This is a very good description of why so many people struggle and refuse to understand what is going on.  Understanding Truth and what it means is a great message!

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  1. ‘The Duran’ (Alex Christoforou from Greece & Alexander Mercouris from Britain) has coverage on Peaceful Protest going on in England & Germany pertaining to all of this as well. Also Ron Paul ‘Liberty Report’ has always spoken up about the fake numbers & Our Liberty’s are what is being attacked by Fake coverage.

  2. Thank you for posting this video, this woman is very perceptive and no-nonsense is her second name. Just saying it as it is. Not much different from my style and those of my fellow Dutchies, straight forward, practical and getting things done. No-fuss.

    During my years in the UK, many a British citizen has responded to me, admitting the truth of a British citizen, a cartoon-figure sticking its head in the sand, behaving slavishly, restricting itself due to inhibition and never thinking about the future, acting on impulse often without giving it a thought if it might work or not. Sitting on its hands while sighing about the nuisance that something needs to be done without delay.

    To a Dutchy, it all sounds hilarious and to this Dutchy writing this comment, it seems the case that Britain is a typical “never-ever-getting-there” nation, blindly running around like chickens without heads, at present. Obeying the government, while swearing at it in secret. Just like a servant, in disrespect to its master.

    Not to suggest that we Dutchies refuse to prick up our ears when we hear our master’s voice, for many here blindly obey the government’s rules, thinking that Mark Rutte has the best of intentions, with the Dutch population, and that disinfecting hands, shop-baskets and – trollies is a must. A proper job. That stuff makes my nose curl and I often sneeze.

    Fortunately, there’s far less control on how customers enter supermarkets now. There are hygiene-stations, unmanned, offering a chance to disinfect one’s hands and basket/trolley.
    And so, I’m able to ignore that protocol and mind my own business, my health and peace.

  3. Bigger Reality to wake up to, All Religion is a fantasy based on Mythology. The Light of The World is The Life giving SUN. Once We All wake up to this Fact, you find Truth & Freedom. I can say with No doubt, that I can Prove my Creator ‘The SUN’ Rises Every Morning & Shows it’s Glory. No other religion can say or prove that fact of their god.

  4. This young lady hits the nail on the head!

    And what she says goes for
    and origins of our species

    We are too afraid to see the truth for so many reasons and boy oh boy does she lay out each of those reasons!

    • Hello M. Harrison, funny that you call her a “young” lady. For she’s not that young, really.
      At least 40 years old, maybe even 50. Look at her hands. I think that’s what people call “well preserved”.


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