While the calendar says we are just about halfway through the year, the drastic energy shifts and changes we have experienced already makes us think otherwise.

This long year has many more potent cosmic events lined up for us, which will bring various surprises for us. Stop wondering and read on to know what awaits you in the coming months, based on your zodiac sign:


You have been on an energy overdrive for most of 2020, and the last few months won’t be any different. But the only thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to reach your goals, you have to make some sacrifices. Great success awaits you beyond that.


The rest of 2020 is bringing you many new opportunities to challenge yourself and evolve. You might doubt your ways, but those reflections will show you the right path. Rely on your strengths of level-headedness, determination, and ability to make logical decisions. Keep working hard, and you will soon get your rewards.


Time to get down from your dream castle, and focus on realistic targets. Prepare to welcome a perspective shift as you learn to overcome your worries. Realize the many gifts the Universe has blessed you with. Express your gratitude.


You get to decide how far you want to go. Spontaneous energy will have its grip over you, and you can do great things with it. Just remember your own strengths and talents, and let them work for you. There might be some relationship troubles, but they will be all short-lived.


The rest of 2020 demands some consistent hard work from you. Your challenge-loving self will enjoy this active phase. Make sure not to lose touch with your bubbly side, and prepare to show the world your true powers.


2020 is bringing you the things you cherish most: organization and structure. You will reap the benefits of the hard work you have put in already. When it comes to relationships, you will embrace the stability it brings.


Unlike Virgos, Libras are staring at a rollercoaster ride ahead. You will have to go through some difficult confrontations, so turn on your charm! Have faith in your own talents, but don’t stop working hard every single day.


Prepare to handle some important responsibilities. Your courage and intuitive powers will confirm your success. Don’t jump to conclusions, and take your time with things, be it your job or a relationship. Good things await you this year.


The rest of 2020 will demand your attention to the smallest details. You can choose to work hard or work smart, but you have to be diligent in what you do. Don’t aim too high, or you will end up hurting yourself.


Important transformations are waiting for you this year. You are determined in changing your ways to achieve your goals, and the Universe is rooting for you! Focus on your positive attitude and trust your instincts.


The rest of 2020 might bring uncertainties in your life. You might feel like you’re losing control, but remember that things happen for a reason. Go through the motions with a positive outlook, and you’ll soon realize their importance.


Your creative powers are set to be super active in the coming weeks, and they will bring you great success. If you can stay focussed on your goals, the Universe will make sure you receive your rewards!

The first half has presented us with many growth opportunities. The rest of 2020 will keep bringing similar opportunities, but it is up to us what we make of them.

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  1. As a Carpicorn I’m familiar with transformation and the magical realm of human – and planet Earth’s nature. A good place to be amidst many chances for travelling and exploring
    The lecture that is presented in this video, is an excellent description of our human efforts reaching out to the spiritual realm, based on spiritual science, as practised and presented in forms, such as the Waldorf school, bio-dynamic agriculture and the cosmetic/medical treatment of Weleda and Hauschka. Plus his views on Earth’s history and its phases, and the various states of development of living beings, including us, you and me.

    Here are Lucifer and Ahriman presented as seemingly opposing forces that work on the mind, soul and body of us, human beings, presenting illusion and make-belief as “feel good” concepts, for the benefit of their own agenda. It’s maybe correct to say that Archonic entities are of the same make, and that the powers of Sauron and Gandalf, in Tolkien’s epic tale “The Lord of the Ring” also represent these forces.

    One is luring us into the belief that fantasy is the best world to live in, unbridled and expansive, exaltation with a lust for power, for example, and the other is luring us into the belief that a hallucination is real, present in and part of the physical world, the density of form.

    And yet, as far as I’ve come to understand these 2 forces, they’re like the two sides of one hand. A hand of you and me, doing the work that our hands find doing and experience the results, learning, choosing what works, in the end, hopefully. To me, the content of this video, which is a lecture presented at the start of the last century, is as timeless and fresh as any educative, sensible lecture presented in this time, 100 years later:

    “Lucifer and Ahriman in the Past and Present by Rudolf Steiner”.


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