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    WWG1WGA – the People RUN this Planet
    the Pope / Queen / Banksters are KKKriminal ‘ZZZZ @ LARGE
    humanity is AWAKE & the Lord’s flock Will Be set FREE
    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

  2. Note please! Wormwood does not cure anything.Simply there is no cure,operation or medication for wrong diet and environment.Most people believe that they can eat wrong food and take medication,be it synthetic or herbal.NO NO it does not work this way.It would be equal to bank robber going to church every Sunday,as banks are closed on Sunday ,and puts stolen money on church plate,while police is waiting for him outside.And for you doctors are waiting with sharp scalpels to open you up and remove few pounds of tumor.Then they tell you after follow up that you are cancer free.Again NO NO nobody is cancer free on this planet.We all have it in every cell of our body in trillions in form of fungi we inhale with every breath we take,which is in waiting to be enriched with fungal foods we eat and fungal environment we live or work.Once enriched only cure is burial or cremation.Yes by all means wormwood is one of few herbs which stands out from the rest.It cleans your body from toxins especially metal toxins.Also good in gardening to control root knot nematode.Yes wormwood is poison but you can’t over do it even if you want to.Symptoms of over use is headache diarrhea and loss of balance.

    • Dr. Fungus:

      Cancer cells are just unhealthy cells – the vibrations of stress, toxins, electronic pollution, unloving thoughts and feelings towards ourselves and others that determine the quality of the cells that our bodies are making at the time of negative emotions and beliefs. We are the creator of cancer cells – messages of the need for change.

      Fortunately, our bodies are designed to remove them on a regular (blocked by today’s vaccines and medications) made easier with a healthy immune system, consciously worked with, from regular detox, healthy eating habits and self-love. Our bodies – using our blood and lymphatic systems ‘group the cancerous cells together so the need for removal is recognized, no longer ignored.’ It takes many, many years for cancerous lumps to develop and no need for panic. Cancer cells can safely be removed slowly without harming the body, but does require clear intentions and focus.

      Change of diet and living habits then become necessary. Soy beans, artificial hormones in meats and dairy products, and birth control pills (exacerbated by white sugars and flour products) stop the production of the enzyme ‘trypsin’. And enzyme produced by a healthy pancreas, that removes the covering of unhealthy and cancerous cells so the immune system can identify them as not healthy (cancerous) attack and destroys and remove them from the body before they can cause harm.

      Unfortunately, due to centuries of the unbalanced single-energy male religions that have programmed Humanity to believe we are sinful (sin: void, without, empty) we are left with having to really work at changing how we see ourselves – without the approval of male religions or group approval. Some of our worst enemies are others who believe in dis-ease, not health so while we are healing ourselves, it is important to be very discerning whom we listen to – including doctors who believe in disease, not health themselves. Many die because of that belief and what they see everyday. Just because many people chose a difficult path doesn’t mean we have to. We can and must learn to chose for ourselves.

      When I was 19 I had roommates try to get me to smoke – I said NO and have never regretted that decision. They went their own way and I began my journey of self-empowerment including healing myself of cancer. Our beliefs dictate what happens to us – the law of attraction at work’ – a very, very, very powerful law at work that rules the Universe.

      Our bodies are made perfect, but our programming interferes with that – messages of “You will never be good enough, jealousy of others, competitive attitudes and need/desire to be accepted by ‘the many groups that come our way.’ We pay the price of our decisions, no one else so it is important we care about ourselves enough to say NO when needed.

      • Dhara Wood Thanks for your reply,medical opinions are just like religion every one has their own belief in what to believe.When first white man had contact with Eskimos he asked them what they believe.They asked him what is meaning of his question.After explaining to them,they said they do not believe,they only fear.When asked what they fear ,they said if there wont be any food.They even had a crafty explanation for killing seals.They said that seals are voluntary giving their life for them Eskimos to stay alive.If we don’t kill them and eat them,seals would be offended and will disappear. Does that remain you of Jesus. In that time Eskimos had shiny eyes and no so called notorious bad cholesterol .But if they injured them selves like cut or scratch,they bleed to death.People who live longest have highest bad cholesterol.Dhara with your comment you are taking me into medical jungle.My medicine free and long life experience is based on my own body and study of fungi, and herbs without any medical science journals.Thanks again.

  3. Praise God through Jesus Christ! Exactly like I heard! It is the only way to enforce exactly what Jesus Christ said about “it would better that a millstone be hung around your neck and drowned in the deepest part of the sea, than to to harm any one of these little children!” Thank you Lord God in Jesus Christ name!


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