By Kyle,

Before the supposed coronavirus even made its way to the United States, we were shown horrifying footage of Chinese people in Wuhan falling over in the streets from the deadly disease.

At the time I put forth that this could all be staged in order to push another fear-based hoax, and every day it looks more and more like this is the case.

If Americans are dealing with the same “pandemic” as the people in China, why has there been no footage of Americans standing in the streets one minute and then crumbling to the ground the next? Some people might assert that this is because the virus has weakened or mutated, but these people need to show me proof that this virus even exists in the first place for me to even consider such an explanation.

Another possibility is that the residents of Wuhan were being bombarded with 5G weaponry, which had recently been rolled out in their city, and this caused a severe depletion of oxygen throughout their bodies, causing them to shut down. Perhaps in America the 5G weaponry has not been ramped up to the same level. Could this be why Bill Gates purchased 5.33 million shares of 5G company Crown (Corona) Castle?

Whether or not the Chinese people falling over in the streets were acting is irrelevant. People see these images and then become terrified and do not want such a terrible fate to befall them and their loved ones. If we had just seen video of some people coughing for a bit and then getting better (which is what would likely happen unless they were intubated), then no one would consider adopting such drastic measures as social distancing, mask wearing, and contact tracing in order to combat COVID-19. They needed to kick this all off with extreme fear-mongering, and it worked.

Now no one is even asking questions about why the reality of what we are seeing in America is nothing like what supposedly happened in Wuhan. They seem to have forgotten all about it, just like the dancing Tik Tok nurses, lost in the daily distractions of politics and the ongoing events of the zionist-engineered race war.



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  1. At the very beginning of this whole thing I was to believe that we was going to see people dropping like flies and other coming down the streets taking the dead. They put on a good show. Do I believe there is a virus….yes. Do I want this virus…hell no. But I do think it’s part of a global take over and it’s been happening and it’s coming very fast. Wish more people would see or even care to consider to be true.

  2. Don’t worry, after everyone lines up like good little children for their covid vaccine full of yummy heavy metals and they blast US with 5G, people will fall over here too

  3. They are not falling over dead in the streets in the US because the US is not saturated with 5G like Wuhan is. 5G is deadly to anyone with weak or diseased lungs.

  4. The world in China is a multitude of miles apart from the US, pun intended. I believe that the blast of 5G in the Wuhan region, starting 2 weeks before the COVID-19 symptoms became obvious, first in Wuhan, is the cause of people falling down suddenly.

    The credibility of 5G has received an enormous dent, in favour of our present-day efforts to prevent its activation. The tests with 5G are clear, there’s depletion of oxygen, followed by heart failure. Some say that this footage could be made with actors, as part of the fear-diet.

    It’s all rather predictable, the kind of explanations and conclusions presenting themselves, largely fed by fear. So many of us don’t see the trap, while this trap’s existence is staring us in our face. My decision is based on the wish to live a long life, preferably a century at least, in good health, with nature and quietude. In touch with kindred spirits, be it human or nature beings. Certainly the absence of traffic rush hour, building activity, and pollution of all sorts.

    For the first time in my life, a choice of location, geological conditions, and the purity of air, water and soil, has become a necessity and not just a “whim” based on the thrill of holiday making. Living on the coast on high solid rock, far from the densely populated country of birth, The Netherlands. I’ve enjoyed the first try out in Devon UK, for almost 5 years.

    The expectation that a collective ailment, such as this Coronavirus attack, first in China (as far as the mainstream media are reporting) shows up in similar ways, while the culture, geological conditions, lifestyle and behaviour of the population is equally far apart from each other, is rather naive, as I perceive it.

    To ask such a question “Why Has No One in America Been Filmed Falling Over in the Streets Like in Wuhan?” isn’t really a constructive one, is it? Does it serve a better understanding?

    Asking such a question is equal to the question of a small child losing one of its parents due to a deathly disease, and on the day of losing its mom or dad, asks in desperation “Why do all the other moms and dads of our neighbours still live? It’s not fair!”


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