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  1. Wanted to comment on Candidiasis (gastrointestinal overgrowth of yeast) that Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai mentioned. 15 years ago I was 30 pounds over weight & always tired. I bought an Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (authors Micheal Murray & Joseph Pizzorno) I tried this diet for 30 days as to kill off the overgrowth of yeast, & it worked. It was rather simple, No sugar, No dairy, No yeast, No alcohol. Sugar & dairy are nutrients for the yeast to grow. Alcohol turns into sugar & beer & wine are yeasty. Yeast is in a lot of food products not just breads, as it used for thickness & flavoring. You can eat any meat, vegetable, fruits, raw nuts & seeds, oatmeal, wild or brown rice, peanut butter, eggs. I found one brand bread with no yeast SAMI’s Bakery (Florida can order by mail) I have to add that fasting was part of the ancient peoples diet, in scripture Exodus 12:17 & 19 “Celebrate the Feast of unleavened bread” & “for 7 days No yeast shall be found in your houses.” Exodus 23:14 & 16 “Three times a year celebrate the Feast.”

  2. Interesting,This article I wrote for my blog on March 19 2020: My source? Not an education, rather guidance from my future higher self I call “ONE”. I am an ex-cop and currently a self taught illustrator/graphic designer. A lifelong student and explorer of human nature and my own nature. No title of nobility after my name.
    YOUR immune system is a mysterious marvel. – ONE
    Reminder, YOUR immune system is a mysterious marvel of what Kryon calls your “Innate”. One of the most misunderstood and powerful systems of the body, not disconnected from our very own Gaia (Earth) or what we call “Mother Nature” Our current society would indoctrinate us into believing that the “for profit” corporate doctors with titles of nobility behind their names would know more than our own “Innate”.
    By the way, I call my doctor “BOB” because he works for me. Although I have insurance and rarely use the Health-care system. I don’t go around insisting people refer to me as “master artist” that would be just as ridiculous. I can assure you I have been studying my craft longer than they have. Furthermore my talent is authentic and comes from within, not obtained by reading other peoples work.

    FYI the secretary of the FDA Dr. Stephen Hahn, who will fast track vaccines is a “Radiation Oncologist” who has made a fortune on archaic cancer treatments for years. Even though holistic treatments have been around since and before Royal Rife who discovered that all dis-ease has a frequency of energy and using frequencies to cure. Think now about how water has a memory (Cymatics) and responds to kind language and music differently than hate words and metal rock. Do you believe this radiation doctor has ever even heard of Cymatics? or Royal Rife’s work back in the early 1900’s? How about the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot in the 1970’s? Likely not, I ask doctors all the time about this very important book and not ONE of them has heard of or read it. No recognition of the many treatments using natural herbs that have been hidden away from the public.
    Hahn while raising the age of Cigarette smokers from 18 to 21 (half measures), he has not worked to finally end the practice of institutionalized murder by product, of selling cigarettes that kill millions for a century and longer. Hmmm? he does NOT represent my values at all.
    I believe in a whole body holistic treatment of dis-ease and my Future Higher self i call “ONE” informs me that radiation for healing is not even logical. The ancients suggested and still do maintaining an acidic free body using deep breath and clean water. Mr Hahn would laugh at what I just wrote because I don’t have years of indoctrination.
    Health-care today (those inventors of Vaccines) is little more than a franchise operation. Read their books, take their tests and go out and make money on treatments rather than healing the whole body. The corporate model for everything. More of the same? I find the experts and their minion to be un-TRUST-worthy. They have shown themselves time and time again that their motives are not healing, but making money off of others suffering. Today their treatment methods are being revealed to NOT be based on real science but on traditions ignoring new revelations. – ONE

  3. Wow! Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai articulated his message in a comical entertaining way. This video is worth every bit of 52 minuets.


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