From The Solari Report:

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  1. What I am seeing is a giant scam and liars and deceivers on all sides. Until my head is blowing off. This is a time of great deceit the satanic NWO are going ahead with their agenda and they have a good camp and a bad camp and it is going to amount to the same thing their evil agenda going forward. Using deceit lies and tricks ad hoping we will all buy into it. These people are very warped. Keep your feet on the ground apparently we have demons, we have reptiles, we have aliens, who is the real Messiah verses the fake one. We have Hollywood and paedophilia we have child trafficking harvesting drinking their blood torture and also that everything we have been told is a lie. looking at all this we are certainly being bombarded with the evil doings of the world an absolute avalanche of it all at once . I say what are they trying to do they are trying to demoralise us the world is not just about evil it is about beauty and good people doing wonderful things. How do I know who the real messiah is? How could I that is all hear say to me and at the moment it is another boogie man. I just know that from I was a tiny child I knew that God was love and if we can all show love to one another we can make this world a beautiful place today in the here and now that is what is important so stop with all the BLM ANTIFA and division Propaganda and let us all just sit down and find ways to show love and understanding that is the only way forward ENOUGH!!!! . That is my truth. Just do not let these people mess with your head – do what is right and show love and understanding if everyone practice that – just make sure that someone practicing it is you and it will be infectious – true love from the heart is received and it is infectious and it makes love grow in others . We are doing too much talking and thinking and questioning and picking a side. Love is the side to pick freedom is everything and love is all. Give your love today be generous the more love you give the more it goes around that is the answer to supressing evil. I am sick of this !

  2. Thank you for sharing this conversation with us that included: “…80 percent of the hospital is empty…insurance agencies flushed with cash now…they’re a major player here…stand on your conviction…it’s very very dark…this is us…where’s our alignment with God…”


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