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By Minuteman review:

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  1. Today, I’ve started listening to the audio-book “Quanon – The Battle for Earth and our Souls” by QVeritas. It’s highly informative and well written. Talking about guns, I believe that there’s a clash between America’s longtime way of living with a gun in the home, with the right to use it and shoot (Indians!) and the countries on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, even other parts of the world where being armed isn’t a normal part of life or preference.

    For myself, I’m not sure what’s the best choice, using a gun to defend oneself and risk using it, with preparedness for the consequences, or melt our swords and turn them into ploughs (quoting the Bible). I believe that Archangel Michael uses his sword, not cutting life, but cutting the crap, holding the dragon under his control, quietly.
    Isn’t it true that a spoken word can be a weapon too?

    • Quote by Thomas Jefferson 3rd President (1801-1809) of The United States of America, (when the federal government was not a corporation) “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep & bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” As we had seen on the weekend this Federal Government orchestrated event, that started in Minnesota & worked it’s way into my communities in the Chicago area. We were Lock & Loaded, Not against any Local Police but against the ‘Rent a Riot’ Mobs that have Nothing to do with protesting anything! Only to get paid to break windows, start fires & beat white people up, based on an Illusion. I am Proud of all our Local Police Forces for their quick responses & for those of us that acted as community watch dogs while our officers were doing their jobs. “When the government fears the people, There is Liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

  2. I choice peace first and foremost.I own guns for self defense! I refuse to give my life up to someone who is robbing my house without a fight.

  3. This specific article promotes violence and fear. I find it offensive to my core beliefs. We all know what we have to do to protect our selves and beloved ones and we definitely do not need this type of guidelines . I follow this site from the very beginning and I was stunned and shocked to see and read such content. I only visit this site for spirituality and benevolent information. Now I have second thoughts about the reliability of Prepare for Change which is rather disappointing and sad. I honestly hope to understand that this is wrong and to remove this article and never again post similar articles which are limiting. Only Light can stay in the Light! Thank you.

  4. Well, controversial but, I understand the logic of Edward Morgan, for posting this.
    At least we can look at this as PFC provides every other kind of controversial information, this is no less so. There are no links to gun shops right, no advertising…so, though I personally oppose use of guns,, I would stand by PFC for running this, providing “equally shared coverage” of controversial topics, it’s just good journalism.

    • Prepping is part of “Prepare for change”. Meditation, prayer and positive thinking alone won’t protect you fully from the upcoming planetary changes.

  5. endorsing Guns right now? Is this “Prepare for the End? or Prepare for Change? WTF? have you been IN-filtrated? You have the followers right now, but I will tell you what I know. Violence at this time is like bringing a pickle to a howitzer fight. Ineffective. To break free of this loop, this purgatory LOVE is the key. being in a state of LOVE is more powerful than 10,000. So unless you want more of the same (duality illusion), time to change your strategy. I received a download message for this time. “The answer to every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.” Contact me, I can explain it to you. (of course you never do. Do you?) A lot of people are revealing themselves right now. I hope people are watching with great discernment.

    • Yes indeed “Whatever the question love is the answer” but defending yourself from those who may want to take your life and those of your love ones is self defense and not murder. Darkness is out there more than ever trying to get you and believe me, they won’t attempt to kill you with kindness…

  6. ?????????
    Maybe I don’t understand, but WHY are you posting this kind of BS on this site.
    I understand this is a PREPAREFORCHANGE site. But does this also include armed fighting.???????

    • Not armed for offensive fighting but defensive protection for you and those that you have a duty to protect.

      • “We will bring the Light in, we don’t need to fight with them. We just bring the Light and The Light will do whatever needs to be done.” Cobra

        Victory of the Light 2020.

        • Not fighting but protecting Claudette. The reason why the dark ones call us sheep is because we are incapable of protecting or thinking for ourselves. Do you wonder why ArchAngel Michael carries a sword? I say to you: “Love everyone but never sell your sword”

          • I am not a sheep and can perfectly think for myself. And I don’t have a sword and will never have one.
            Michael’s Sword is the Sword of Thruth.
            Quote from a channeld message from Michael on Golden Age of Gaia:
            The time is at hand, my brothers and sisters to lay down the sword of fear and fighting to be replaced by my sword of truth and Sananda’s of love.

            With Love and Light

          • Claudette, All Resistance movement ships and personnel are heavily armed…Armed citizens are free, unarmed citizens are slaves!


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