In the midst of the global pandemic of Covid-19, a ray of light breaks through: an age old medicine called hydroxychloroquine is healing thousands of Covid-19 patients. There are no side effects, no hospitalizations and virtually no deaths. World renown scientists like professor Didier Raoult from France, who is named ‘the rockstar of science’, publicly declared:

‘This is the end of the pandemic!’

He personally saw over four thousand people recover from Covid-19 in a matter of days. (1) In his footsteps followed medical doctors like Dr. Zelenko from New York (2) who healed over a thousand Covid-19 patients, and Dr. Stella Immanuel from Texas who saw 350 patients recover (78) without a single death. Several scientific studies revealed how powerful HCQ is in defeating the coronavirus, especially in combination with zinc and azithromycine. (3)

A scientific study from 2005 performed by the NIH (which is now directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci)  had already concluded:

‘Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.’ (79)

Professor Raoult saw over 4,000 Covid-19 patients recover in a few days, thanks to the medicine hydroxychloroquine.

Mass murder by the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization tested this medicine on 3500 patients in 400 hospitals worldwide… and a third of them died.

As a result hydroxychloroquine was banned across the world. 

Dr. Meryl Nass looked into the trial and discovered something horrendous: the World Health Organization gave their patients absurd, lethal doses of HCQ. (4)

The WHO tests use excessive, dangerous HCQ doses. These tests are not testing the benefits of HCQ on Covid-19, but rather testing whether patients survive toxic, non-therapeutic doses.

‘WHO and other organisations have conspired to administer excessive doses of HCQ in order to increase the number of deaths. By doing this they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine.’


Simply said: the World Health Organization murdered over a thousand people, so they could prevent the world from discovering hydroxychloroquine as the answer to Covid-19. Do you find that hard to believe? I understand you completely. But please keep reading to see what else is going on…

America’s Frontline Doctors censored

A group of physicians called ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ gave a national press conference, in which they openly declared:

‘The media have been lying to you about Covid-19. We are here to tell you there are effective and safe treatments. Nobody needs to die. Nobody needs to go to hospital. Most people who are treated with HCQ+zinc recover quickly.’

The video of their press conference was viewed over 17 million times in one day… and was then removed from Facebook and YouTube. Their website was even taken down from the internet!

Massive censorship was applied to Americas Frontline Doctors, who told the world about safe and effective treatments for Covid-19. 

‘Stop healing these people, or else…’

In the Netherlands the family practitioner Dr. Rob Elens was treating his own dying patients with HCQ+zinc. They recovered in a matter of days. (6)

The inspection commanded him to stop healing his patients with HCQ, or his license would be removed. Dr. Elens had to let his patients die.

He made several videos in which he informed the people about what was going on… but they were removed right away. In one video he gave scientific information about several effective treatments for Covid-19. In less than a day YouTube got rid of it.

‘The governments say there’s no treatment for Covid-19. It’s a lie. It’s deception. They don’t want to cure Covid-19 because…
everyone has to get the vaccines.’


These 1,700 medical professionals say how ‘extremely concerning’ it is that every scientific voice is silenced, when they warn for the dangers of a vaccine.

More doctors are silenced

In California two medical practitioners, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, examined over six thousand people and revealed their findings during a press briefing, that was viewed 5 million times. (17) YouTube removed their video… and removed it again, and again, and again, and kept removing it as hundreds of people kept uploading it on different YouTube accounts.

Top scientist is silenced

The world renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski studied the lockdowns and revealed how they did nothing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This internationally respected scientist shared his findings in a video, and was censored immediately. (7A)

Renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski revealed that lockdowns don’t stop the spread of Covid-19… and was censored.

Medical blog is removed

Dr. David Brownstein from Michigan succesfully treated over 120 corona patients using intravenous vitamin C, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, along with oral administration of vitamins A and D. (7B)

We’ve treated over a hundred patients and they’re all better. No one has been hospitalised or ventilated. We had a 100% success rate with this. We treated patients who were very old and very sick and we thought they were dying. But these patients are getting better with these therapies.

