By Dylan Charles,

Let’s just for a moment suspend all disbelief in the official Covid-19 narrative. Let’s set aside questions about mortality rates, death certificate designationscontroversy over treatments and testing procedures, and politics.

Instead, I want to zoom out a bit and do some traveling back and forth in time in order to bring your attention to the progression of something critically important to all free human beings on this planet.

There’s a great divergence taking place, dividing our country and perhaps the entire world. To most, this was all unexpected. A big surprise. To others, this has been a long time coming, but through the fog of confusion around us, one thing is crystal clear to those of us who’ve been watching, warning and waiting for a long time: we are on a stepping stone toward a very dystopian future where personal sovereignty and privacy will become historical ideas unfitting for such a brave new world.

I am not a religious man, but I do come from a Christian culture, and of particular note today is a chapter in the Bible that strikes abject fear into the hearts of believers. Revelation 13, particularly the following sentence which refers to The Beast coming out of the earth:

“It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” ~Revelation 13

For nearly two-thousand years, believers have been looking for signs of this prophecy coming to fruition, and the term ‘The Mark of the Beast,’ is now firmly entrenched in our cultural lexicon. Kanye West used it today in reference to a Covid vaccineLouis Farrakhan was preaching about it over a decade ago. So called conspiracy theorists have for decades been looking at institutional documents and central planning agendas, warning that a global government was being organized to conquer the planet and enslave us all with the boot of technology.

It has gained social capital for its implied meaning that someday free people will be subjected to an authoritarian control system which treats human beings like livestock to be ID’d, tracked, traced, controlled, milked and slaughtered when the time is right.

And shouldn’t an idea like this stoke fear in the hearts of the free and the independent? After all, it implies an end to free will and an end to self-determination. It implies total, hopeless, global slavery.

Now here we are today. Covid face masks.

Someone recently said to me that the masks are the mark of the beast in larval form, and this, to me, seems a fair metaphor. A larva is the juvenile form that many animals and insects take before maturing into an adult. Often, the appearance of an animal in larval form is quite different from the mature animal.

In a matter of a few short months we we’ve gone from business-as-usual to cover up your face or you can’t buy groceries. We don’t exactly understand or agree on the precise nature of the threat, but in the blink of an eye we’ve gone from masks being suggested, to masks being recommended, to masks being mandated in some locales, to masks being mandated in all locales, and with New Jersey leading the way, masks are now being mandated outdoors in public spaces, all of this enforceable by law (which is punishable by fines and the risk of arrest), and by exclusion from the economy.

All the while, we are watching the experts on television nonchalantly inform us that our future  participation in the economy and in society at large will be dependent on our acquiescence to whatever new rules and mandates they throw at us. That we will be surveilled, monitored, vaccinated, and contact traced everywhere we go, and that in order to buy or sell, worship, go to school or gather, we will have to show proof of submission to the system’s demands.

In 2014, Australian writer Steven Tritton warned us that we had already crossed the Rubicon into this future, but that in order to go all the way we needed only the right crisis to catalyze public opinion in favor of such measures.

“Perhaps in the midst of such turmoil or following a worldwide economic meltdown, comes a momentous shift to a cashless society with an embedded device compulsory for every individual to participate in the new global financial order. However, the newly hatched revolutionary system will be one that ensnares humanity in a totalitarian global surveillance society unlike the modern world has ever seen given such advanced technology in place. We have already crossed the Rubicon.” ~Steven Tritton in 2014

In 2012 we published an article quoting the father of a San Antonio high school girl who was objecting to the school’s requirement that all students wear RFID (radio frequency identification) badges to track student’s whereabouts in an effort to reduce tardiness and truancy. He called the badges, ‘the mark of the beast,’ and they certainly were an ample introduction to the emergent technology that will become what many fear is the real mark.

But people aren’t stupid. They’re frightful, but not stupid. So, for the beast to make inroads on the effort to track and trace everyone, the progression needs to be incremental, touching on key points of fear along the way, always increasing the intensity of the crisis so as to allow the proverbial frog in the pot to boil before he becomes aware of his imminent doom. In order for people to accept compulsory measures like these they have to be deceived into believing that their life depends on it.

People don’t seem to fully comprehend what is being given away in this desperate hour, but without a doubt, they will feel it, and long to have it back, in the coming dystopian future.

My sense is that we are losing something exclusively human. That the masks actually alter the way we view each other, and that they shift our perception of others away from trust. Where once we saw smiles and community, now we see furrowed brows, concern and hazard. I feel we are jumping headlong into the dark abyss of fear, giving power and precedence to the inner authoritarian, and that as we forfeit bits of self integrity to go along to get along, we become envious and agitated with those who wish not to comply.

