White Hats and the Deep State have competing plans to unveil a very limited disclosure of the truth behind Secret Space Programs and extraterrestrial life. The goal is not so much to inform, but to misinform the general public through a limited hangout that keeps the full truth hidden for decades to come. Learn about these competing agendas and how they contrast with full disclosure.


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  1. Consider the possibility that disclosure, full or otherwise, is itself a psy-op and likely a potential Trojan Horse event. For reference see https://vk.com/dennywitt?z=article_edit577990260_40338 and also https://vk.com/@577990260-the-negative-extraterrestrial-alliance-and-agenda Victory to the Divine Human.

  2. Ancient Cultures Worldwide claimed that a Magnetic Mountain existed at the North Pole. Before the 16th Century explorers made frequent mention of the Mountain & was present in early Polar maps. The Mountain was encircled by a Whirlpool that sucked in & spewed out the Oceans, alternating & causing The Earths Tides. There were 4 Rivers coming out from The Mountain, in The Cardinal directions.& 4 Island Continents surrounding it. Coinciding with the theory of the globe, by the 17th century the Magnetic Mountain disappeared from all maps. (& claims from modern explorers) The Mystery of Mount Meru, Atlantis?? (can be still purchase, Mercator Map) Now, as All is to be revealed, know that this Technology belong to a special Unit in Germany. They were working on in late 1920’s through 1930’s. They had a Base in The Antarctica called Base 211. (so to think Adolf escaped to Argentina is child’s play) Think well advance Submarine, which many were unaccounted for after WW2. The U.S. sent 4,000 men to Antarctica with Admiral Byrd in 1946 & They were defeated by these same Aircraft everyone is spewing about. So keep in mind that The Germans are & always have been Analytical People. ET’s are just a Myth. “What has been will be again. What has been done will be done again, There is Nothing New Under The Sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9

    • No sir. Galactics or ET’s are most definitely not a myth. I turned my head after an inner prompting to do so and for the first 2 seconds saw nothing, then a silver saucer slowly appeared and wobbled as it glided by at about 250 feet in front of me at eye level. This lasted for about 4 seconds and it slowly vanished. That was technology and a type of craft that nothing the Germans or any other nationality on Earth have. This was in 1976 near Big Sur, California on the coast. It almost seems they materialized or de-cloaked just long enough as if to say, “Hi, we’re here!”

    • Yes Jon, it is alleged,, the Vril Society (a small group of German women after WWI) had supposedly,, as the rumor, goes, contacted the extraterrestrial race called today; Draco’s, and formed a partnership with them and also with, the then, Nazi Party for technological help… At least, as the story goes,
      Yes, they, the Germans near the end of WWII, allegedly,, were working on Antigravity through ‘The Bell’ as it has been called, their ‘Manhattan Project’, and they ‘may have’ developed antigravity craft, ‘may have’ even relocated along with possibly,, allegedly Hitler, to their Antarctica base, as their were quite a number of Nazi officers/scientists, and submarines unaccounted for, after the war.
      This is all a matter of speculation and little facts to draw “absolute conclusions” from…
      Yes, “Project Paperclip” brought over thousands of Nazi’s (which could well be one reason America is in such dire straights as these Nazi’s were ‘accepted’ into some of the highest levels and given top clearances after WWII in the US government – bad idea.) whom participated in, its alleged, development of the U.S. Antigravity tech…but, that’s hard to absolutely prove.
      Which, btw, I have personally, witnessed Antigravity craft, not ET but,, in seeing, not 1, but 5 such craft, what I can only describe as “antigravity stealth fighters” bearing American insignia, form up into a Delta flight wing configuration, directly over my head at less than 200’,, and float silently away, accelerating to a speed that took them approximately 1 minute to then, cross a northern Wisconsin lake of 500 acres and exit my visual range, in 1994.
      However, that said (and including my comments below to Devon), despite your assertions, none of this,, accounts for ufo sightings going back into the earliest US History well before the rise of Nazi Germany, and even so far back in history, as biblical times (read Ezekiel, pretty clear that was a ufo, at least to me), the earliest cave paintings of man showing ufo’s and ET’s, not to mention even in Renaissance Paintings containing ufo craft, all of which are well before the times you appear to assert, that Germany created these things, and your absolute statement (incorrect therefore) that there are no ET’s… I have undeniable photographs of thousands of these craft, and not one, has a Nazi swastika painted on it, just for the record.
      Thus respectfully, I suggest Jon, you do more research…
      These saucers, craft, phenomenon are no myth. What or rather whom, ‘exactly’ they are, I don’t know, I have no recollection of chatting with an occupant thereof but, I can say this, from all my research of this phenomenon, over more than 4 decades, “they are/were, here, long before we were, and controlled technology, once witnessed by the earliest man, and thought of by them with their limited technical perspective, as ‘Gods’, ‘Angels’ and ‘Demons’… Whomever they are, and most certainly, those witnessed long before our industrial revolution, before even powered flight, or man’s air balloons, were here, and they are not part of any surface nation, nor I believe, from our planet.”
      They exist, unquestionably and undeniable in my mind and,, the lens of my digital camera. Not ‘a myth’.

