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  1. Just insert the following into your favorite search engine and you will find many links.

    • Has anyone verified this person actually worked for Vodafone, l listened to the video and not once did he identify himself by name. I heard it was a pastor from Luton named Jonathan James, now living in Africa. Do we just accept what he is saying. I have worked as an engineer for 30 years on radar systems and some of what he says is not true. I suggest you research more scientific data

  2. Hmmm? My gut says this one isn’t all it seems. Some truths mixed with misinformation and dodgy prophecy. Controlled opposition and or another religious agenda.
    Anyway in this world of warring and conflicting information I try and follow my gut, it’s all i really have and it’s saying nah! to this

  3. Please post an ASCII transcript of this talk. The shortened mp4 version on Mastermind Universe eliminates the ideas available to raise personal vibrations as a response. While the speaker calls himself “pastor” he is not from a “happy-clappy” denomination. Those that Pew identified as “No Affiliation” may now be very motivated to review REV13 in such a current perspective… . Thank you for this post, and for your perseverance in keeping it posted.

  4. I’m listening to this video right now, April 16, 2020, please try again, it’s super important, he wraps it up nicely, even though it’s pure evil! Thank you for validating so much of what I already learned to be true! Just look at the sky lighting, and it’s weird bright unusual light, that is not global warming! 5G is, the VIRUS KEY! Take it’s deadly serious, allllll the way around, physically and mentally!

    It gives you the ILLUSION of freedom,
    makes you TRUST, love, and defend
    your OPPRESSOR
    while making an ENEMY of those who are
    TRYING to FREE you,
    or open your EYES!”

  5. Here in Holland, I can’t watch the video. Is there another way to find this information? I’ll see what I can find with my friend Google, ha!
    Lo and behold, here it is!

  6. This video is no longer active.
    Received following error:This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service

        • Hello Beverly Skinner, when you copy the link and paste it in your browser, the page with the video shows up alright. In the meantime, it seems that the video on this page works okay. I’ve checked it out just now.
          Maybe there’s a restriction of access depending on our location?


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