By Anonymous Patriots,

Hold on, patriots. We had a Conclave meeting yesterday and were throwing ideas on the big board to see what would stick and someone shouted out “what’s all the insulin stuff about?” To which another smart AIM cat said: “Probably a bioweapon from Wellcome and the British. Let’s see what the miners can find.”

Within an hour a miner pulled up this beautiful nugget below. Think we found the vein to something that will be another truth history motherlode?

red pill

wellcome insulin


Simple search at USPTO on “Burroughs Wellcome” ASSIGNEE

insulin wellcome

The miners have been working through the gangue for a few days and present these nuggets that will need processing and presentation by smithies and jewelers.

Red Alert: The next Fauci-NIH-inspired pandemic hoax may be MELIOIDOSIS—which some say kills as many as 98% of its diabetic victims

Lesson Learned re. Coronavirus: Beware of any Dr. Fauci’s funded-science advocating lockdowns on pandemics that they, along with WHO, NIH, NSF, DoD, Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation and The Pirbright Institute (UK) have patented

Some of these Melioidosis scientific papers may have published a Freudian slip in calling diabetes a “pandemic” (virus) when all along they have been calling it a too much sugar and carbs, and a poor lifestyle disease


Bill gates AFI

Too much money, attention, academic papers and slick websites and “for your safety” propaganda on Melioidosis has already hit the airwaves for this not to be the next NIH-Fauci hoax, in our opinion.




Attenuated Burkholderia mallei strain which protects against pathogenic Burkholderia infections, vaccine containing and use thereof

melioidosis 2




Method of diagnosing and treating melioidosis

melioidosis 3




Method of detecting and identifying circulating antigens in human biological samples

melioidosis 4melioidosis 5




Method of detecting and identifying circulating antigens in human biological samples

melioidosis 6


USPTO search in abstracts for “Burkholderia pseudomallei” (bacterium that causes melioidosis) identified 10 patents.

PAT. NO. 10,174,311

Compositions and methods for immunodominant antigens

PAT. NO.  10,071,965

Pyridone FabI inhibitors and uses thereof

PAT. NO.  9,937,183

Antimicrobial compounds and methods of making and using the same

PAT. NO.  9,340,837

Methods and kits useful in the differentiation of Burkholderia species

PAT. NO.  9,297,803

Compositions and methods for immunodominant antigens

PAT. NO.  8,846,372

Identification of bacterial species and subspecies using lipids

PAT. NO.  8,425,913

Immunogenic agents against Burkholderia pseudomallei and/or Burkholderia mallei, comprising lipopolysaccharide, capsular polysaccharide and/or proteins from Burkholderia pseudomallei

PAT. NO.  8,420,090

Recombinant B. pseudomallei adhesin protein and methods and uses thereof

PAT. NO.  8,222,434

Bactobolin analog and synthesis method thereof

PAT. NO.  7,955,601

Immunogenic agents against Burkholderia psudomallei and/or Burkholderia mallei, comprising lipopolysaccharide, capsular polysaccharide and/or proteins from Burkholderia pseudomallei



Check out this extensive patent list that wouldn’t format on this page so open up the PDF version here:


melioidosis 7

melioidosis 8

Click below for the second list of patents with miner notes:



Thanks to our amazing mining team we now have a good idea what evil Bill Gates of Hell and Dr. Mengele Fuckie may run as pandemic #2 this fall! Let’s get on top of this, patriots. We will have more research for you in the next few days.



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  2. On my comment #6. Correction, It was Ron Paul Liberty Report titled, ‘One Good Thing About The Lockdown’ who wrote about how the CDC plans to reopen Public schools.

  3. Big things you can do today to take back your own Power. 1. Healthcare, stop using it. Do not vaccine your child, stop prescription drugs (high blood pressure can be cured through diet as well as diabetic, cholesterol meds cause cancer, don’t do any preventative test, they cause injury. Take off those silly mask, Edward Morgan published a detailed article with Makia Freeman about what mask wearers are doing to yourselves, titled: ‘Unmasking The Truth Studies show Mask Weaken You.’ 2. Poverty, That statement is true above, that’s why “They” created Welfare. 3. Debt, It does Not exist. It can’t because it was based on an illegal system. The Federal Reserve was done against The Constitution & they loaned Paper money to Our government with interest after stealing Our Gold & Land & Resources. Stop paying Student & Parent loans, Now. 4. Gun Control, Not Negotiable, Period. 5. Abolish Welfare, Department of Health, Education & Welfare was passed 1953 by Dwight Eisenhower, another slim from WW2 Era when a lot of these things were done.6. Home School your children, it’s easier then you think considering how much junk homework they bring home anyways. & You will not be dealing with your child’s stressful day any longer! Ron Paul from ‘Liberty Report’ has a Home Schooling Program that looks interesting, for all ages. PFC had an article up how “They” intend to have your child wear a mask all day & no recess, scary stuff. 7. Religion, so out there it’s a shame. Plus your funding it. 8. Class Warfare will not exist as this huge gap any longer once “We” take control of “Our” Country & it’s Assets!


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