      • Tye, Was wondering if you know some where that property taxes are as low as $1,000 a year. As I pay $6,000 yearly & it’s not by any means an up scale neighborhood. But we do not have Corporate cops running the streets either. Maybe our taxes go to paying Local Police, I’m O.K. with that.

        • Although this is not a format for conversations, as you requested it…
          My experience is limited in such but, I’d say: it would really depend on the property you buy. Waterfronts will cost you more, farmland less, mountainous in between my guess, cities the highest…, do some serious research on areas you are interested in living.
          I wish I’d researched more, the area I settled on, they told me my property taxes for 0.27 acre city lot, would be around $1500 a year,, however, the City Water, City Sewer, and Trash collection, which I did get information on but, was lied to either deliberately or inadvertently,, by a city representative,, which total, more than, doubles,, that annual cost. Surprise surprise. Oops. If they don’t get your money one way, they get it, another. Be careful, research everything. Had I had, more time, I might have done better but, I’ll live with my choice.
          Were I you, from what you said, I’d look at rural over city, open countryside is going to cost you less than “city life” (even small city life), and the south, places like rural TX, maybe MS AR or even KY TN WV, I know that the rural areas of MO were,, 20 yrs ago, tax cheap, or maybe hills of Appalachia still are, forget CO WY, it’s getting bought up from what I saw while looking. Extreme rural areas, are likely best, the smallest berg middle of nowhere you can find,, if, that lifestyle suits you. Good luck..

  3. I’m not too impressed by this presentation with Dr. Michael Salla. Those of us who have studied the presence of ET life and craft in planet Earth’s atmosphere, are informed about all that this man expresses in this video. And those of us who are only now interested in learning more about the subject will have to study the material and documentation that holds testimonies, witness reports and visual proof of ET craft and the attempts to re-engineer them by secret military organisations. In order to verify what Michael Salla writes.
    In the book he promotes at the end of this video. We don’t have to be a smart ass believing that all that is arriving in our world on planet Earth will be revealed and made to good use, as a benefit to us, the common people. The fear of ET existence dictates extreme control.

    • Devon, Thanks for your comment.
      Nearly every week, I capture new UFO/UAP pics (though often hard to see because they are more often at high altitude and traveling extraordinarily quick, far too fast for our human vision to ordinarily detect (if you see one, it’s a split second and it’s gone before your eye can focus on it) -but not digital photography, the camera captures them, so they appear in a few frames of live digital video 1/25th to let’s say on average 5/25ths of a second (camera’s generally speaking record at a rate of 25 frames per second).
      They, appear to most often, be using some type of energy field surrounding the craft which most often disguises much of the image, though not always, its those rare ‘clear’ images, I really continue trying to get). This fits with the files 2019 US Navy, US Patent, which said as I understand it, they were using electromagnetically energized argon gas, to create an energy bubble of sorts, to envelope the craft to make it unaffected by air water and space molecules.
      I urge everyone,, at say “noonish time”, to point your camera skyward (though not directly at, nor pointed near, the sun, it ruins your camera light sensor I found the hard way, and thus, ruins your camera), point your camera at the blue sky, or passing cloud, leave the camera run at maximum zoom, or 20x or more zoom, for a few minutes -like 5 minutes (longer gets really hard at 25 frames a second x 60 seconds, x whatever minutes, it gets very time consuming, the longer you record), and go back and review it, in frame by frame mode, slowly, carefully,, and you too, will likely find, UAP UFO craft frame images which appear.
      Oh, and if,, you hear,, as I’ve posted online since 2013, a “jet like” but, often louder ‘roaring’ sound, especially if it seems like, “it circles”, and especially if you cannot visually detect any jet… Then point a camera at the sound source in the sky record while the roaring continues, and upon review in frame by frame, your likely to have “frames” which contain these objects…do a simple screen dump of the images as you uncover them. Sometimes you might have to edit the pic to, enlarge severely, lower the brightness/brilliance (especially sunny days, and days,, btw, are best), and most likely raise the contrast, to ‘see’ them, more clearly,, in your pics. Try different techniques on your images.

