By I. Mitic,

Imagine if one day your debt piled so high you owed more than three times your income.

For an individual, it’s a nightmare scenario. Unimaginable. For countries, it’s simply how the economy works. Financial obligations are stacking higher each year, and global debt history shows us a worrying statistic — the world’s nations owe three times more money than they spend in a single year.

Governments, households, and companies have contributed to the current debt of more than $243 trillion, and consumerism appears to be the driving force. We’re encouraged to spend more. And why not? Spending keeps money moving through the system, encouraging a healthy economy – and sometimes tax cuts and increased government spending are the only way to get a country out of recession.

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It’s impossible to look at global debt stats & facts, or a single country’s national debt, in complete isolation. Most often, it’s not a mark of how well a country is doing — after all, the world’s richest nations, the countries with the steadiest economies, are also the most indebted.

There are many factors to examine if you want to understand the impact of global debt on the economy. That’s exactly why we made this infographic. It provides a clear-cut analysis of important global data, and it shows you the specifics of how much different countries of the world owe compared to their GDP. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it gives you everything you need to know.

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  1. Look to central bank manufacturing of money for this. In the US, that’s the Fed, a private banking cartel. It issues money AS debt. The only money we have IS debt. If you don’t understand this, put it in a search box and you will get thousands of references and explanations. Goes back to 1913. You pay taxes to a private corporation called the IRS, not for the things you think, roads, schools, blah blah, which are paid for by states and localities, you pay it to the banks. Check the Grace Report. All those trillions in “stimulus” money isn’t taxpayer money. It has gone on our national debt and your descendants will pay it, from your kids on down. It’s called debt slavery and it’s an old system, the very purpose of central banking. And on the day we can’t pay they take your REAL stuff. Already millions of houses have been repossessed, farms, businesses and you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. Next comes the national treasures and parks and LAND. IE, our country. We wind up impoverished. That was always the goal.
    So the private Fed issues paper and digital currency AT NO COST TO THEM, and you eventually pay in your very real property if things go south. Since the Fed controls the economy via the interest rates and cash production it’s the FED that MAKES things go south. Starting to get the picture?? You are being harvested. Check it out.

    • There might be a lack of financial understanding in all the layman’s complaining about the federal Reserve central bank. When they “print money” to finance govt deficits at the request of the govt, that does not need to repaid. It’s a technicality. When the govt borrows instead of printing, it does not borrow from the Fed, but from citizens and foreign lenders.
      Every banking system needs a central bank as a lender of last resort in case individual banks have a run on deposits.
      When the US loses its assets due to default, it will not lose them to the Fed.

  2. Ha, I’m never too old to learn about my country of birth, The Netherlands, which was the first who created a bank in Amsterdam.

    I do know, through my involvement in the Dutch B. of Joy, as a translator, that according to their knowledge, quite a number of head-offices of corporations are established in The Netherlands, for the benefit of money laundering. We call it “white-washing of money” in our language. At present time, be it in good or bad strategies (I believe the Dutch Prime Minister is a clever, quick-witted and unscrupulous character) the Dutch economy is thriving. Since I’ve returned from Britain in March, this year, the contrast is enormous.

    Living standards are so much better for most of us, the wages are higher, although the rents are soaring as well, infrastructure is excellent, maintenance of roads, buildings and public transport is neat. The first things I noticed upon returning to The Netherlands, were the gleaming windows everywhere and the tallness of the trees, grown much in 5 years!

    One of the many conundrums of British make, to me, is the puzzle of how it’s possible that enormous wealth is kept hidden in that island (it’s my gut-feeling telling me this) due to my observation of what’s kept frozen solid, as a system and in steel safes, by the British class system, and how Britain’s society in the lower levels has become so enormously impoverished and hollowed out.

    Another gut feeling tells me that there’s no other nation so surprising in its moves and decisions, as the British nation and that in all the drama, fuss, and keeping up of appearances, solutions pop up that no outsider is able to foresee or predict. I’m very very interested in following that rocky island in its next moves, recovering from a hard hit.

    In a way, it’s as if Britain must be hit so very hard, that arrogance and remnants of its depression about losing its position as a World Empire, are melting, resulting in a revival.

    In the next 2 texts from 2 different websites, it’s made clear how Prince William III financed his war and how he knitted ties between The Netherlands and England, moving much power to the Bank of England:

    “The Dutch Prince William III granted a charter to the Bank of England, which would grant him a loan of 1.2 million pounds. The next year, he would dissolve Parliament (which would realize many of the fears of the Tories), and the new elections would restore the Whigs to power. He would win his war, and the Bank of England would cause much of the world’s economy to shift to London, part of the groundwork of the British Empire for centuries to come.”


    “The Whig government was responsible for the creation of the Bank of England following the example of the Bank of Amsterdam. William’s decision to grant the Royal Charter in 1694 to the Bank of England, a private institution owned by bankers, is his most relevant economic legacy.[104] It laid the financial foundation of the English take-over of the central role of the Dutch Republic and Bank of Amsterdam in global commerce in the 18th century.”


  3. One voice in The Netherlands, from the founder of the B. of Joy, Ronald Bernard.
    A bank under construction, returning to the old way of banking, without the use of interest.
    It’s the presentation where I met Ronald Bernard, his parents and a group of team members, for a dinner. This was in the year 2014, fortunately before I left The Netherlands, in 2015. After watching Ronald in this presentation, a very impressive event where some of the information wasn’t entirely new to me, I’ve offered my translation skills and support in other ways. I’ve made the English subtitles and now work on the German translation.

    Dutch : Vrij en Blij uit de Crisis
    English : Free and Joyful out of the Crisis
    Spanish: Libra et Feliz fuera de la Crisis


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