There can be no doubt about it… Planet Earth is in the middle of a Slave Revolt!

We are living through times that will be written about thousands of years from now.  We are witnessing the overthrow of an ancient control system involving murder, lies, and bribery.  The inbred family group controlling this system of Babylonian debt slavery is called the Khazarian Mafia… or more simply the Cabal.  The epicenter of this revolt is the United States.

Although there are huge clouds of disinformation being spewed out by all sides, let’s try to summarize what’s going on.  The trigger event was the bankruptcy of the Cabal owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION on February 16th, 2020, a date that will live on in history.  The Chinese, in essence, told the Cabal they would no longer accept their debt certificates.  Instead, they said that from now on payment is required in gold or other things that really exist.

The Cabal, anticipating this event, tried to bow the Chinese into submission with a failed biological weapons attack and a more successful electromagnetic attack using 5G and satellites.  This attack probably caused millions of casualties in Wuhan, China, according to CIA sources who secretly visited Wuhan after the attack.

Meanwhile, the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation triggered an undeclared civil war in the United States that is still raging on.  Here is how British MI6 intelligence views the situation.

“It appears to be the restoration of the First Federal Republic over the second secret (Masonic) illegal constitution.  The collaterals suggest the CEO of the Colony Corporation of the District of Columbia has been sworn into the correct constitution.  Civil war is on the horizon there.”

That is why U.S. President Donald Trump no longer uses the Presidential seal.

Pentagon sources say: “Martial law is complete as all 50 states are under disaster declarations, joint special operations command (JSOC) has received marching orders, and Trump declares himself a wartime president.”  That’s why one million reserve troops have been mobilized.

“It appears the top dogs of Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and others, may have been detained or kept under house arrest,” the sources say.

At the same time several U.S. states, notably California, have declared themselves independent from the regime in Washington DC.  California Governor Gavin Newsom said that “as a nation-state” California would acquire the hospital supplies that the federal government has failed to provide and might even “export some of those supplies to states in need.”

Two separate personal contacts living in California report they have seen tanks on the streets there.  There are also multiple non-natural earthquakes being detected around the Area 51 base in Nevada and the military underground bases in California.

Pentagon sources say “Cabal tunnels stretch from Mexico to Canada, so war on…

Mexican Cartels was declared to stop the flow of drugs, arms, humans, children, terrorists, and money.”

There is also a crackdown taking place in Israel the Pentagon sources say, noting “Israel under Passover lockdown may make it easy to round up war criminals and terrorists.”

The culling in Israel appears to have started with the “coronavirus death” of former Israeli Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron who has called for the murder of Jews who marry non-Jews.

This war is by no means over and the elite are fighting back hard.  This is seen, for example, in the call to vaccinate everyone with what is likely to be a cocktail of toxic substances including microchips, CIA sources say.

The Cabal killed Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s daughter and granddaughter in revenge for warning about the dangers of their vaccines, MI6 sources say.  Kennedy says:

“Indian doctors blame the [Bill and Melinda] Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children.”

Also, as a sign of who he really works for, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that “Canadians won’t be able to return to life as they knew it before the novel coronavirus pandemic until a vaccine is available.”  Justin, the son of Fidel Castro, almost certainly murdered his brother, the real son of Pierre Trudeau, in order to become Prime Minister.

The elite are also using the fake pandemic and quarantine in order to force the population into surrendering their human rights.  As a result, “instead of workers now demanding a restoration of wages, hours, and workplace rights, they are clamoring for any chance to work at all, under any conditions handed down.  Elites can ‘afford’ to do this because they’ve been given trillions of dollars to do so,” notes writer Joaquin Flores.

The Stanford Advocate notes freedoms are being drastically curtailed:

“While leaders around the world fight the spread of the coronavirus, they’re amassing sweeping new powers.  As legislatures limit or suspend activities in the name of social distancing, many of the norms that define democracy – elections, deliberation and debate, checks and balances – have been put on indefinite hold… France and Bolivia have postponed elections.  Peru handed its president broad new legislative authority.  Israel sharply ramped up the reach of its surveillance state.”

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the coronavirus being used to curtail freedoms around the world – is fake.  Dr. Scott Jensen, a Republican State Senator from Minnesota, for example, says doctors have been ordered by the U.S. government to label all deaths as coming from the “coronavirus.”

A CIA doctor sent us this comment:

“I work in healthcare.  When patients in two hospitals I work at die, if they have ANY respiratory issues, we are ordered to put COVID on the death certificate.  These patients were never even tested for the virus.  Cancer, trauma, blood loss deaths are now all COVID deaths.  If you are sick, almost everyone gets oxygen.  So if you die, COVID is placed on your death certificate!  This is a scamdemic!  It’s all lies!”

