Here is an update on Kelly Preston’s death. She was in involved in Humanitarian aid in Haiti, which is a big cover up for child trafficking. The POTUS has cut the funding of CDC, which is another Illuminati organization. John Durham is close to finishing up investigations which means indictments are going to be served. It’s going to be a HOT HOT HOT summer as Q has mentioned in previous Q posts. I’m also exposing Zionism from a Galactic Perspective. And exposing another Fake light worker who is spreading false information in his “channelling messages” dropping the frequency of the collective listening to it. He also runs a scam business selling Andara crystals but is really selling glass pieces.



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  1. Trash talking Michael Love is not a good way of showing you have any form of higher consciousness. Is Jimmy Dore going to be featured on the Prepare for Change website next? Exposing the deep state is fine, but let’s not be going after others in our own community. It’s low vibe and childish.

  2. That land you are referring to that was donated by England for Rothschild to create Israel under the Balfour Declaration, was land that was bought & paid for by two Germans in 1868 & in 1898 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany initiated a society for the advancement of the settlements of Jewish Colonies. Britain came in & seized German Property in 1917, in other words England stole the Land & Houses & other Buildings & Infrastructure from The Germans to create “their idea” of Israel. Also to blame “The Aliens made me do it” is Not going to fly, already been tried.

  3. This lady has high-frequency beings high in her mind. I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with what she presents, regarding external events, clearing of pockets on planet Earth where human trafficking is intense, and the exposure of Wayfare and Michael Love.

    There’s a rather childish view in her, which is often present in Japanese women, that high-frequency beings are sweet, good, spiritually mature and mature in all sorts of other ways of being, risen above all turmoil that is present on our planet, the Kindergarten.

    Think for a moment, if you will, and ask yourself: Why are those entities, walk-ins or parasitic presences in peoples’ minds and bodies, so immensely clever and smart, knowing many aspects of the human mind, human psychology, enormously skilled in the use of power? Why do they often look smashing, glamorous, with a charismatic glow?

    What if it’s true that they’ve gained experience and dwelled in high frequencies once upon a time, or travelling up and down that Stairway, learning many tricks of the trade? What if they’ve invested much in developing a healthy, good looking body, grooming themselves?
    Many celebrities in Hollywood, reaching stardom, are examples of this in the flesh, probably assisted by surgery, drugs, and extraordinary skills to mesmerize an audience.
    Mind-programming by means of torture is often part of their lives. Spotted by handlers.

    There are human beings, whose journey through many lifetimes offered them certain know-how, in higher dimensions, up to about the level of non-physicality, that they think they should use and try out in 3D when born as a human baby on planet Earth.

    It may happen that they grow confused, frustrated and angry due to their efforts to create from a different frequency, with good or bad intentions, that doesn’t work out well. That’s the moment where someone’s energy-system is open to inviting entities that aren’t in a physical body, but who are keen on playing a game here, using a human host.

    One could call this “like attracts like” for the host is being offered an “escape route” by the visiting entity, or gang of entities, in order to enjoy a more comfortable existence that is more akin to what the host feels itself part of, vibrating in what’s familiar, feeling as if it’s a “home coming”.

    That is, after enduring initial frustration, misinterpretation, refusal of acknowledgement, etc. causing that person to say “I’m so special, nobody understands me”. Hence the tendency to find “kindred spirits” and/or a welcome hand reaching out from the invisible realms. Guides come in different forms, see what I mean?

    More than ever, people will begin to reach out to the invisible realm in need of comfort, support and care, now that we’re entering the hour of truth, revelations of our most inner program, agenda and habitual forms of expression. The Church Institutes are receiving new members that turn into fanatics, while many former church members walk away from them. Any promise of green pastures and guarantees that save you from yourself, may lead you to the promised land. But if it’s your land remains to be seen.

    I know, this is a long tale with a warning that we’re apt to be fooled by a pied piper. Hence the importance of thinking for oneself, making each moment a conscious choice and be careful with messages, echoing bliss of a promised land in the Wishing Well of Wonders.

    • Devon, I totally agree with what you have revealed and the reason I believe glamour is one of the biggest traps for women and some men. There are men who’s former lives have been in the female body and are so use to looking to the male gender for what they should be looking for within themselves, they are easily trapped by Romance (roaming man/woman) Books and all things glamorous. A lesson most face at one time or other because we are programmed to function in ways that disempower us. It’s one of the most difficult lessons because it involves the emotions (energy-in-motion). If this were not enough, make-up is sold with a number of toxic chemicals that make the individual weak and therefore more willing to be manipulated by others from ‘putting on a face’ and trying to impress others. When we want something from someone, we give or power away.

      Entities without physical bodies seek those who are willing and inexperienced and attach themselves to the back of the brain where the reptilian brain sits where they manipulate the individual’s emotions and thinking, or they try to stimulate them sexually. So use to feeling, thinking and reacting in certain ways, the individual believes that is who he/she is and not an entity manipulating them, because the entity is not seen or felt. Habits of ignoring what is disempowering, many look for distractions and ignore the problem.

    • Devon. Looking at her name I would guess she is of Vietnamese descent, not Japanese. If you are trying to say there is not the existence of Ascended Masters, then I would have to disagree. She is correct to say that high vibration beings choose their messengers and it is a prearranged situation before birth. It is also true that dark entities can mimic them and delude the messenger and those receiving. So in order to discern we must learn the lesson of purifying ourselves in order to know the difference. They will only be sending love and they do tend to give very profound messages. Agreed that we must learn to know ourselves and those lessons are coming in loud and clear.

  4. So at 10:28 minute in, YOU conveniently put an article up about Barcelona & display the whole paper to Cunningly display negative & false article about Adolf Hitler. “Micropenis” Really?? You doing so exposes Yourself as being just as Fake as Wayfair being a furniture sales company.


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