The Khazarian mafia power grab using a fake COVID 19 pandemic has failed spectacularly and now payback begins, Pentagon and Asian secret society sources say.  The White Hats have begun an immediate offensive by killing Jesuit military leader and Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas, White Dragon Society sources say.  The death of Nicolas opened the path for the liberation of Japan.  This is being followed by the liberation of Germany.  Only then will it be possible to liberate the United States and thus the planet Earth.

Let’s begin with the death on May 20th of the Black Pope.  Nicolas, although supposedly a nice guy, was head of an organization that planned and carried out the 2011 Fukushima mass murder attack on Japan.  Although his predecessor Peter Hans Kolvenbach was in charge of that operation, Nicolas failed to admit, apologize and make amends for this war crime.

His death has opened the way for regime change in Japan because he was the top commander of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that actually runs this country.  The day after Nicolas died, Hiromu Kurokawa the chief of the Tokyo prosecutors’ office was forced to resign over a “gambling scandal.”—reports/

Then, 662 lawyers and scholars filed a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.

Also, with Nicolas removed, the path was finally opened to file the following criminal complaint about Fukushima to the International Criminal Court:

“Dear Sirs,

On March 11, 2011 Japan was attacked by means of nuclear bombs drilled into the seabed off the shore of Fukushima Japan, resulting in at least 15,899 deaths.

We have multiple witnesses to this act of terrorism.  These include:

Australian ANSUS agent Sasha Zaric, a whistleblower who was involved in smuggling in the 500-kiloton nuclear device used in the attack.

A member of the Japanese self-defense forces who was involved in the technical operation of dividing the nuclear weapon into 5 smaller devices that were drilled into the seabed by the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu.  He is currently in protective custody but will be made available for trial.

Another witness is Naoto Kan who was Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the attack.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Kan with more attacks on the day after March 11, 2011 unless Japan handed over its foreign exchange holdings to the Khazarian mafia.  The NSA and the Japanese self-defense forces have recordings of this conversation.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia can also testify that he was removed from power by agents of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board when he tried to warn of the imminent attack against Japan.

There are many more witnesses who can prove beyond doubt that the tsunami and nuclear disaster at Fukushima was the result of a deliberate attack.

We can also prove the following individuals were involved in the attack (some of them are deceased):

Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former head of the Society of Jesus.  Kolvenbach was recorded by the NSA as claiming credit for the attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.  Netanyahu, as mentioned above, has also been recorded claiming responsibility for the attack.

Leo Zagami.  Zagami threatened the attack would take place in a book published in Japan before March 11, 2011.

The Israeli Security company Magna BSP, which installed a small nuclear weapon at the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was set off to coincide with the undersea nuclear weapon attack.  The then governor of Fukushima is among the many who can testify to their involvement.

There are many other individuals and organizations who were involved in this attack but we believe the above information is sufficient to lead to a preliminary investigation.

If the ICC fails to act on this matter the White Dragon Society will hunt down and kill all court officials involved in the decision to cover up this massive war crime.”

The current president of the ICC is Chile Eboe-Osuji,.  If Osuji together with the other two top judges, fail to file war crimes charges related to Fukushima, they as the heads of the supposedly highest judicial organization on the planet will be guilty of covering up war crimes.  War criminals are subject to summary military justice, i.e. the death penalty.  It is time for the ICC to show it is more than just a Western institution that can only prosecute tin pot third world dictators.  Do your fact checking judges, this is for real: Do or Die!

This is just the beginning of the counter offensive.  Now look at what is store for mass murderer Bill Gates and his fellow medical cartel criminals.  Here is a famous mug shot of Bill Gates when he was arrested in his younger years.

The official story is that he was arrested for a traffic violation.  However, CIA sources say “The real charge was…

related to Gates being found in his car with an underage boy in a compromising position in the back seat.”

Remember this news item about a man being arrested on the Bill Gates estate for kiddie porn?

CIA sources say he was in reality trying to eliminate incriminating evidence against Gates.  They now say Gates was also involved in torturing and killing young children in order to harvest adrenochrome.

