Source: Cobra Update

Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out.

Although the positive end result is secured, the way to there is not, and the Light Forces are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as they feel guided, in the next two weeks especially:

They are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:

Visualizing planet Earth and especially the planetary surface completely immersed in pink Light is also helpful.

There will be two key moments where more massive participation in the Flower of Life meditation would be advised.

The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at 6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.

The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.

Victory of the Light!

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    • No worries, there is also the August 31st Noon UTC mass Flower of Life Meditation. Link to a Time Converter for your local area is Here:

      Please note, the Flower of Life meditation is suggested to be done every 4 hours or as often as possible for the rest of this year, but especially for the next week. Details are Here:

      There is also a daily collective Flower of Life Meditation at 12 noon UTC time.

  1. Where I am right now, the 8 geese outside sing their own song, rummaging under the pear tree and the figs, always together and very gentle, living here for a long time and now with an expanded family of 3 youngsters. They all look like toddlers with a full nappy from behind, when they walk away. There’s such blissful silence here, no machine, no airplane, no cars. Only the cows calling, at times, the conversation of the geese, and the eager mewing of little Boy, the kitten. I knew in some way that we’re moving through intense energy, it’s why I left the city for a month of “holydays”. I hope you’re safe, out there.
    Here’s some inspiration for this day also, with Istvan Sky singing the Medicine Buddha Mantra with young Tibetan monks:

  2. For those of you, supporting Planet Earth today with more intensity perhaps, here’s Istvan Sky with his voice, filling the ancient valleys, gorges and monuments of Bali with sounds, There’s a deep reverence for Lady Gaia, the abundance and diversity in nature, where smells of the water, the rock and the plants, moss and ferns assist so well in keeping our physical body well grounded in the joy of beauty and nurturing grace. The lady with the Emerald Eyes is present for me. See how many shades of green are visible in this video:

      • Hello Victoria, fortunately I can correct you on the number of years that I’ve been “under the influence” of a Church Institute. It was 16 years. Long time ago now.
        I tend to leave the Bible for others to read, only Corinthiers 2 Chapter 13, about love, is a text that speaks to my heart. I’ve read it to my father when I sat at his bed in one of the last nights of his life.

        Now, about our exchange of comments, I believe we’re talking about different subjects here. The Bible text in your post isn’t alien to me, for sure, but the context that made you leave a comment on August 23rd, for me, I don’t get it. If my comment in another page made you decide to leave a comment, why not refer to it? Do you expect me to read the turning windmills of your mind?

        As I said before, we’re not in a discussion forum and therefore, to me, no one is supposed to express agreement or disagreement, to follow my line of thinking. I’m not talking to a person in particular, see, when I leave a comment. Unless it’s a response to another person’s comment, which I start by writing that person’s name. I’m sharing my thoughts, views and insights, just like you and others here, with an equal right to be welcomed or not, be it a comment or a response to one.

        This is my last response to you, for I expect only more tiwsts and turns in our conversation that cause it to lead nowhere. We’re on different pages I believe.

  3. 2 Samuel 12:1 The Lord sent Nathen to David. When he came to him he said “There are two men in town, one rich, one poor. The rich man had a very large number of sheep & cattle, but the poor man had nothing but one little lamb. He raised it & it grew up with him & his children. It shared its food & drank from its cup. Now the rich man refrained from taking his own sheep when a traveler came to eat with the rich man, & instead he took the lamb that belong to the poor man to prepare a meal for the traveler.” King David burned with anger against the rich man, & said to Nathan, “As surly as the Lord lives, the man that did this deserves to die! Because he did such a thing & had no pity.” Then Nathan said to David “You are the man, this is what the Lord, the God of Israel has said: I anointed you King over Israel, I gave you the house of Israel & Judah. Why did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil?” DEVON: I am Nathan, speaking on behalf of JUSTICE4GERMANY. You & the ally forces are The David’s. This is what the Lord has said “Out of your own household, I am going to bring calamity upon you.”

    • Devon, At least David had Remorse & tried to Redeem himself for the rest of his Life, as he watched Calamity fall upon Every Member of his House. ‘The House of David’

      • Hello Victoria, I’m sorry, but I can’t remember having left any comment related to David or any Biblical quote. And so, it’s a puzzle to me what you’re on about.
        This Dutch expression popped up in my mind: “I can’t attach any rope to it”.

        I suggest we express our views and opinions, without expecting others to “follow” our line of thinking, and also without the need to achieve that others are on the same page with us.

        This isn’t a discussion forum, although I’d love to see PFC members gathering on a platform like MeWe-The Next gen-social network, which seems to be least censored, these days.

        • Part of your answer is on article ‘Q &Trump Team Defeat’ & Furthermore, You expect others to follow your line of thinking All the time.

  4. I’ve taken it to heart and shared the notice with those who “know” of astrological key dates and the changes on planet Earth and those on higher levels of existence. At sea, on the ground, and in the air. “Where am I? Oh yes, HERE I am! And now I’m HERE, another HERE and oh, a new NOW” I choose to be HERE NOW and next NOW is a choice as well

    But always with a mind and body, grounded in the playing field of life on planet Earth. The game of push-and-pull, played skillfully when we’re honouring our opponents, their right to be players in the field with us. My 2012-motto is strong: “There’s nothing so liberating as moving from resistance to surrender and see the world with changed eyes.”

    For those who read this comment, here’s a song by Lia Scallon “Light emerging” from her album “Invisible Light. It’s nominated for an award by “The 4thAnnual Peace Song Awards”

    A word on this Sunday, from a minister’s daughter:
    May the Light assist you, accompanied by joy, on your journey. We may meet at crossroads shining our Light as we’ve never done before. As we say in The Netherlands “Don’t place your light under the bushel”
    Espavo! ????????

  5. Yes, it seems trivial but I believe it will help you and your family to do this….I have had many negative set backs lately, it is grueling to see our present state of insanity playing out on the global stage…. but I have received some help from the Absolute Father and Mother….perhaps you will as well…invoke it…flower life…divine energy, Absolute Father and Mother….

  6. WTH?? WHERE IS THE MEDITATION??? I followed 3 links all taking me to another page that has the same link. After the 4th try, which just brings up a flower of life poster, I gave up. I don’t have time for games – don’t make this a game!

    • The Meditation Instructions are at the welovemassmeditations link – if you scroll down the page. The Instructions are:

      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

      2. Visualize your soul star chakra shining with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down throughout your energy field.

      3. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stabilize the transition on Earth and manifest the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.

      4. Visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere around the Earth, expanding below the surface and also expanding all the way up to the Moon’s orbit. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere assisting the planetary liberation process, clearing all darkness from the surface of the planet. Then visualize the Flower of Life sphere purifying the leylines and vortices within the planetary Light grid.

      5. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere creating harmony, protection and peace for humanity and all other living beings, and especially those who are holding the Light for the planet.

      6. Now, visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere encompassing the Earth and elevating the vibration of the entire planet. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere manifesting harmony and the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.

      You may also say the following mantra silently or out loud at the end of the meditation if you feel guided:

      “In the name of the honorable and powerful presence of I AM, I decree and command the process of planetary liberation continues in a positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, all living beings and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.

      So be it, and so it is.”

      11 Minute Guided Audio is here:


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