By Chris Cucchiara,

(Don’t miss the list of quotes I wrote for you on gratitude! 501 Quotes About Gratitude and Appreciation)

Gratitude is one of the most blissful feelings you can experience. There is a small amount of other feelings that can bring you this feeling of bliss. It also alleviates pain and suffering because we are no longer focused on ourselves. We are truly putting our thankfulness out into the universe.

And what you give out, must come back. It is a perfectly straight two way street. The more we are grateful and thankful for what we have in our life, the more we will experience this. From people and life itself.

Often times if we simply look around, we can find things to be grateful for. Things that could have been right in front of our face. Or directly behind our backs. When you truly think about it, there are literally hundreds of things you can be grateful for.

I truly recognized this fact when I was writing this article! Some things are significant and others not so much. Regardless, it feels good to count your blessings.

That is why I wrote this article. To remind myself and you that there is so much to be thankful for in this life. And when you start seeing these things in plain sight, you can literally feel wealthy right now. Recognizing that we have it pretty damn good. Better than many people in the world.

Below are 301 things to be thankful for. Giving you some ideas that you can use when when you have your gratitude sessions!

As well as a few good gratitude exercises that can help you maximize your time in gratitude!


15 Benefits of Gratitude & Thankfulness

There are actually scientifically proved benefits of gratitude that one can reap in. Besides simply feeling good and happy while feeling gratitude.

Some of the main benefits of gratitude include:

  1. Making your a happier person.
  2. Improve your relationships
  3. Help you sleep better
  4. Increase your self-esteem
  5. Give you better health
  6. Lessen depression and suicidal thoughts
  7. Create better heart health
  8. Increase your energy
  9. Give you better time management and productivity
  10. Help you become more social
  11. Make you kinder
  12. Less materialistic
  13. Increase physical and emotional resistance
  14. Cause you to be less jealous
  15. Help you become more goal oriented and achieve your goals 

That, my friends, shows you the true power of gratitude. How it can transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

You can’t say this for many things! Especially things that are completely free.

The list below will give you a jump start in reaping all the benefits of gratitude starting today! Making your entire life better because of it.

301 Things To Be Grateful For


Lets face it, if the oxygen gets cut off, we are OUTTY! It is something we can easily take for granted. But for anyone who has ever had anxiety or panic attacks, you know the value of a good amount of oxygen in your lungs!


One good and real friend is better than a billion fake friends. Who is that one person who has your back? Who when you were down and out, they were right there with you and for you? Reach out to this person and express your gratitude towards them ASAP.

