Welcome to the Round Table Hosted by Paula Connor who is joined by a powerhouse of Divine Feminine Spiritual Teachers from around the world.

Topics include:

The importance of breath and supporting the body
Crystal and Indigo Energies, Divine Feminine, Our Sovereignty, Soul Families Connecting
Compassion and Forgiveness
Christ Consciousness, Body Changes and Feelings of Lightness, Buzzy
Importance of listening to your Inner voice your Internal Guidance
Feeling Vulnerable and reaching out for support
Crisis in the Lungs and Throat, Congestion
Collective Grief, Dark Night of the Collective Soul
Importance of FEELING again as We need each other as a collective Humanity
President Donald J Trump MMS Multi-Mineral Solution
Multiple Dreams from many people showing the truth of Trump
Guidance for those that have a great deal of hatred
Knowing will come when you are in alignment with the Higher Dimensions
Must understand multi-dimensions to understand what is happening with Trump
We can make each other better people
Unity Consciousness
Balance of Light and Dark within and Creation
Understanding Duality, Integration of Polarity, Higher Dimensional Perspectives
Great Reveal and the Removal of the Masks
Small Self EGO Mask
True Colours of SOULS are being revealed to each other, No more BS
Return of the Power of the Feminine
Global Resurrection and the Power of coming together
Meditate, Self Love is So important

Paula Connor, Intuitive Consciousness Coach, HeartMath Certified Trainer and Coach,
Website – www.elevatemehub.com
Contact at – [email protected]

Christianne van Wijk – World of Consciousness, Investigative Filmmaker,
Website – www.mindthematrix.com/

Magenta Pixie, Intuitive Consultant, Consciousness Coach and Channel for The White Winged
Collective Consciousness of nine
Website – www.magentapixie.com

Laura Eisenhower – Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist
Website – www.cosmicgaia.org

Tara Love Perry – Master Soul Reader, Author, International Speaker and Global Pioneer with the ‘”I Love You, Me”
~ 7 Steps To Transformational Self Love’ Method
Website www.taraloveperry.com
Contact: [email protected]
Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked in Tara Love Perry

Nina Starsong – Contact at [email protected]
Website – www.ninastarsongpleiadiantransmission/weebly.com

Recorded: April 26th 2020

Divine Feminine Roundtable Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/297398288280437

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  1. I take MMS Magic Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution … Sacha Stone made a movie about and with Jim Humble … !

      • Hello Carl, it may be questionable liquid for you until you hear from actual experience, how MMS works. There’s been enormous opposition to Jim Humble’s remedy at the time, calling the substance bleach. In short, this was one of the attempts to suppress remedies that aren’t a product of Big Pharma.
        When you’re critical, which isn’t a bad thing I think, find out by factual testimony and research, if you will, at www.jimhumble.org The whole story is revealed.

        In the present pandemic, people have made good use of this remedy. I have it at home and used it as a prevention when the first phase of the pandemic went viral, pun intended. I had no idea yet about how things would evolve and wanted to prevent a full quarantine at home, by keeping myself healthy and happy with being outdoors as much as possible. From the start of March, we’ve got a glorious springtime, with sun and a blue sky, crisp and clear. In The Netherlands.
        The simplest description of MMS is that it is a form of detoxification.

  2. I’m feeling a big dissonance. Just the environmental policies that trump has shifted to destroy the planet. has me blocked from believing that Trump is here for our highest good. It seems very counter to all the other lovely things you ladies are saying.

  3. Very beautiful and enlightening. Somehow I could not tolerate Lauras energy. It seemed insincere. I felt her pain and overwhelm and atht same time how har she was trying to cover it up. It was draining,, self reflection says, SURRENDER is harder than we think.

    To our own divine feminine flow.


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