      These craft are,, up there, observing us all, much of the time.
      This is ‘real disclosure’, self initiated disclosure,, for yourself,, and anyone, can do it.
      If one is, so inclined, then use your resultant photographs as you build your own library of captures, to prove their existence, to yourself, you’re families and your friends.
      As I said, this is “Real Disclosure”, and you can participate, we, all, truly are, the disclosure we have been waiting for. The government is not going to tell the truth, ie: “full disclosure” until we force them to, with our own, overwhelming, undeniable, evidence.
      I have that evidence, I feel is so overwhelming, so undeniable, and, you can have it too, After 7 years at this, I now have thousands and thousands of UAP/UFO images myself, several hundred pretty good, to great, images, and believe me, “knowing” the truth, proving it, to yourself, for yourself, if for no one else, is really rewarding. I know for a fact, they,, are there, most any time (though about 10:30am to 12:30pm seems best, I’ve found, to catch them).
      Try it, and don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t catch them, keep trying, my experience, they will appear, especially if they see you trying. My opinion, the old adage of “seeing is believing” is not true in this case, “believing, is,, seeing”. It’s like, they see you, know your intent (my personal feeling is, especially if your intent is not, to ‘profit’, by images you catch) and they will reward your efforts with the truth, and show you, they are, there, if not all of the time, every day, then, very often.
      Just remember these things are fast, faster than we can ordinarily conceive. Imagine a man 2000 years ago, as he hears it approach and tries to see an out of time, F15 fighter jet, as it screams over him, flying at Mach whatever, at the tree top altitude… he might glimpse it for a second…we are in about the same position with “them”, they’re extremely,,, extraordinarily fast, by our comprehension, beyond the capability of most to see, because it’s just a couple at most “frames”, which the brain processes 24 of, at a time, to create less than, a moment, of human vision.
      I’ve done so much of this frame by frame review, and slow motion video, I now, can recognize a glimpse of them, once in a while, with my vision, it’s like peripheral vision, just a flicker, in which instant, they’ve come, checked out what I am doing, and are gone, just that fast.
      But, the camera is not fooled, the camera does not lie. They are there, waiting for us, to use the technology, to ‘see’ them. Try it, a number of times, you’ll likely start your own library of UFO images.

    • Devon, Since The Netherlands became “Skilled” introducing forms of “Money Laundering”, & that Drug & Human Trafficking money needs to be Laundered, I was wondering how much One Life is Worth in Human Trafficking? Drug Trafficking? To keep Your Economy there in “The Netherlands” running so “Great” ??

      • Hello Jon, the information I’ve shared about the Dutch money-laundering and human trafficking, is coming from my connection with the B. of Joy, a group of ex-banksters forming a Dutch bank based on a fair system, without interest, supporting projects and initiatives that promote good stewardship of life and the planet. United People Foundation is part of that initiative, still under construction.

        The slave-trade of centuries ago, was most intense with Dutch ships bringing them to Europe, through the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and later the Indonesian slave-trade with Dutch tobacco- and spice-tradesmen establishing their luxurious estates in the Emerald Isles. Served by slaves. The Dutch Golden Century knew great wealth. At a price, just like the British Empire has known. The great wealth contrasted by extreme poverty.

        The bright side of this Dutch history is the fact that we’ve “learned” to live with foreigners quite well and to my knowledge, I’ve never heard 1 Dutch person express racism. That sort of hatred I’ve heard in Britain when the refugee issue arose, August 2015, and later, with the announcement of The Referendum for Bremain or Brexit. Fear is a motive deeply embedded in Britain’s society, sadly.

        I’m Dutch by birth. I have left The Netherlands for a home in Britain, July 2015, and after this year, chosen as a break and safe refuge in my Dutch home, I’ll row my little boat with a flag at the mast, overseas to the coast of an island, where I’ll enjoy the nearness of the Atlantic Ocean, its shades of blue and the sound of its true waves. My 5 years in Devon, the S. West of Britain, have shown me that the sound of the sea is where I love to live, with a coast that shows cliffs, sandy beaches and rockpools. I’m a beachcomber at heart, you see?

        If it’s the Celts, the Druids, the nature-spirits and Gaia’s nurturing love, or my once upon a time life in Atlantis, now below those waves, I’m not sure. Probably it’s all in a mix and regarding the Dutch affairs in the government, that’s not my cup of tea.
        (by the way, that little boat is just a fantasy) ?? ? ⚓


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