  1. Payday
  2. Yourself and your perseverance and ability to make it this far successfully.
  3. Cell Phones
  4. Coffee
  5. Your ability to express love.
  6. Love
  7. The life lessons that have helped you.
  8. Shampoo and Conditioner
  9. Sunsets
  10. Sunrises
  11. Roads to drive on.
  12. Phone upgrades
  13. Good Health
  14. Medicine To Heal You
  15. Gas to get you where you need to go.
  16. Your car.
  17. Public transportation for when you don’t have a car.
  18. The ocean that gives us food to eat.
  19. Pets
  20. The Armed Forces
  21. Electricity
  22. The ability and opportunity to get your education.
  23. Haters because they make us work harder to prove them wrong.
  24. Your senses.
  25. Having a partner in life.
  26. Weekends when you can let lose!
  27. Your parents.
  28. Aunts and Uncles
  29. Cousins
  30. Your religion and the freedom to practice it.
  31. Extra car keys.
  32. Uber
  33. Money in your bank.
  34. Credit cards that help you pay for things.
  35. Savings accounts to promote savings for retirement.
  36. Personal development books and authors to help you grow as a person.
  37. Mirrors to get your looks on point!
  38. Hot water to bathe in.
  39. Clean and filtered water.
  40. Grocery stores to make shopping easier.
  41. A good pair of pants that fit just right.
  42. Razors and shaving cream to keep some or all of your body smooth.
  43. Music. The ability to ease your pain and help you escape and become more happy.
  44. Your home.
  45. GPS
  46. Freedom of speech.
  47. The ability to read and write.
  48. Laughter and smiling.
  49. The sunshine.
  50. Books to get knowledge through.
  51. Online schooling and classes.
  52. Smoothies
  53. Blogs that you enjoy to read.
  54. Pain to teach you lessons and enjoy pleasure even more.
  55. Holidays.
  56. Air conditioning.
  57. Chairs to sit at and tables to work and eat from.
  58. Teachers of all sorts.
  59. Modern and Eastern medicine.
  60. Inventors making our lives easier.
  61. Warm clothes for the winter and clothes for summer to enjoy the beach.
  62. Beaches
  63. Mountains
  64. Wifi
  65. Challenges that make you more tough and give you more perspective.
  66. Energy drinks.
  67. The ability to get free information on the internet.
  68. Personal development seminars.
  69. Trees
  70. Fire to cook with and keep warm with.
  71. Your previous vacations.
  72. People who work at restaurants that cook you food so you don’t have to cook that night.
  73. Rain to wash away things and grow newness.
  74. Your past achievements.
  75. God
  76. Paper to write on
  77. Netflix
  78. Your favorite TV shows and actors
  79. Movie theaters
  80. The ability to reinvent yourself
  81. Therapists who have helped you let go of your past.
  82. Motivational Quotes to keep you pumped up!
  83. Candles that make your house smell good
  84. The stars to look at during the night.
  85. Good plumbing
  86. Dishsoap
  87. Puffy clouds
  88. Cameras to capture beautiful moments.
  89. Your unconscious functions of your body like breathing and your heart beat.
  90. People that are organ doners, just in case you every need one!
  91. Happy hour.
  92. Coupons so you can get better deals.
  93. Closing sales.
  94. People who have helped you in life.
  95. Hugs and kisses.
  96. Candy
  97. Fresh fruit
  98. Rainbows
  99. Lightening and thunder storms.
  100. 3 day weekends.
  101. Alarms to get us up on time.
  102. Playlists that you use for various things in their life.
  103. The snooze button
  104. Funny jokes and comedians to make us laugh.
  105. Pools and hot tubs.
  106. 24 hour hour grocery stores and restaurants,
  107. Drive-throughs
  108. The gym
  109. Washers and dryers
  110. Drinking a nice beer.
  111. Hammocks to nap in
  112. Steams and saunas
  113. Massage therapist to ease your tension.
  114. Clean sheets
  115. The ability to learn new languages
  116. Doors
  117. Shoes to keep your feet safe
  118. Spare tires when you get a flat
  119. Tow services
  120. Cops that keep us safe
  121. Firemen
  122. Your barber or hairstylist
  123. Hiking trails
  124. Things that make your car run better and faster
  125. Buttons to keep your clothes on!
  126. Sex
  127. Your spouse or significant other
  128. Fireplaces
  129. Camping
  130. Dishwashers
  131. Farmers markets
  132. The life giving forces that keeps our plants and trees growing
  133. The ability to communicate
  134. Ice cream
  135. Pizza
  136. Google search
  137. Planes and trains
  138. Family recipes
  139. Dodo picker uppers for your pets.
  140. Spell-check and auto-correct.
  141. Dog breeders that give you the chance to own a puppy!
  142. A nice cake.
  143. Audible or audiobooks in general.
  144. Babysitters
  145. Sauces that make your food taste better
  146. Instant oatmeal and instant coffee
  147. The ability to visualize.
  148. Meditation
  149. Pajamas
  150. Your favorite sports teams.
  151. Good co-workers
  152. The mailman.
  153. Spotify and music streaming services
  154. Amazon Prime
  155. Fit-bits and calorie trackers to keep your diet on point.
  156. Caller ID
  157. The fact that you can turn off your “read” notification so people never know if you are ignoring them LOL!