The CIA source also sent us the following:

“The Coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan in China and has now reached every corner of the world.  But this virus has not reached Beijing, the capital of China, and the economic-capital Shanghai near Wuhan, why …?

Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live.  Military-leaders live here, those who run the power of China live here and there is no lock-down in Beijing!  It is open!  Corona has no effect here, why …?

Shanghai is the city that runs the economy, it is the economic capital of China, where all the rich people in China live!  Those who keep the industry running, there is no lock-down here, corona has no effect here…!  * Why …? “

As we noticed last week the bioweapons’ laboratory at the epicenter of this “coronavirus,” is owned by the Soros Foundation, a Rothschild front.  We informed the Chinese that the Coronavirus had been traced to their facility at “666 Gaoxin Road,” in Wuhan, China.

The fact this information is not on the front pages of Chinese newspapers is telling.

The reason, apparently, is there were secret communications last week between the Rothschilds and the Chinese, according to Asian Secret Society sources.  The Rothschilds said they had devices in Russia aimed at China.  The Chinese responded by saying if they were attacked again they would retaliate by obliterating Switzerland and Israel.  Instead of war, they offered to sell the Rothschilds 1,000 tons of gold and are still awaiting a formal answer.  The Asians have made it clear the current situation cannot be resolved by force, only by cooperation. Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai says:

“Let’s work together to respond to this global crisis, to save people’s lives, to save the future of the global economy, and to save the future of the global community.  This is our paramount task.”  Cui calls for “a new and effective global governance system…based on mutual respect and…full recognition of diversity.”

The UN will at the very least be radically restructured under an improved system of governance.  Right now they are short of funds.  “We understand that there is money in the pipeline, though it has not been officially received,” said Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General of the UN last week.

The Asians are also cracking down on coronavirus fear-mongering.  That’s why, “At least 266 people have been arrested for posting coronavirus-related information in 10 Asian countries, from Thailand to India and Mongolia, according to an AFP tally based on police reports.”

Asian Secret Society sources say their membership is now figuring out the coronavirus is fake.  However, the 5G electromagnetic attacks are the real threat, so they are dealing with it.  For those of you who still do not understand the 5g threat is not “fake news,” please look at this article backed by about 100 scientific citations.

MI6 sources say:

“We see this whole thing as hybrid warfare against the world’s nation-states, so by having the Prime Minister-executive leader of Great Britain going down, the rest of the world’s leaders should be galvanized, which they now are, etc.”

In other words, they may have faked Johnsons’ “coronavirus,” in order to successfully scare other world leaders into action.

In Japan, the military is preparing action against the fraudulently installed regime of slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, because he has been pushing 5G and is causing the economy to collapse with the fake pandemic, say Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.

Meanwhile, as more and more people wake up to the fake pandemic, there are signs of Project Blue Beam holograms all over the world.  Here are examples from Indonesia, Israel and various parts of the U.S.  Keep your head up as there may be a show – coming soon – to the skies above you too.  This is just a small part of the fake end-times party being organized and carried out, multiple sources agree.

We also note that the shutdown of most non-essential commercial activity has already been a boon for nature.   I was able to take the following picture at my local park.

The goal is to have a world in harmony with nature, where everybody has a healthy and happy standard of living.  This planet can be a turned into a heaven intended for all, including an immortal spirit for those who wish it.  Remember that even though humanity is winning, the battle for Planet Earth is not over.  We all need to do our part.



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  1. I think it’s such an interesting development in our world, to see so many in reaction to President Trump. He’s despised, wronged, ridiculed, almost impeached but coming out triumphant, those who are earning an income, of which many are Afro-American, are praising him, I’ve seen him speaking to a large student audience where he received applause, he’s feared by others, analyzed for his choice of words and tone in his response to attackers, he’s seen as a negative force and enemy by the press in Britain, impressing many British citizens in their gullible swallowing of gossip and drama. In short, I believe there’s never been a President of the US that is so much “in the picture” while keeping people happy, in their criticism, ha! Welcome to a world with the Internet of Things.
    Our global consciousness is still obedient to the Master’s Voice, connecting through negative vibes more than through positive vibes. On Facebook and other social media.
    The Coronavirus is welcome fuel to the burning flames of criticism, by those using all the disgruntledness that is kept inside as ammunition in order to make others wrong.
    Every now and then I feel that addictive persuasion, to join that safety in numbers.

