By Steven Vervaecke,

Everybody knows by now that modern technology has a dizzying array of health implications, including even potential deadly ones. The scientific and holistic wealth of undeniable evidence underpinning this is absolutely overwhelming. This blog/article will explain a few key ways and measures to protect yourself and your family against the dangerous effects of EMF radiation in general. It is set up as a starting guide to point you in the right direction. And lay down the foundations of your actionplan. This is by no means meant as a end all detailed complete document. It is simply a holistic overview pointing you to the right direction. I will rely on your ability to dive deeper and research this yourself. And if you do not feel comfortable doing this, it is a means to seek and find experts in their fields who know this inside out.

1. Remove sources of EMF radiation

This is very straightforward and the very first step anyone will advise you.  Simply start going through your household and index/inventorise all the appliances and modern technical equipment. Things like playstations, cellphones, wifi routers, DECT phones, all things wireless, smartmeters, multimedia devices, electrical appliances. If you are simply electrosmog aware, Electrosensitive or ElectroHyperSensitive. Depending on where you are, evaluate if you can remove those devices or power them down and disconnect them from the grid if they are not in use.

2. Adopt Digital detox & slow tech practices

This is a more nuanced and yet more advanced step. This is intended for those devices that you cannot function without. Whether it is due to your job or your business activities or anything. Adopt a digital detox practice where you will limit the usage of modern tech devices such as computers and smartphones/tablets. There are a plethora of ways and techniques to do this. Monitor your time spend and set boundaries to your usage. This is in a way technical time management.
Also adopt safe usage practices such as never carry your cellphone near vital organs. Put your phone in flight mode and use speaker mode to keep the device from your head. Things like that. If you google digital detox or consult a digital detox teacher, you will learn many more techniques.

Slow tech is a more advanced and broader approach than Digital Detox. It will re-evaluate the relationship you have with all the modern technological gadgets. This is also the phase where you try to use as less gadgets and technology as possible. All this on a responsible and thought out way. If you advance to this level, you need to inform anyone who wants to contact you and let them know when, where and how you are available. For instance, if you decide to remove smartphones from your life, you can get an old-fashioned corded phone and be reachable via email and snail mail.

3. Isolate yourself from outside radiation

This is also one of the first things anyone will tell you to do, to get rid of radiation. But this has by far the largest impact on your surroundings. And is possibly the costliest option. This is where you shield your home, your office or your living space to keep out harmful radiation. This involves expensive shielding materials and paint. Usage of shielding cloth around your bed(canapé) and much more. It also involves going to your neighbours and explain them that you want to limit your exposure. Or try to convince your company to provide you with a sealed and isolated office space to do your work.

Linked to this is the practice of grounding. This is a big topic on its own and can again fill a whole article to explain. Ground yourself, your home, your appliances … It ranges from daily walking in grass bare feet for 10 minutes to all kinds of technical solutions where you connect your computer to the grounding wire of your electricity grid.

4. Use devices to transform existing radiation

Step 4 is where most people, including some experts stop. From here onwards, this is where you separate a run-of-the-mill expert from a true holistic expert. There are a host of devices that can limit exposure to harmful EMF radiation & the immense electroc soup you are exposed to daily. Some of them can even neutralize and transmute the harmful effects into life sustaining healthy frequencies. At the entry stage this includes things like anti radiation stickers & Shumann resonance generators.

Although the Shumann resonance frequency is again a whole deep topic. Bear in mind that the Shuman resonance is fluctuating wildly since a year or 3. So a set generator at 7.83Hz is ineffective. The good stuff is crystals: black tourmaline crystals and amethyst. Also included are shungite ornaments and other more advanced devices. There are solutions out there that block absolutely everything in a natural harmless way and transmute it to pure life affirming frequencies.

5. Further harmonise your environement

This automatically brings us to point 5. Further harmonize your environment with crystals. For each purpose there are different crystals. For protection, for sleep, for healing, for emotional wellbeing, for balance, for energy et cetera.
They come in various shapes and sizes, so everyone can find something. Even in a tight modern interior there are options like orbs. Crystals are not the only action one can take to harmonize all aspects of your environment.

You must see this as a purification of air quality, light quality, sound quality and so on. This means air purifiers, air quality monitors, noise reduction and bringing in lots of natural light.

6. Change and adapt your nutrition habits

There are 2 ways one can eat: based on ethical ideas or based on health. It is deeply advised to eat as healthy as possible. This means the fresher your food is, the better. Go for fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. The following graph by the Belgian food agency depicts a very good base to start from. Also try to base your dishes on vegetables and then add either meat/fish or potatoes/rice. Do not combine the 3. Further, there are specific foods & supplements that detoxify your body from harmful toxins and heavy metals, provide lots of anti-oxidants and protect your body against harmful radiations.