  158. Headphones
  159. Air fresheners
  160. Colognes and perfumes
  161. The ability to set goals to make a better future for yourself
  162. Children to remind us to smile.
  163. Freewill
  164. Our passions that have been given to us.
  165. Freedom of speech
  166. The president
  167. Lotion
  168. Sports stadiums
  169. Teachers for your children
  170. Binder paper
  171. Cereal and milk.
  172. Bags to carry your stuff around.
  173. Car washes
  174. Notifications about new articles from your favorite content sources
  175. TiVo
  176. Tax season if you are getting money back.
  177. Experts we can learn from to cut the learning curve.
  178. Road rules to keep us safe
  179. The ability to think
  180. Home videos
  181. Password Savers
  182. Shoelaces
  183. Drycleaners
  184. Stop lights and stop signs
  185. Hats
  186. Fingernail clippers
  187. Phones cases to keep your smartphone from breaking
  188. Email lists to be on that provide you value on a regular basis
  189. Air Conditioning
  190. Heaters
  191. Car AC and Heaters
  192. Insulation in your house
  193. The rain
  194. Glasses or contacts
  195. Libraries that give us knowledge
  196. Free movie sites
  197. Your favorite songs
  198. Surprises
  199. Cuddles
  200. The freedom and ability to vote
  201. Finding something you had lost
  202. Random Acts of Kindness
  203. Forgiveness and people who have forgiven you
  204. Your passions
  205. People that believe in you
  206. Generous people in your life
  207. Having exact change when paying for something
  208. Sunny days when the weather man said it was going to rain
  209. Raises at work
  210. Chocolate
  211. A nice comfortable chair or couch that you love so much
  212. Carpet under your feet
  213. When we spring forward and have more sunlight deeper into the night
  214. Your great boss if you have one of those LOL
  215. Your pillow
  216. Your doctor
  217. Friends that are more like family
  218. Brunch on Sundays
  219. A good sermon from your pastor
  220. Christmas gifts and Christmas in general
  221. Flowers
  222. Your favorite place in the city or in the world
  223. Your first good memory
  224. Your favorite scent
  225. Ripe foods ready to eat
  226. Pizza delivery
  227. Good workout classes
  228. Seeing an old friend
  229. Popping bubble wrap
  230. Surprise parties
  231. New family members when someone gets married
  232. Weddings that you have gone to
  233. Getting out of your comfort zone
  234. A nice cup of tea
  235. When someone else folds your laundry
  236. Your dentist
  237. Fresh organic vegetables
  238. A clean kitchen
  239. Your goals and dreams that give you hope for a better future.
  240. The opportunity to be alive right here and now
  241. Water filters
  242. Homemade food
  243. The auto save when your computer goes down.
  244. Traveling to new places
  245. Free air to put in your tires at the gas station
  246. Diversity in the world
  247. Sleeping naked
  248. Hobbies that keep you happy and sane.
  249. Hot and ready pizza from Little Ceasers
  250. A warm smile from a stranger on the street
  251. Your ability to reinvent yourself
  252. Listening to old good music from your past
  253. The people in your life that allow you to be yourself
  254. Sand on your feet at the beach
  255. Cheap coffee refills
  256. The dollar store
  257. A great conversation
  258. Winning on scratcher
  259. Road trips
  260. Juicers to make good juices
  261. Diet plans to get you back on track
  262. Old art
  263. Classical music
  264. The Cloud to save things for you automatically
  265. The movie or book that inspired you to go after your goals and dreams
  266. Hitting rock bottom which helped you become a stronger version of yourself
  267. Dating apps
  268. Apps on your phone
  269. Good parking spots
  270. Motivational speakers
  271. Pet shops to pet fluffy dogs
  272. Finding shells on the beach
  273. Pie
  274. Good insurance to keep you safe
  275. Online shopping
  276. Black Friday deals
  277. Sleeping in
  278. Having a vision so powerful that you don’t need or want to sleep
  279. Binge watching or binge reading
  280. The seasons changing
  281. A good nap
  282. Babies
  283. Post offices and post officers that get your mail out and to you
  284. Noise cancelling headphones so you can act like you “can’t hear” people LOL
  285. When your favorite song comes on the radio
  286. Learning something new
  287. People that remember your name out and about
  288. Web hosting for your blog or website.
  289. The new friends you have made.
  290. The breakthroughs you have had.
  291. Credit card memory services so you don’t have to put in your credit card information for online purchases every time.
  292. Clocks
  293. Your jewelry
  294. Concerts
  295. All the times you didn’t get caught speeding!
  296. Free trials that you opted out of before it was time to pay!
  297. Bartenders who make your favorite drinks
  298. Your prayers that have been answered
  299. The fears that you have conquered.
  300. Bucket list ideas that you have checked off.
  301. Astrology services that have told you so much about yourself and about your sign!