  2. About Justin Trudeau being the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro. I got that from William Mount too (Youtube). I’m believing it. Do you know this makes him ethnically Jewish. That’s what Castro was. Pierre Trudeau had various Jewish indicators. His wife was the daughter of the head of the Scottish Rite Freemasons. Who do you think controls the Freemasons? Trudeau and Barbra Streisand were willing to marry.
    The media never told us he was a Communist. That’s what you call informed voting.
    So both the US and Canada are controlled by a Jew.

    Something else W.Mount said was that Justin is a natural female who has been reworked, with hormones and all. I do not know whether to believe that. Could be theorizing.

    Now does it really look to you that the freedom forces are winning? Worldwide microchipping is a clinch. Every time a US debt repayment comes due there will be more ceding of power to the Jews, to keep the US funded. The National Security Agency NSA was taken from the Jews when Trump came in, but taken back by them on Feb.16. I take it they agreed to keep funding US. (And lunatic Trump still wants tax cuts)

  3. Unfortunately many humans today are apparently not very intelligent. For years I have heard “white man bad”. To be perfectly honest I agree, it does appear that most of humanity’s problems come from “greedy old white men who are sex maniac control freaks who think they are better and smarter than everyone else”. So now, today, these same “white men” who have held us as slaves are now telling these same people who have been complaining for years about “white man bad” are now following all their ridiculous orders “stay home, don’t work, close your business, wear a mask, wear gloves, stay 6 ft away from people.” So my question is, why do the people who complained about white men for years follow white men’s orders? They just complain, no one actually “does” anything so actually, I have no hope for humanity. Humans are just a bunch of whiny baby’s who will always be slaves to the “white man of the day”. Every time a white man tries to order me around I point out to them that this is why “we hate white men”. Who exactly do they think they are to tell others what to do?

    • Hello CeaClearly. If I were you, I should bring your thinking-frame back to a smaller size for yourself, to make it easier to choose your plan of action. To sit and whine about the whole world not being right is wallowing in victimhood. An escape route allowing you to not act on what you feel is in need of change.

      While we all know how the “white man” creates havoc and other disturbances in our world, we’re also continuing the complaining about it. What’s the point of that? Puberty-rebellion.
      It’s that attitude that allows the “white man” to tell others what to do, for it’s a tango they dance with us. For that dance, it takes two, you see?

      It’s our obedient following of the “white man’s” orders, collectively, that’ll never rock the boat we love to see sinking. Telling a “white man” that it’s his attitude that makes you hate him, is very effective for your frame of thinking fond of holding hatred forever, and that “white man” will only grin at you, for your hatred is fuel for the fire under his game.

      Humanity’s acceptance of a program that suggests that our leaders have the best intention in mind for us, is ruling to this day. For this reason, I believe, that when we grow up, we don’t learn how to be responsible for our own state of consciousness and frame of mind, and what it means to grow up with emotional resilience.

      I meet elderly people of 90 or more, who grew up with that trust in their government and the royal family. They’re now bewildered and ashamed to see that that the news in papers and on television isn’t to be trusted. Television is often their only company in long days of solitude.

      Coming back to a constructive plan of action, why spend our energy on what’s not good in the world? On the “white man?” Are you a shoot of a different race? With suppressed ancestors? You can heal that history of your people, by stepping out of that program.

      I suggest you choose your own path and put in practice what you want while leaving
      others to follow theirs, separately. To actually make a change in your own life, achieving what you feel is right, is the best vitamin for confidence and perseverance on your path.

      • Agree with you wholeheartedly. Her attitude is just another finger desperately searching for someone to blame, and at the same time being incredibly racist about it… “white man bad”. Right, well such person’s reality must be exceedingly difficult to cope with having that white people are everywhere and only the 1% of the pyramid of powers are the real monsters of this world, which btw, are not all white/Caucasian. (Cough, or human for that matter, but I digress) Just Ask Ben fulford, he will without a beat throw in that jap puppet Abe who is very much not Caucasian.

  4. So the Rothschilds and the Chinese are warring and then:
    Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai says:

    “Let’s work together to respond to this global crisis, to save people’s lives, to save the future of the global economy, and to save the future of the global community. This is our paramount task.” Cui calls for “a new and effective global governance system…based on mutual respect and…full recognition of diversity.”


    • Hello Margaret Treis, please, don’t immediately jump on the train of blame-gamers? When it’s not the constitution that is to blame, now it’s the criminals who are scheming to destroy it. For you. Can you see that you’re in the same boat, only different waters?

      Regarding the statement of the Chinse Ambassador, don’t you know that within a group of people sharing the same ideas and beliefs, that there are always those who know better, or simply think differently, but also know how to navigate in that group in order to not throw the applecart? That Chinese Ambassador could be one of those who thinks for himself, you see? I think it’s better to not blame all mosquitos for the itching sting one of them leaves on your skin.

