Nyla Nguyen is a Twin Flame, an old soul and a Light Warrior here to assist the planet and its inhabitants in this ascension period. She helps to anchor the 5D energy, share her spiritual/metaphysical and Galactic knowledge for people going through their ascension journey. She has a Youtube channel and membership site to spread the light. She covers current events from a 5D (Galactic) perspective.

We spoke with Nyla about how to awaken to 5D consciousness and what can one do to help others join in the path. What are the big issues being missed? The answers may surprise you.

Nyla backs up her claims with lots of research and facts that she presents in her videos.

Nyla Nguyen: nylanguyen.com

YouTube: 3d to 5d consciousness


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  1. I have been a follower of Nyla for a few weeks now and she is very impressive, with a few minor errors here and there, but she does an excellent job overall. No ego, but I am a step beyond her and this causes people to reject, diss and ignore what I have written (14 books) … as if humans can only digest so much at one time and to a large extent, the New Age and Metaphysical communities are still repeating the same gibble they were given 30-40 years ago. In a word: stuck. What is really going on is a little different from Nyla’s standard (but 90% accurate) teaching. It is these differences that unfortunately have made me an outast and I now side with George Carlin where he said he gave up on humanity…as I am also doing. I was a LIghtworker for 40+ years, a well-kept secret, actually healed people (and no one cared)… weird but true. IF you are interested checkout the latest book, The Coming Change, esp the Epilog for a better view of what I am talking about. (No I am not trying to sell books, just the TCC has it all.)

    Humans can ony be assisted so far and then they think they are enlightened and diss others who have gone on beyond them… becasue they cannot accept what they do not know about : cognitive dissonance. Awareness becomes an ego-badge and the members of the “collective” do not network or acept each other. Again, weird. George was such a guy, and was dissed too. Nyla will not work with others and build associations to further the collective awareness… she like others has to guard herself, her time, her teachings. Is this really 5D behavior?

    • https://bbsradio.com/creationlightshiphealings?page=7

      Your spirit, Jay, may guide you to read all of the information on the webpage about Ron, Earth Ambassador, ascended/descended/ascended Master. After scrolling down through the complete information, your spirit may guide you to listen to the archives, best to start listening first to the last 4 months of year 2018, Ron departed in September 2018. He cleared a lot of darkness off Earth………but in this heavy mind controlled planet it is difficult to keep out of duality/mental-mind energy.

    • Hello Jay Bonham. This part in your comment “I am a step beyond her and this causes people to reject, diss and ignore what I have written (14 books)” made me wonder
      “Is this really 5D behaviour?”

      Please, don’t let your own disappointment/hurting colour the light of your days. self-pity should be best endured for a short period of time, as a stepping stone. Not as a status quo, hiding in it, unable to shine your unique quality of light. That’s the impression I get from your comment.

      When you follow George Carlin, giving up on humanity, are you cherishing your feeling of being so special that nobody understands you? Maybe not in a 1000 years?

      If that’s your choice, go for it. If it’s just walking in circles like a cat choosing its spot to enjoy a nap, make a choice that holds self-empowerment in its folds. After coming to terms with whatever it is that you need to come to terms with.

      When you pretend to know what 5D behaviour is, you must know also that it’s your choice, how you live your life, and how you receive and share love. In freedom of choice, every moment anew, that doesn’t depend on if others “get” you. Re-evaluate your life, erase your history if that helps, and start all over, I suggest.

  2. Hi Nyla

    This is a personal text not for everyone
    So much useful information in your last 3d to 5d consciousness thank you.

    I was concerned with the amount of time and emotional energy you spent on Elizabeth April.
    Maybe just stand back from those with 3D consciousness, observe and comment from a higher perspective
    I had seen that video of hers and thought it weird and was glad that you confirmed my take on it.


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