It’s honestly as if our judaic overlords are playing a game with their Illuminati playing cards.

I am sure you have seen how the Illuminati playing cards seem to have predicted the 9/11 attacks.

I showed how sometimes it looks like certain cards are played together, like in the Fukushima “natural” disaster.

You can see events like the Aurora theater shooting, the rise of Ron Paul and Alex Jones, the role of Julian Assange, and much more, all seemingly foretold in this game.

You can even see some cards that seem to relate to the current sitting president.

So let’s see if there are any cards that relate to our current crisis.

How are they going to keep enforcing the quarantine?

The quarantine in America is directed by the CDC, which is obviously not out for our best interests.

So what is their goal? Well, what has Extinction Rebellion and the “Green New Deal” all been about?

I am sure you have seen all the stories about how great the natural world is doing now that people have been forced to stay inside. It’s essentially justifying the plan laid out on the Georgia Guidestones.

In any event, the Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times” is certainly what we are experiencing.


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  1. This Armagaden was defeated physically 2000+ years ago by God in the flesh (Jesus Christ)….God sacrificed as First Adam. This Dominant is at POSITIVE Leadership, and it is in this light TRUTH is exposed and the mask goes off! It’s actually finished!

    • The crucifiction of Jesus on the cross, the dying thereon, and giving of his blood for the forgiveness of our sins is a lie gleaned from the Bible which I have believed for most of my 66 years as a Christian.

      Jesus was revived from a comatose state. married, raised a family, and died at 107 in Kasmire. Read his own story at entitled Talmud of Emanuel.

    • Telestai! Christos anesti!
      Not. Where did Jesus himself say “my Precious Blood is only for the forgiveness of sins”, “I will die for everyone’s sins”, or as I quote the legendary Ahmed Deedat, “I am God, worship me”?
      Never succumb to the Roman-derived dogma. We should’ve all been in heaven right now.
      And Victor, I wish they would allow the excavation of the Rozabal shrine. It would have been an shot heard around the world.

    • JC is a globalist cabal created anti-messiah, j is literally the LAST letter in the alphabet, LOOK It up! You think the Messiah’s name starts with a “J” really? By NO OTHER NAME shall men be saved, yet you call Him “jesus” the jesuit lie. This is no time to false for a FALSE messiah! jc is a LIE, even the IDENTITY of jc is a LIE, jc is a 3 in 1 multiple personality LIE. Messiah is Yahuah’s SON, the SON sits at the FATHER’S right hand LITERALLY. ONLY the Father knows when the Son YAHUSHA will return, WHY?…because they are not in ONE body….They are Echad…meaning ONE IN PURPOSE ONLY. ONE IN THE BELIEF. Your doctrine will get you killed. You had better get it figured out fast!

      • Correct, only the Pater knows the hour, and the linguistics do not add up. And yes, the figure who lived almost 2000 years ago was definitely not the long-awaited messiah (Khristos, Christ) they had hoped for.
        Trying to divide even more, no?

  2. YES WAR! Activily removing the remaining 28% of the dark forces (reptilian, etc.) and disconnecting Humanity’s ENSLAVEMENT CODES that connect our energies to the lower 4th dimension that have been control for millions of years of unrecorded history, a war between Light and dark forces is the one truth of what we are experiencing. By allowing Humanity to believe the virus is real and dangerous, it is hoped by the Forces of Light that Humanity will let go of the ways that do not serve our higher purpose and to understand that we are all brothers and sisters who have been living a dark trap toxic conditions that not only pollute the Earth, but ourselves as well – toxic water, toxic air, toxic food, toxic medicines. So much change is needed and the opportunity is before us – NOW!!!!

    Therefore, both sides are pretending there really is a Coronavirus-19 (19 is the number of karma playout). Why? It is easier to disconnect Humanity from the dark forces’ MATRIX to allow Humanity to re-connect to their Higher More Noble I AM Selves. It is hoped this will allow Humanity to allow the disconnection from the dark forces more easily. (Stress plays into the hands of the dark forces!)

    As the dark forces sell the idea of a terrible virus (which cannot survive in SUNLIGHT and/or HEAT) unthinking and unwilling to question Humanity, the dark forces are hoping to justify their planned take-over of the planet and to recover pharmaceutical losses. Hospitals are shutting down, doctors are beginning to understand the lies they have accepted (especially in the counties) and people are turning to the more natural ways of healing themselves.

    The dark forces know they are losing the battle and are panicking because just about everything they put before the public and action (real or not) is back-firing on them because the reality of that evil program is more obvious to more and more people. The dark forces are losing the battle and they know it!!! Their efforts are backfiring to the point they are losing face, power and influence. (More and more efforts are being spent fighting with each other, have you noticed?)

    Please understand that it would be a mistake to give up our efforts to make the much needed changes now that we are winning our freedom.


    • Dara, excellent. And with Earth ascension we come closer to the astral world which is being cleansed by the incoming light and, so, we see more and more of the darkness coming forward. But forward we will go and into the Light. No doubt there is Victory of the Light!


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