Gates has survived recently by paying a $200 million bribe to the triads according to Asian secret societies and, according to the P3, a massive bribe to the Mafia for protection.  However, the U.S. military White Hats cannot be bribed and are now actively hunting down the doomed Gates.

Bill and Melinda gates have already killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people through tainted vaccines.  Take a look at this Bill Gates’ Dr. Strangelove moment where he can’t contain his happiness at the thought of injecting GMOs into the veins of little kids’ arms: Dr.StrangeGates

Now let us look in more detail at exactly what was planned with the -now ending- COVID-19 fake pandemic show.  We now know that a bioweapon was created with the intention of killing millions of people but human herd immunity apparently rendered it impotent.  That is why they were forced to blame natural deaths of mostly elderly people on COVID-19.

We are learning from multiple intelligence agency sources including MI6, P3 Freemasons and the NSA what the real sinister Certificate of Vaccination ID (Covid) plan was.  The sources say the plan was to inject the population with microchips designed to interact with 5G electromagnetic waves in order to control people.  This sounds far-fetched but the proof is overwhelming.  Keep in mind that Bill Gates got his fortune from the IBM Watson family that was infamous for using tattoos to track holocaust victims.

According to P3 freemasons, all 700 members of the German Parliament have been sent the proof of this beyond Orwellian population control plot.  Our readers can see some of it like this patent for a cryptocurrency that works by using network-connected sensors linked to “the sensed body activity of the user.”

Previously Chinese freemasons told us the Chinese government wanted to live-monitor their entire population and give them a “social credit score,” in order to maximize their control.  Clearly the attempt at Wuhan to take this to the next level using 5G was a Chernobyl style disaster.  NSA sources are now saying that as many as 20-million people may have died as a result.

The German MPs were also shown proof that 5G transmission nodes were meant to control sensors injected into people.  Below you can see a video of a British telecoms technician discovering the 5G equipment he was installing had COVID-19 written on it.

Now take another look at this clip of the London Olympic opening ceremony and you can see this so-called Coronavirus pandemic was planned over 8 years ago..

This tweet from Henry Makow shows the planning probably went back even further:

“’Dead Zone’ TV show from 2003 mentions corona virus, talks about the Hydroxychloroquine being the cure, and ‘lockdown.’”

What this means is that the Khazarian mafia works according to long-term plans.  Zagami once said it was all timed according to planetary movements.  So, in order to overthrow them, we need to disrupt their plans with immediate, unpredictable here and now attacks.

Apart from the legal attacks mentioned at the top of this article and the secret war to remove their leadership, the COVID campaign has revealed another key to their overthrow – television.  A scientific study shows that for the population as a whole “overall, the ratio of TV to online news – including both desktop and mobile devices — is more than five to one (54 min versus 9.7 min).”

Since these TV networks are over 90% controlled by Khazarian mafia families, they need to be physically occupied by military forces in order to provide the majority of the population with truth.  Without their control of TV the Khazarians never could have forced all those sheeple to wear uncomfortable facemasks for no good reason.

Finally, we have the following picture sent by an Australian source who says:

“When the Queen addresses Parliament in the UK, she has to dress in her royal outfit as shown on the left.  This would include a crown, a sash, royal cape and chain of honor.  The Queen needs to wear a long dress and have her hands covered with gloves.  A King would need to wear his military outfit with a sword and a chain of honor and his crown.

When a Royal has had her or his title and honor taken away, under old English law, the Queen or King cannot wear the crown of England on her or his head.  Whenever appearing at public engagements, the chain of honor can no longer be worn and now only plain street clothes are permitted.  When they need to address Parliament they can never be seen as heads of state again, but have to go through the motions of such actions.”

Today it appears that the head of the Committee of 300 has been stripped of power.  “The Queen was relieved of her duties because of high level criminality and corruption,” a European Royal Family source says.