7. Do a full spectrum detox

A full spectrum detox is literally a full spectrum. It starts with what is already present in your body. See the above section. Amazing widely available detoxers are Turmeric, spirulina and Chlorella. And the next step is eliminating as much toxins as possible that enter your body daily. This starts with food (see above), and goes on to the toxins in your cosmetics, shampoo’s,  cleaning products and others. Especially avoid fluoridated toothpaste. Further these ties in with the purification part of point 5. Make the air you breathe as clean as possible.

8. Adopt eastern practices

A strong mind/soul in a strong body further will boost your resistance to harmful wireless radiation. It strengthens your hearth, your blood circulation and your endurance. Also, it boosts your emotional wellbeing, your spiritual wellbeing and your mental capacities. If possible try to combine slow eastern practices such as yoga, meditation, chi gong and tai chi with more active ones such as karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu or other paths. Even boxing, calisthetics or other western sports are good as combination.

9. Bring in nature in your house

This is an extra completing step in your plan of your direct personal environment. Draw in nature in your house. This is very easy and can simply be done by getting a bunch of plants and placing them throughout your house. Nasa even has a list of plants that purify your house, bringing in step 5 of your plan. Everything is connected with each other. For the people that wants to go a few steps further. you can create large open windows that look out to your garden. This will pull in light and help you connect with nature. Of course, your garden cannot be a plain grassfield for this, you need lots of plants, bushes and trees for this. Throw in a bunch of flowers that bloom year-round and you will cheer up for sure.

You can still up the ante from this, by incorporating biophilic design practices in your interior decor and exterior.

10. Inform your peers and your local city/town officials

For anyone who absolutely wants to top it off and go the extra mile. This is stepping far away from your immediate living surroundings. Go to your Local officials and talk to them about cellphone radiation and wifi emissions. Your city might have a network of free wifi deployed or other smart city solutions planned. Talk to them and make them see the dangers. If that does not work, find like minded people and group petition them to abandon their plans and remove wifi, cellphone sources. This is a bit like step 1 but on a city level.

It raises awareness of the dangers and informs people on what they can do to help themselves. Go to town meetings, let your voice be heared and raise the issues on the city agenda.

I hope my 10 point guide has been informative and helps you in constructing your own plan of action. If you feel uncertain or do not have the tools, please seek help from experts and people like me. We are very happy to help you with this.



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  1. Everything – all energy – is the combining of electricity and magnetic energies – electromagnetic energy, including humans, animals, etc. So don’t forget magnets when you want to reduce the bad effects of radiation. Place them outside on the smart meter, by your bed, on the refrigerator, stove, etc. I use small magnets in my socks when sleeping to keep my energies flowing. Get rid of your microwave. Not only does it destroy the life force and benefits of food, including vitamins and minerals, but microwaves increase the radiation in the kitchen.

    But do not allow them to touch your crystals because they can disrupt the powerful
    benefits of crystals.

    Try placing strong – large – magnets near or at the base of cell phone towers to reduce the effect. You may have to bury the magnets in the dirt at the base of the tower so they are not visible. .

  2. Great article, Edward Morgan, thank you for posting it here. This comment is posted earlier today in another page, but here it’s mostly in sync with the subject of this post.
    A newsletter published by Arthur Firstenberg:

    Restoring a Vibrant, Living Planet

    Here are a few reasons not to ever use a cell phone:

    1. Damage to you. In animal experiments, even a single two-hour exposure to a mobile phone, at low power, destroyed up to two percent of the animal’s brain cells: Salford et al., “Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones,” Environmental Health Perspectives111(7): 881-883 (2003). This means that everyone who uses a mobile phone has some brain damage and that keeping the phone away from your head does not protect you.

    2. Damage to your neighbours. Even if you don’t feel pain from your mobile phone, many people do, including neighbours, people you pass in the street, people you stand next to in line at the grocery store or sit near in a restaurant or theatre. For many it is torture. Making sure you are alone does not help, because every time you make a call, the nearest cell tower turns on a channel just for you and irradiates your entire neighbourhood just so you can make a call.

    3.Damage to birds and insects. Even a single ten-minute exposure to a mobile phone brings metabolism to a complete standstill in honey bees. They can no longer metabolize the nectar they drink from your flowers, and in the midst of plenty, they die of starvation.

    Kumar et al., “Exposure to Cell Phone Radiations Produces Biochemical Changes in Worker Honey Bees,” Toxicology International18(1): 70-72 (2011).4.Damage to the Earth. If you expect to ever be able to use your cell phone, even in an emergency, the entire planet has to be filled with cell towers.

    You cannot expect to be able to use your phone wherever you go without the entire wireless infrastructure of the planet being there, torturing people, killing wildlife, and sterilizing the Earth. I urge everyone to read “Cell Phones: Questions and Answers” for more details. To those who tell me they can’t live without their cell phone, I ask them, “Which do you want more, your phone or your planet?”



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