Age of Aquarius Activation Update and a New Cobra Interview

Time of our Age of Aquarius activation is slowly approaching. We have managed to stabilize the planetary situation last weekend with Peace Meditation at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square, and now the annular Solar eclipse is approaching on June 21st:

We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:

Instructions for the Booster Meditation:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass of 144,000 people meditating for our Age of Aquarius Activation part 2.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Age of Aquarius activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the Age of Aquarius positive timeline.

Updated Guided Audio for the Solar Eclipse Booster “Ultimate Freedom” Meditation June 21st:

Promotional videos for the Booster Meditation in many languages are here:

90 minutes after the Booster meditation, the Solar eclipse zone of totality will reach Chiayi city in Taiwan and activate a very special Dragon Vortex near Chiayi, which will give the necessary positive energy boost into the planetary energy grid.

In the days following that, and until the main meditation on June 29th/30th, energies will begin to rise and will culminate at the exact moment of our Age of Aquarius activation.

In the moment of our Age of Aquarius activation, the double Goddess Vortex of Paris/Versailles will be reactivated after more than two centuries of dormancy, and this will initiate the next phase of the return of the Goddess for the planet.








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Chinese (Traditional):

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Most of the above promotional videos can be found on the following Youtube playlists:

We Love Mass Meditation:


Age of Aquarius:

Etehade Noor:

Our main Facebook event for Age of Aquarius activation is here:

In French here:

And in Portuguese here:

A new Cobra interview has been conducted by Sisterhood of the Rose.

You can listen to it in English on Youtube here:

And in Spanish here:

There are currently over 200 Sisterhood of the Rose groups established worldwide. To see a list of physical meetings globally sorted by region and join one:

The English Transcript is here:







And Japanese:

Victory of the Light!

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1 thought on “Age of Aquarius Activation Update and a New Cobra Interview”

  1. Years ago I followed Tom Kenyon’s channelled messages, in the company of Pleiadeans, using his voice as well. One of the Pleiadean messages struck me deeply, I’ve found it again, while unpacking my boxes:

    “Compassion imbued with wisdom enables humans to appreciate its contribution to the planetary consciousness by the quality of its being without regard to activity or behaviour which expects results on the visible planes!
    The Pleiadeans.

    To me, there’s a quality to the Pleiadean’ use of words that is matter of factly without the presence of human sentiments. Love is present in their words, in an authentic Pleiadean style of expression. As a worker with languages, it makes me wonder how many different flavours of communication may exist in our living Universe where words are chosen to convey messages.


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