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes to liberate humanity.  This is taking time because we need to rely on analogue communications for reasons of operational security.  This is because the gnostic illuminati were telling the truth when they said the real enemy was a rogue artificial intelligence.  This AI doesn’t have access to analogue communications.  Only the creator and the creation have that.



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  1. That’s all fine , except for what SIDE Fulford is coming from.
    Liberation of Japan, Germany, United States.
    Compares to the LIBERATION of South Viet Nam by North Viet Nam.

  2. Thank you, Benjamin, for your excellent info over the ueras leading up to this final clearing of the Kazarian Mafia. ?
    Keep safe, Love and Light from South Africa ??

  3. The most interesting part is that photo of Prince Charles & the Queen, If authentic. This has been a long train ride for The British people when Oliver Cromwell 1653 – 1658, Bankrolled by jewish money lenders from Amsterdam & Mansseh Ben Israel, leader of the Dutch jews, begging Cromwell that the jews be allowed to migrate once again to England, & it was arranged. The 1655 Conference in Whitehall, London when approved was needed for a large scale of this jewish migration. & A large consensus of delegates who were mainly Priest, Lawyers & Merchants, felt the jews would be Morally harmful & should not enter England. This history of jewish settlements in Britain is one Long trail of Parchment Bonds shackling the Nation in debt. This is how they operate & it never left England. It just spiderwebbed its way to America, early on. That’s why Andrew Jackson was so proud of Shooting & killing a Banker! His campaign slogan for 1832 read “Vote Andrew Jackson, No Bank” He stated “If Congress has the right under The Constitution to issue paper money, it was given to them to be used by themselves not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” So America, sounds like ya all never left the Crown. Going back to England, 1648 a Dutch lawyer Isaac Dorislaus brought charges against King Charles I & had him executed. That was of course after Cromwell paved the way & Purged ‘The House of Commons.’ England was their happiest with ‘The Tally Sticks’ that Constituted the Principle means of State Finance. King Edward Abolished ‘The Usury Money Lenders’ in 1290 for Good reason.

    • Victoria. Have just come across story of Joseph Gregory Hallett re: absence of royals. Are you familiar with this story?

      • Alice, Only that they are absent. I would be concerned about Dianna son Prince Harry moving to Canada & pretending to go into the sunlight with common folks. Yeh right! Then why is he attending operas dress in full British Military uniform & getting a standing applause. Sounds to me “They” are just shifting locations. I know Canada is controlled by the Queen, but why does Harry pretend?? It’s like Trump too, recently pretending that all was well with Ford Motor Co. at his visit to Michigan plant, when in fact Ford was fighting him all along about productions of those stupid ventilators. Quite a sight to watch these idiots with mask on praising Trump & acting like patriots. ‘Golden State Times’ has up the full 30 minute. To me “They” are all just going on pretending all is well with the U.S. Corporations bankruptcy & making sure “We” are still their Tax Slaves. If anything was changing for the United States Trumps words would be different. He chooses to still talk about health care & education & OIL! When in fact None of these things has anything to do with being Free! & Still is looking for ‘The New Enemy’ anywhere! The only hope is that there is truly a ‘Phenomenon’ going on out of “Their” control. Why does Trump keep referring to “The Invisible Enemy?” I have never been under the impression he his talking about the (fake) virus. Why does this thing go from Country to Country! It’s like the Plagues of the Bible, LOL.

  4. “Below you can see a video of a British telecoms technician discovering the 5G equipment he was installing had COVID-19 written …”

    nice to see Fullford can be tricked with fake video’s.
    take all he says with 1 kg of salt and alot of beer

    • Agreed, seeing that detail linked here did make me cringe.
      Found a link on Reddit to the part supplier, it’s just a cover for an RF connection (might be BNC) which coincidentally has that part number, this stretching of the truth may discredit a movement.

  5. Dear Ben, I try to leave comments. I’m prepared & very willing to pay the monthly fee. However, your system will not accept my email, password, or user name. I’ve tried many combinations. I don’t know which to use, today as I’ve tried them all.
    Fayth E. Kirk


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