“I contend that there is something hugely meaningful about humanity, something virtual reality can never match, something artificial intelligence can never be programmed with. Words such as conscience, compassion, warmth, kindness, generosity, spontaneity, imagination, inspiration and creativity, give some hint as to what this something might be.” ~Nigel Kerner

So for today, it’s required masks. Tomorrow will see legally mandated contact tracing apps on your phone. Then required immunity certificates and special health passports. Then on to some more permanent form of traceable, wearable tech like a tattoo or an implant.

Call it what you want, but if you want to feed your family today, you’d better mask up. And if you are reading this beyond 2020, I hope that time has proven me wrong and that we have somehow collectively managed to squash this wicked bug before it evolves into its full form.



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  1. Mask Wearing makes people Look Like they just got off the Boat from Saudi Arabia. Think about it, & now their designing better looking mask. Then we have the so called Liberal Muslims with just their scarfs, but once you put on a Mask you again look like Saudi’s. One needs to wonder Who is really behind this. Seems to be another Religious Manipulation at Play.

  2. I had to wear a damn mask for a little while yesterday to go into the post office and talk to the postmaster about their new letter carrier screwing up some package deliveries. So before I left home, I got out a big red sharpie and wrote the following on my el-cheapo white paper mask:

    Masks are Societal
    Control Mechanisms

    Needless to say, that engendered a few conversations while I was waiting in line. I think I saw a glimmer of awareness taking root in a couple people’s eyes. I sure hope so….

  3. I have never worn a mask, nor will I ever wear one, not simply because of the potential health risks associated with wearing one. I refuse to wear one as a matter of principle: I refuse to be told what to do by any politician. These people have no right to dictate to any of us.

  4. Kevin, It would do you good if you educate yourself in this fiction place you call “Nazi” Germany. In reality it was Germany that was populated by German people. They were tired of being discriminated against by a class of people who brought in Prostitution & Porn & on top of that were teaching in Schools Marxist ideas. They were in charge of the Banking & News outlets, so does Any of this sound familiar?? So I would appreciate if people, as yourself would Stop babbling on about things you know Nothing about.

  5. Ah,Yes,I see the majority of people around me living their fear,voluntarily wearing masks,distancing…accepting, stepping back with each additional restriction…it reminds me of Nazi Germany in the 30’s…a collective hallucination-psychosis,as Jung described such a social phenomenon of media driven brainwashing….
    I ask them,”Have you done any research beyond mainstream(lamestream) media?”…and they never have…willfully ignorant sheep,who will be led to the slaughter by their trusted shepherds:government, big pharma’s minion medical establishment,media monopolies,banksters and multi-national corporations
    But I never shut up…I remind them of deeper narratives,researchers who uncover the hidden agendas that run the planet,dissenting scientists.
    It doesn’t quite sink in, because the sheeple want to be “good”,obedient and therefore “safe”…but it DOES plant a seed…a seed of inquiry, for times when they turn off their TV’s and radios and other distractions,and try,a little,to awaken from their drugged dream…
    One of the annoying effects of compulsory masks is that it is more difficult to distinguish those asleep from those awake.
    Thank you for the article!

    • Yes, Kevin thank you for your very insightful and succinct comment to this article. As I was reading your words, my lips and mind were already saying the same thing as this could have been myself writing these very same words. I live in Canada (not sure where you are writing from) and I have asked myself many times “Am I the ONLY one in this country that thinks and feels this way?” This has been a lonely journey for me and I have been on this journey for almost 70 years now and through it all (being called a cuckoo and nutcase by friends and family) I have always known this is why I am here, this is my mission to help Gaia along with humanity to bring Goddess/Warrior love and light to aid in the liberation/freedom of this beautiful planet. I believe the LIGHT/GOD/TRUTH always wins! As I mentioned in a previous post as some 3D words of wisdom: “ If man and woman were meant to wear masks then our Creator/God in infinite wisdom of perfection would have integrated masks into our anatomy. This is why we were given IMMUNE SYSTEMS! I WILL NEVER WEAR A MASK as I am responsible for and the steward of my I AM BEING and I would never cause intentional harm to this vesseI of which I have been entrusted with. I certainly do not need anyone telling me how to govern it!” And the Warrior in me will stand by this always.
      Thank you for this wonderful article and this would be perfect to start opening up the theatres with and shown as a trailer before the show!

      • Thank you, Christine. I feel very much as you do. Perhaps, at this point in time we are going through this fiasco but keeping your consciousness above it will guide all of us out of it too. The missing component to this story is that people MUST turn to their Higher Selves for direction and stop listening to lower vibration thoughts and ideas from the supposed experts. Let the quarantine and mask wearing allow you to turn inward and there you will find your weapons to overcome the ungodly. Try it before you think all of the battle is on their turf. Know who you really are.


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