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Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlawed Microsoft’s Bill Gates and his corporation. Furthermore, both culprits have been placed on a Federal Security Service watch list due to ‘concerns over security and reliability.’

The removal of all Microsoft software has now begun in Russia with immediate effect. Government spokesman Sergei Zheleznyak explained that Microsoft had been caught carrying out minute-by-minute surveillance on millions of Russian citizens, as well as citizens of other countries.

Russians halt search for intelligence in DC

The report sets out Russia’s concerns: ‘The US, which presents itself as a bastion of democracy, has in fact been carrying out minute-by-minute surveillance of tens of millions of citizens of Russia and other countries.’

‘All the main internet companies that were formed in the US are involved in this ugly story, and these companies operate on the territory of our country,’ said the Kremlin spokesman.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ being placed on a Federal Security Services (FSB) watch list has also been raised for a revue, pending further investigation, with expectations in the Kremlin that he will join George Soros and Jacob Rothschild on the Russian Federation’s blacklist.

Bloomberg reported that Artem Ermolaev, head of information technology for Moscow, and Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov, stated that Moscow will initially replace Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook on thousands of computers with an email system developed by the Russian company Rostelecom PJSC.

Germany Occupied

Next year, it will install software developed by New Cloud Technologies, another Russian software vendor, on millions of systems. Even Microsoft Office and Windows will be replaced with home-grown versions, Ermolaev said.

‘We want the money of taxpayers and state-run firms to be primarily spent on local (Russian) software,’ Nikiforov said, adding that starting next year, officials ‘will be tightening their grip’ on state-run institutions that do not opt for domestic alternatives.

Russia. Everything is fault of Putin

MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 64 book titles with 36 years experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

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  1. There is no source for this. Looks to be Kremlin propaganda fake news tailored to a Western conservative audience.

  2. Yes. A good place to get straight information is The New American, an online and paper magazine that is related to the John Birch Society, a long-term truth teller.
    As you say, they more someone/some group is maligned, they more they tell the truth and few have been as maligned as the John Birch Society.
    And I see Putin and Trump as mirror presidents. I see the same characteristics in both. Any person not brainwashed by the American Corporation’s desire to war with Russia would know we the people of both countries and Germany SHOULD be allies.

    • Gotta follow a little closer. Asses have been kicked many times over. Check out x22 report and Qmap to learn more. Many have already been fired. Much has already happened behind the scenes. #Obamagate follow along. Subpoenas coming soon.

  3. Well done for Putin, it’s about time Gates and others were put in there place,They have too much say in the world and only their thoughts are the right ones so they think.I am 70 and the people like Gates with too much money think all the rest of humanity is stupid and a blight on the world.

  4. Mr Putin, When your right your right. The people on the blacklist are a stain on humanity and need to go away forever. All of you brainwashed masses need to turn off your tv and social media and actually see what is going on in your Country. The purpose of any psyop is to distract, divide and delay your enemy. News flash America we are the enemy. Ask yourself why are we adopting and using the same exact tactics and technologies of the CCP here in America? Trust no man or no plan. Trust what you can see. When we should have marched on Washington demanding truth about this bogus Covid plandemic we sat in our houses like children. When that stopped working they unleashed step 2 divide by race and sexual orientations. Can no one see that that the technocratic takeover of America is well underway and the more we do nothing the further they push. The rioting is just a means to an end of complete take over. People well beg for the ability to work a minimum wage job like a slave just to return to something that resembles normal. Truth is we are never going back to normal. They want rioting and chaos. Order through Caos is their motto. So yeah let’s keep fighting each other instead of marching on Washington and demanding the slave masters take their boots off of all of our necks. Oh wait you won’t be able to because they will quarantine us again and if we act out the real virus will be spread into the population along with the high frequency microwave radiation to seal the deal. America will experience mass deaths one way or another. The only way to cover up the fact that these assholes in Washington ran our Country into the ground and robbed us into bankruptcy. As of February 16 the US corporation is broke. Still waiting for your checks don’t hold your breath too long.
    At the end of the day how ironic that Russia is getting more democratic and we are a two party dictatorship. It may end up being the closet thing to a free county left in the world soon.

    • Absolutely! Putin is the only Nation Leadership who stood up strong at humanity. The POSITIVE Dominant Leadership is in place now, and the United States does not matter! We have nothing to offer but Global Discord, and propping up the Petro Dollar has shifted. Putin won at Being POSITIVE , and the entire planet will be POSITIVE regardless, because POSITIVE is Dominant over NEGATIVE and always has been if we could’ve been able to see. People run money and it’s Greed in people that was allowed to ripen and then God turned it over.

  5. Good for Vladimir Putin for taking a stand against Gates and Microsoft. Author, Barbara Marciniak (book ‘Family of Light’ and Earth’ among others) who channels Pleiadian information a few years ago she said that Putin was contacted and ‘enlightened’ by the Pleiadians.’ And when the media began to create stories of the relationship of Trump and Putin, of Putin being behind the election of Trump, I began to see Putin differently because when the media criticizes anyone, it is because that individual, or group of individuals, is a threat to the dark criminals in our government.’ Maligned, with false information about the individual, or group, I know that person or group has been speaking truth; for example The John Birth Society that has been working behind the scenes for a number of years (60 years or so) to enlightened Americans citizens of the demise of our Divinely inspired Constitution. Robert Welch created the John Birth Society, naming it after a greatly admired war hero.

    Neither one are my heroes, but both deserve a second look at what they are intending and actually accomplishing, which in truth is more than me, so who am I to criticize.

    Send them ‘Light’ for clarity.


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