Who is behind the pallets of bricks being left in major cities where rioting and looting have been taking place? Why is no one investigating the organizational structure behind this? It would be very easy to find out who ordered and dropped off the bricks by analyzing street cameras and doing a little digging.






Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com

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  1. I don’t believe That President Trump would do anything that destructive. And I for one don’t believe in a New World Order that thinks it OK to treat people like China treats there’s and whoever wants this New World Order is the ones in charge of all this Mayhem and misdirection!

  2. Guess who owns ACME BRICK COMPANY which is the source of the brick pallets delivered to rioters in major cities across the US? Berkshire Hathaway owned by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who recently left the board of directors.Acme Brick Company is America’s ‘s largest brickmaker.
    Acme owns 26 brick plants and has 70 company-owned sales offices across 17 states. East deliveries.

  3. A company would not, just leave a pallet of bricks, on the street… and yes, this,, should be investigated but, I’d put my bet as the source, the local administrations!! Undoubtedly they already have some cover story, financing trail, and falsified delivery invoices indicating sources, already set up ready to lay the blame where they want it (remember the alleged identification cards that miraculously survived 9-11…while alleged airplanes did not. You must remember whom we are dealing with here, utter psychopaths that are brilliant in creating psyops with unlimited funds).
    I ask you…What better way, to deliver an inexpensive ‘tool’ or ‘prop’ to then use media to create the situation “see their rampaging with bricks” and emotionalize people to demand action against these ‘terrorist protestors’ or so the media frames it, pushing troop deployment and coincidentally ‘solution’ to, the police state,, they want… No worries too, there are plenty of paid actors infiltrating, to pick up and use them, if, the peaceful protestors will not, to intentionally make the protestors look bad, as if they, are the ones doing the violence.
    I can’t see Russia, supplying bricks but, I can see the distinct possibility of Trump, (whom just put on a “big bible carrying show” -the biggest silent line of BS he ever acted- in front of the DC Church) he’s been itching for deployment of troops on the streets, ordering the governors, calling them weak,, and hereby, he pushes them, and the mayors of cities or other paid actors, to deploy these bricks, and have non uniform cops, informants, state employees, whomever and whatever paid actors, infiltrated into protests, tuo ‘distribute’ them into whatever they can find that’s breakable…preferably “On Camera”. This is right up his intel agencies alley’s…
    I call psyop!!
    It only makes common sense, the city, the state, in service to the National cabal under Trump, would do this, to intentionally discredit the peaceful protestors and give him,, the perfect reason,, to deploy troops,, and further push,, the fascist elite scum, agenda, that he, at least in my opinion (the still, potentially a CIA psyop, ‘Q’ campaign, and its assertions, aside), I feel, he supports inadvertently, to put it politely, at least.
    I urge all peaceful protestors, use your camera phones to get video on whom,, is going for the brick piles, turn over said pics to authorities and urge everyone in the protest, that, peaceful protests,, are,, our right, the brick piles, leave them and any gun or grenade boxes or whatever might show up delivered next, on our streets, alone.

    • the police are subduing the citizen/prisoners for the empire they protect. The bricks are convenient props . Almost as effective as arming with guns

    • Tye Hampton? Stop accusing everyone from Russia to my dead grandmother and START posting EVIDENCE. If you don’t have proof, don’t bother. Your remarks are counterproductive to ending Hate and unsubstantiated finger pointing.


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