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Hint*: This message is only meant for those to whom the contents positively resonate and equal to one’s own inner truth. All other information, which does not resonate, just leave it unconsidered. In this regard you can also read the article “Guidelines for reading different articles from Light Forces” below.

Please note: Of course, the article can and shall be shared often. But always reference to the source (author) and give a *hint how to handle such information (cosmic law).


PfC – Update Light-Forces – No. 2020/06 – 13.05.2020

Guidelines for reading different articles from Light Forces

We have noticed that sometimes irritations about the information, we give you, arise. With these explanations we try to bring you more understanding and comprehension in the decoding of messages we transmit to you. So that you can distinguish information for yourselves.

There is increasingly more information becoming available through us and our allies that is meant to be shared with our incarnated star siblings on Earth.  All star brothers and sisters who are coming to this planet, set up or are increasing contact with their incarnated brothers and sisters, while always considering free will. We always respect the free will and the personal space of each individual being.

We are positioned in different levels, densities, dimensions and realities. And from these points we see the liberation of this planet from different perspectives. This means that the perspective from which we report, does not necessarily have the same perspectives or effects in the physical density on your surface. Or the effects unfold differently in this density.

An example: If we report that high frequency healing energies are flooding the earth, such phenomena may result in old emotions in you being activated that want to be healed in order to detach from your being. This may feel a little uncomfortable at first and then gradually subsides. This could irritate you a bit, which is the perspective you are experiencing.

Then please bear in mind that, unlike our ambassadors in the physical body on Earth, we can only empathize with or assess your situation to a limited extent. Therefore, we are dependent on the reports of our ambassadors from Earth, which are directly connected with the events, to better understand your situation. We then adapt our messages to make them more understandable to you.

Additionally, please bear in mind that we generally have a different language and expression. Therefore, some messages must first be received, decoded and translated by our incarnated brothers and sisters on Earth. These translations will of course include the original information meant to be understood, however the true experience may not be received precisely as needed to allow us to respond with 100% accuracy.  Sometimes we must transmit more, because the recipient needs more information to understand what we want to express. And this can take several days or weeks. Only when all the information needed for the download has been aligned and completed, can it then be sent to our star sister or star brother on Earth. Afterwards, they must integrate the information into their system, decode it, understand it and usually translate it for you. Furthermore, the translation sometimes is difficult, because your language is limited and cannot express what we want to express. Therefore, the entire information transfer sometimes is a great challenge for our incarnated brothers and sisters on Earth.

Therefore, please be grateful to all who are willing to receive our messages for you and to pass them on to you.

Please also keep in mind that everyone can only receive and pass on what they understand with their own consciousness level, their own experience cycle, their own ability to receive and decode, their own perception viewpoint and their own way of expression.

This means, for example, that if we give one and the same message to several of our star brothers and sisters on Earth, there will be small variations in decoding and expression. There is no right or wrong. There is only the decoded reproduction of the receiver in the expression of their possibilities, which is also authentic and true in their perception.

We will try to explain this to you with an example.   We believe that an ant views its world differently than a rabbit, bird, human or whale. They would all, even if they are in the same place, describe it differently and for all of them it would be their own representation of the world and, therefore, their own truth.

Therefore, we urge you – do not condemn anyone who brings you our messages in any way whatsoever. Those, who are connected with us and are willing to deliver our messages to you, do so with their hearts and they do it for us and for you. They bring us closer to you all. Therefore, please appreciate their courage, their strength and the time they have to spend, to make our messages available to you.

But now the question arises, how can you verify the information you received for yourself and whether it corresponds to your own truth or not.

Regardless of what information or messages you read, go inside yourself and feel whether the spoken or written words resonate with you in a positive way. If there is a positive resonance that feels right for you, you can assume that this information is appropriate for you and corresponds to your own inner truth. Check everything, whether it corresponds with your own inner truth. If it does, then this is information that is important for you at this moment – but this can also change with the course of time. Everything is in motion.

For all other information not resonating with you, please just do not consider it necessary for you at the particular moment. And please do not evaluate it under any circumstances. Such information that may not resonate with you may be important for the development of other beings around you. And therefore of no value to you.

We leave you with great love

Your star siblings

Pleiadians, Sirians, Blue Avians, Cosmic Central Race, Hathors, Santines, Freyats, and others…



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  1. Sometimes i dont like the messages because it looks like religious linguage. We are in earth time 21 century . But im grateful for your effords to help us all!
    And , its time to STOP being human slaves on earth, we are much more than that!!!

  2. Gracias…. grazie… danke…. star siblings, thank you for your explanations, it’s much appreciated, Pleiadians, Sirians, Blue Avians, Cosmic Central Race, Hathors, Santines, Freyats, and others…

    Star siblings, that’s a beautiful way of connecting with us on Planet Earth. Siblings… that’s creating a whole new feeling of connection, for me. When I read “Brothers and sisters” or hear someone speak these words, I’m always reminded of the ministers in the Dutch Protestant Church, starting their sermon and addressing the congregation with these words, pouring God’s sauce over them.

    I’ve not heard from the Santines and Freyats. Sounds like names of pirates that were part of the crew on The Black Pearl. Buccaneer names! Our star-siblings may show as many varieties of form and roles as we humans on planet Earth, only different in expression, not with black flags with white skull-and-bones painted on them, and Captain Hook with a parrot on his shoulder and a bottle of whiskey in his one hand, ha!

    And, what about stowaways? Do those ET races know the meaning of that word? ?


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