7 Gratitude Exercises And Resources

Feel Each Thing Your Are Grateful For For A Minute 

Tony Robbins talks about how he starts his day off with thinking about three things he is grateful for. He talks about he starts with an easy one like the smile of one of his kids. Then he feels it deeply. And then moves onto an even more significant one. Then lastly the most significant. This can be something like the relationship with your creator. Or the love you feel when you thinking about your spouse.

Gratitude Journal

Journal out about the things you are grateful for. This is another opportunity to feel what you are grateful for completely. Allow yourself a complete brain dump. A stream of consciousness.

Just keep writing what comes to mind. Don’t judge it. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up. No matter what they are.

Focus on 3 to 5 things at a time. And really expand on them.

Feel each one deeply for a minute or so. Or more if you are on a roll. Especially when you are touching upon the people you are grateful for. They are more important than things we are grateful for. Allow yourself more time for the people you are grateful for.

Also, don’t overdo this gratitude exercise. It is more about quality over quantity. Journal about what you are grateful for a few times per week. But really savor the process. Instead of just trying to knock it out daily. This way it doesn’t become a task. More so just a good habit.

Keep this journal on you as well. That way if you find that you are down and out that day, you can whip it out and give thanks. Or if something pops in your head, you can jot it down right then and there.

This will help you realize it’s power and significance in your life. And be even more grateful for it.

Resource: How To Start A Gratitude Journal

Create A Gratitude Jar

This is just like a piggy bank. But you write the things you are grateful for on a little slip of paper and slip it into the jar. Making deposits on the things you are grateful for.

This is more of a visual thing to have. Allowing you to look at it anytime you are at home. It is a great reminder to both add more things to it. And simply recognize all the things you have to be thankful for.

Resource: How To Create A Gratitude Jar

Think About 3 Things You Take For Granted

At the end of the day, when we think about the total opposite of things we can get a good perspective. For example when we are in fear, we need to think of the times when we acted courageously. It is a gentle reminder of the feeling of courage to smash through our fears.

Some when it comes down to gratitude, a good thing to do to real feel grateful is to think about a few things you take for granted.

Then you become grateful for those things. Deeply grateful. Something as simple as the fact that you have a car and don’t have to walk or ride public transportation.

Show Your Gratitude Instead of Feeling It

Write letters to people. Text them. Leave sappy voicemails for them. Reach out to people you are grateful for. Organizations or businesses that you are thankful for. Teachers, cops, hell even the post office for mailing out your mail!

Things That Went Well In The Recent Past

There are always positive things that happen to us on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can find tons of things to be grateful for if you look back on your past this way.

Go On A Gratitude Walk or Run

Cardio! No way right?? Haha but on a serious note, simply walking around and becoming mindful surroundings can show you at least a dozen things you can be grateful for.

I honestly did this while writing this article. I looked around and simply used my senses to probably offering you twenty different examples of what you can be grateful for! It works well, try it!

Conclusion To Things To Be Thankful For

So there we are my friends. A list of things to be grateful for. I hope it served as a list of examples of gratitude that you can use to see the things in your life that you are thankful for.

Share with me what your favorites were. As well as if you have any good things to add that we can all be thankful for. Maybe something you take for granted for have become more thankful for recently!



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