      Just like in the medical industry, where carers and hospital staff work diligently and with heartfelt attention, serving patients and holding the hand of those dying alone right now.
      Many of them don’t know of the strategies designed in the “control room”, and if they knew, all hell breaks loose. It may come to pass one day in the future, that they WILL know.

      Many of those, who work like carers, who believe to serve their fellow human beings, would feel betrayed and abused, when they knew of the reasons behind this pandemic and who’s responsible for its design and destructive impact.

      We can all feel furious and point our finger, but as long as we jump on the blame-game train, we’re in for a very long ride without reaching our destiny ever. If there’s one trigger in action right now, it’s the tendency to blame others, or the whole world, for our suffering.

      We’re waking up to who we truly are and part of that awakening is touching rock bottom as well. The pain of being held down and kept in the dark, also literally at times, and the happiness of feeling the nearness of liberation from it, is stirring the pot now. Inside.

      Those who walk away from feeling that pain, easily start lashing out now. I’ve noticed it in the comments below YouTube videos and those below articles of the Washington Post.
      It’s shocking how hatred is bursting out of those who immediately start being rude.
      It’s also a bit of a shock, to me, how the Jews are accused of this whole razzmatazz.

      I’m not a holy roly-poly, but good humorous mischief is one of my favorite cups of tea, at times. I’ve experienced a few things in my life that offered my heart some insights.
      I believe that when we sort out the fires inside of us, those we keep burning by shoveling coals on them, that this will change the world around us.

      By leaving the blame-game train, we will change our perception and the way we feel about things. Therefore we will change how our reality shows up at the same time. Where attention flows, energy grows. Saying this is a great reminder for myself, to walk my talk.

      • In general, I admire your viewpoints in your various comments throughout the posts on pfc, but to comment about the, ahem, j3ws… (excuse spelling, it set off a major lag followed by trying to get me to confirm my net connection? Heh)

        What exactly about it surprises you? Are you talking about J3ws as a whole? When people hate on the J3wish community, specifically speaking, we are referring to the zionists.. maybe you’re already aware of them. But they do control the J3wish communities and synagogues via rabb1s and the mossad, who basically operate under them. Mossad also have authority over members of j3w community. It’s a deep dark and twisted path they weave, but I do believe there is anyway a hierarchy. The average j3w, while still considered favourable over “goyim”(Hebrew for cattle, which is essentially what they use to refer to non-j3ws) are not above higher ranking ones like those that, say, work as a M0ssad agent. I’ve heard J3wish doctors having to obey agents’ desires of treatment (from say being injured in covert operations) should they need it. Etc.
        Although I don’t necessarily ‘hate’ the average j3w, they are conditioned into believing they are superior over other races and racism and discrimination is rampant in the illegal state of israhell. Just ask the palestinians…jimstone found a collage of Facebook comments by j3ws declaring death to the goyim and that they are the chosen ones. It wasn’t just a handful of people, there were young and middle aged people of a group proudly stating their superiority over others. So that mindset does exist within their community.. i woukd send a link to this image, but it was 5 or so years ago. You can read a lot of what jimstone has to say about their community however, since he had inside knowledge of whst goes on in their synagogues….
        And of course that majority of the world’s wealth are owned by J3ws, and it is the zionists that control all means of finance and banking(what J3ws are best known for….It’s not just a stereotype. Also they bought out ebay, PayPal, Amazon etc…hence why all those platforms have been turned to utter shite), entertainment and media as a whole. A worldwide interconnected surveillance network is one of their ultimate goals, currently being put in place via the current chaos you see today. (Elon musk and his 10,000 5g satellites etc.. )
        Many of the major “players” are j3w or directly involved with them. Gates, soros, clintons, bushes,royal families, major celebs and political leaders like trudeau, macron and of course that infamous netanyahu etc etc etc…
        But there are “good” ones with their heart in the right place. Look up Henry makow, he’s a truthseeker, or sayer if you will.
        Too much can be said about them… a real pure j3w would be the ones directly related to jesus bloodline. But there was a group that was exiled for various taboo activities that are known as the edomites. So that’s what the vast majority of them are today, edomites. Not j3ws. Kinda like a black sheep version of the original thing. And they have stolen the title of j3w and use it as a holy mask to hide the wickedness underneath… and the worst of them are zionists, cabal, khazars what have you. But for simplicity’s sake, I guess it’s colloquialism to just simply call them j3w as a collective.

  5. The president is no longer using the Presidential Seal?? Last time I watched him speak it was there on the podium so wtf are you talking about?

  6. great info we are together fighting with our intentions and meditations we are one. And the time is up and the game is up for the cabal activities enough its enough


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