those challenging times:


Victory of the Light!


Source: 2012portal.blogspot.com



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  1. I am currently entity possessed. Reptilian. I cant get rid of it. Had for 1 year. ! ! My question is can i participate with mass meditation or should i refrain? Will my participation effect it negatively?

  2. Hi Cobra, thanks for the message, yes was garbled but read the transcript ?
    James Gilliland had a dream whereby the Paleidians came to him and told him that they have been authorized to directly intervene and that universal law is enforced and that off planet assistance is in full swing. Your thoughts on this matter will be appreciated.

  3. Salaam al ekum, Sashwat pranam, namastey, salute dear Cobra, yes, indeed this purification is to be continued without compromising. It starts from within. So be it. So it is. I AM. All that is love. Always.


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