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It is challenging sometimes to know what is happening on Planet Earth right now. We want our world to be cut and dry with easy answers to difficult questions. We want all of our answers to fit perfectly into the reality that defines our comfort zone. Unfortunately, when we really try to investigate we discover very quickly that the world is very complex indeed. The truth is not black and white. Subsequently, a human truth seeker must push forward with an open mind that is forged by a compassionate heart, a critical intellect and a childlike sense of wonder.

When I was a child I questioned everything. I was immeasurably curious all the time. It drove my mother kind of crazy. To this day, my inquisitive proddings illicit prickly reactions from my husband, “Do you really need to ask that many questions?”

Apparently I do. And I used to be ashamed about my little obsession because other people made me feel bad about myself when I would dig into subjects voraciously or, God forbid, question the official narrative of the world. For all this questioning and prodding I found myself on a path towards something very mysterious indeed. Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner graced my twenties. In my thirties I discovered the works of Barbara Marciniak and Abraham-Hicks. However, something disturbing began to arise. The exciting, innocent manner of this mysterious path was becoming more sordid and somber. I started to realize that things might not be right on Planet Earth.

In my forties, I started to receive intuitive promptings but I had no context for what was happening to me. I had past life recalls and a growing inner metaphysical library but there was a gnawing sense that, here on the Earth, something really big was transpiring that I was not understanding. I became obsessed with the first Matrix movie when it was released and I watched it over and over again. I found David Icke and read his book, Children of the Matrix. I wanted to believe it on some level but I honestly had to put it on a shelf for a while. I was not emotionally ready for such a shock to my system.

So, I did what every good human does when confronted with a reality that is just way too hard to swallow and put into focus, I grabbed my rose colored sunglasses. Yes indeed! I did. They even had a name, the New Age movement. I dove into New Age bliss. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, a channeler, a mindfulness teacher and a proponent of the Law of Attraction.


As I look back, it was all good and all necessary for me. I needed some kind of balance to receive the severity of the truth pill that I was beginning to swallow. I also stumbled upon more information about that mysterious process that I had been studying for decades. There are many names for this “thing” we are experiencing on this planet right now: ascension process, awakening, enlightenment, and more. Yet, all of those terms just pasteurize an experience that absolutely cannot be conveyed in words.

If I have learned one thing of importance as I danced through these decades, it is that the ascension is a heart experience and, as such, it must be experienced by feeling through our life encounters. It has a whole different language and as we feel our way through our energy bodies, we learn that language. The most frustrating thing of all is that it is very challenging to describe to someone who is still viewing the world from a black and white perspective what it is like to “speak” in that language. Having to communicate with the world within the context of the heart is the sheer embodiment of courage. Everything in this Universe is energy and energy is vibration. This is a harsh world filled with beings who vibrate from the very low end of the energy scale to the high end of the scale. Feeling into our life experiences can be quite intense.

When we awaken to the truth here on this planet, we are tasked with a challenging realization that propels us into great responsibility. Can we be open to the possibility that, as souls, many of us chose to come here to help shift this planet out of a very misaligned distortion so that this planet and all her conscious inhabitants would not eventually suffer the consequences of annihilation? What if we are the chosen ones in that we CHOSE to come here? Did our souls know we would be mind wiped and targeted and yet, they chose to come in anyway?

Some spiritual traditions suggest that for tens of thousands of years souls could check into the planet but they could not check out. Massive control structures and energetic fences have been used to prevent an easy exit or ascension out. Descending into physicality from one’s soul consciousness involves a fragmentation of that consciousness. Once in this physical matrix, trauma programs developed and used by those in power have served to split and fracture our soul consciousness even more, creating self doubt and confusion. The fragmentation cuts off our higher sensory perception and makes us more easy to control.


I know, it truly sounds like a disturbing science fiction movie, and yet, how does one account for all the pain and suffering here? How does one explain the constant wars, the divisiveness, the tremendous subconscious fears, the amnesia of our past, the insane dogma and so many more absurd peculiarities present on this Earth? If we look back on our spoon fed version of history, why is it that humanity has never ever been able to create a peaceful planet? Why is it that those who promise so much progress and beg us to elect them as leaders, only perpetuate a system that continually degrades and creates poverty and lack? Why is suffering so prevalent especially when we can truly see that mankind has virtues?

My dear Brothers and Sisters, these are questions we should all be asking. I am implying here that there is a deliberate agenda on this planet to deceive and control. Humanity is the prize, the resource and the pot of gold. But, unlike the demands by the controlled main stream media and our established institutions that lull us into blindly accepting their version of reality, I am not asking you to outright believe me. I am just asking you to question everything and then do your own research because when you begin to investigate, you may be surprised by the deception that is present in the official narrative.

As you uncover the truth you will feel many emotions. That’s okay. You are allowing yourself to remember and you are giving your heart permission to open. Awakening happens through the heart. Allow whatever emotions are bubbling up to come up and inform you. Anger, grief, guilt, fear — these are all feelings that will surface. Learn to be still and kind with your body and with who you really are. Do not push anything away. We have been brainwashed to believe that looking at the darkness is harmful. I tell you that ignoring your wounds will only make them toxic. This toxicity is at the root of all dis-ease. Let the emotions rise up and ask your soul to help you understand. The intensity of the feelings will dissipate if you lovingly give them the space and attention they need. Ask and you shall receive. If you sincerely want to know the truth, intend to know it, cultivate an open mind and then let the truth find you. These are the first steps towards empowerment and true freedom.

We have been in denial about the darkness on this planet. Pretending that darkness does not exist does not make it go away. At some point, it will make its way to your doorstep. Perhaps it already has in the guise of COVID 19. Our elected and non-elected leaders have stolen from us, diminished our worth, manipulated our genetics, and harmed all of us, including our blessed children. Are we so blind to not see that the debauchery has reached obscene levels? Perhaps this is because many of us have been sweeping the truth under a very large rug. Well, that rug is a mountain now and if we want to free ourselves from the enslavement and the suffering that we have been enduring here then we must pick the rug up and sift through the dirt. If we want the darkness to end we must see it for what it is and then begin the arduous task of removing our consent to the madness, cleaning up the mess and creating healthy systems that encourage peace, justice and compassion.

If we want to change the state of the world we must start by questioning the official narrative.

With Much Love

— Shari

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  1. Thank you Shari,
    I too, share your path and believe it so very important to question everything. Ascension/awakening is an ever changing path. As long as you question EVERYTHING!
    ~ Ronae

  2. That was beautiful.

    I just finished re-reading the book by Len Kasten ; Alien World Order the Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race.

    Yes, it is disturbing but all of us need to read it.

    Stay positive. Love everyone conditionally- no anger – no fear.


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds a lot like mine. I have always been a truth seeker. Your words are encouraging. Right now It is hard to know who is telling the truth.
    You are right, the truth will find you. That helps me release the striving.

    Peace and joy,


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