By Kyle,

You probably last heard about Broward County, Florida when the Parkland shooting PsyOp happened while Sheriff Scott Israel was in charge. Scott Israel is no longer sheriff, but tyranny remains, and now residents are being ordered to wear masks in their own homes.

Check this out:

All persons who reside on any residential property, whether single family or multi-family, and irrespective of whether they own or rent the property, must ensure that all persons on the residential property, including guests, comply with all applicable guidelines of any Broward County Emergency Order, including the facial covering requirements.

Some people are trying to downplay this, saying that this quote is just being taken out of context, but the statement is very clear. In addition to imposing a curfew between 11pm and 5am and banning gatherings of 10 or more, County Administrator Bertha Henry has ordered that all people wear masks at home. Such a measure was already recommended in Texas, but not mandated like in Broward County now. Residents are encouraged to call 311 if they see anyone violating the rules.

Many questions arise. Do people get to take off their masks when they go to sleep? When they make love? When they shower? How do they plan to enforce this order? Will there be door-to-door visits? Peeping into your windows? Maybe just monitoring social media posts? I am sure you can think of some more questions (and perhaps some angry statements), so leave them in the comments.

Do not expect to see this in the mainstream news, as the people running the show apparently do not want the American people to really understand how draconian this is going to get, lest they might do something about it now, before it is too late.

The frog is boiling pretty damn fast and has yet to jump out, so let’s see if this possibly get his ass in gear.



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  1. If you have not got the message that this is all about control you are not too bright. It is also very bad for your health to wear a mask all the time it can cause a thrombosis and kill you. You are getting small amounts of oxygen and an overload of C02. The whole exercise is about CONTROL you must decide what you want to do about that. I am not wearing a mask because it is not necessary.

  2. WTF does it take for people to wake up ?????

    they truly have tested us how far they can go
    do people have wood chips as brains ??

  3. This is absolutely unnecessary bordering on insane. When are the sheeple going to finally wake up, say. “Enough is enough!” and protest. If this gets any worse, we may se a “Boston Tea Party 2.0.”

      • Lord Sumption, a retired UK High Court Judge actually stated on a BBC “news” programme very recently that if a government passes a law that is not in the best interests of the people, then morality should take precedence in the situation, and people would be justified in breaking the law. He was speaking with particular reference to the mandatory wearing of face masks. I don’t think he is the only judge who feels the same way.

  4. The more insane the agenda (masks at home!!) the more obvious that everyone is being manipulated to justify absolute control (a dictatorship). Unfortunately, there are those who are easily encouraged to use violence to show their anger and those looking for an excuse to do what they can get away with without any sense of responsibility – the draw of war and rape – until they learn first hand they have victimized themselves with their willingness to be used. The smart person understands that the dark forces’ create and use violence to justify their agenda of a military invasion.

    With the death of my physical body, I would not want to look back at my life to see that I was among those who made it easily and/or possible for the evil behind what is happening to succeed. I have had many physical bodies and many lifetimes. To lose the physical is freeing unless the individual is trapped in beliefs that drawn him/her to the lower dimensions and schools How sad when the rest of humanity is graduating with Planet Earth to the Higher Schools of Learning. A choice with consequences!

    • See you on the home planet. We can have a laugh about this nonsense and how many people are still asleep……………


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