Moves and Counter-Moves, as the storm rolls in we’ll take a look at whats going on and why its going on.

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  1. I’m 78 years old. When I was 10 I read a Pogo comic strip in the Sunday funnies that is still with me today. The little possum goes to the wise old owl with a question. I don’t remember the question, only the answer. So Pogo says “can the mind know”. The owl thinks a minute and the answer is “NO”. We can never know till IT’S OVER. So we will have to wait to see.

  2. Which Storm is upon us? This supposed “Storm” is raging within each of us, in essence.
    When we stop following what’s showing up in the Wishing Well of Wonders, we’ll find better nutrition for our soul. I guess I’m advising myself here, haha.

    As long as a person, this video-creator is showing up with lots of news-flashes and bits of dramatic scenery, views, and opinions, without placing it in context, in connection with real life, even his own life experiences, it remains rather a shallow production of Hollywood in technicolor.

    Maybe I’m simply tired of this repetition of more of the same. Forgive me for this rant. To me, it’s just more of the same artificial fertilizers, growing sensational news. Instant food, empty calories. Yes… I know. Time to stop. I’m going out for a long walk ? ? ?

  3. Doesn’t make sense to spike. That would make the white hats responsible for spreading the virus to inocent people. Sounds just as evil to me.

  4. Q-Anon…yeah well we are finally going to see now aren’t we..? If Trump is a white hat, why would he suspend habeas corpus…? He already did…! Check out Veterans Today…The Constitution is what any patriot should live by not the edicts of an idiot dictatorship…. It’s all in Trumps hands and in the following days all this Q-shit will be tested, no more excuses, the forced vaccines, the bank bailouts, are all on the way…. Q-anon is a meme, it’s not reality, you can wish all you want… The evil empire is controlled by too much wealth, you can’t bribe your way in, you can’t force your way in, it is a pyramid, and you need to go from the bottom up, and as long as we have Q-Anon idiots that believe it will happen from the top down, nothing will change…. We may need a leader, but it ain’t trump, or any of the cast of clowns in charge today….

  5. Noticed you didn’t talk about how Bush changed the republican logo to have pentagrams where stars used to be?


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