Dr. Brownstein healed 120 corona patients. He was rebuked by the FTC and his entire medical blog was removed.

Free speech is gone

During this pandemic something very dangerous is happening: suddenly free speech has vanished from planet earth. Only the narrative that is pushed by the big media is allowed. It’s what the Nazis used to do. It’s what happens in communist China. It’s what Russia was known for. But it’s not what the free world is used to….

Keep reading to see why they do this, so you can protect your life… 

‘If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.’


This website has so much more information but it is too much to show in one posting.  You can go here to see the entire article that we will try to post in different pieces:  StopWorldControl

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  1. 911 was committed for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033 ! Lower Manhattan copy the FEMALE grotto( Dark Rift) in Milky Way, described in Genesis 2:8-14 as Eden, where biblical Eve got her ” HAIRY APPLE” TO Adam to conceive- the real reason, why was N.Y.City nicked as ‘ BIG APPLE! Similar is the mythical, AVALON= APPLE island in England…there is dozen world renown Eden- Paradise copies with local legends of GOLD being there…
    Gold story on Lower Manhattan is on Liberty Street 33(NWO DATE IN 2033), with its ” Federal Gold Vault” nearby the demolished Twin Towers, now memorial with 2 squared,watered holes as NUMBER 8, plus WTC 7= 15…The conmen behind 911 attacks rebuilt it to 4 buildings with 5th,(2WTC) having only foundations, as the ancient Ennead…
    69 floors in 1WTC+3+4+7WYC=15, once again, and not an accidental number result..Tied to the 15 ha pyramíd complex of Giza and 15 ha complex around Way of Dead in Teotihuacan with total of 15 pyramids, where the Moon,Sun and Kukulkan pyramids have total of 25 steps! Both complexes 3 main pyramids match the 3 stars of Belt of Orion and 3 wing stars in Swan constellation, which has total of 9 stars…Both complexes symbolise ascension and descend of resurrected and reincarnated souls.
    Giza complex has total of 9 pyramids with the Satellite,Queen ones,as 3+3…and with Angkor Vat complex it is Global Clock of rising Orion and descending Track in the sky, and vice versa in the Great Precessional year, Anno Magnus, ending in 2032, and new one starting by the Aquarian Age in Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033! Date visible on 1$ bill, the great US seal, the Galactic US flag, the US Skyscrapers calendar and in the official 912 Database! All confirmed by the SOLSTICES SUNRISE AND SUNSET, in the street plan of Washington,D.C., and in any Protestant bible- chapters amount for arc minutes and then arc degrees…
    The same year is 3x times confirmed in the Khu-fu PROCREATIVE pyramid. 5793 A.M.
    as 2033, the Great Jubilee Year as well..


    • 911 was First terrorist attack wave on Mankind with loss of life and human rights. From 3001 they count our last 32- 34 years to Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033…
      Covid- 19 was 2nd terrorist and deadly attack on Mankind, foretold in the Opening ceremony of 2012/ ZION Olympic Games…Sochi 2014 foretold us Apocalypse and billions of people going to spiritual world…
      More human rights were lost!
      The 3rd, deadlier wave is planned for 2022-23, when all human rights will be suspended!
      The 4th deadliest horse of Apocalypse is planned on 2024-25, when around 7 billion people is going to die in WW3= Armageddon, as predicted on the Georgia Guidestone of Rosicrucians…
      People, this us not a joke, but reality of this world run by freemasonic lodges!

  2. Novus Ordo Seclorum occurs in 2033 …

    Here are deleted my comments!
    Covid- 19 is 2nd terrorist wave upon Mankind, after 911! 3rd wave is planned for 2022-23, and the deadliest 4th one, for 2024-25!!!

  3. Novus Ordo Seclorum is planned and dated for 2033! 911 was done for NWO in 2033! It was 1st terrorist and deadly wave against Mankind! Covid 19 is 2nd wave, and more human rights is lost! 3rd wave is planned for 2022-23, and the deadliest,4th horse of Apocalypse is planned for 2024-25, to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD, minus 7 billion people…
    Lower Manhattan is local copy of Eden in east of Milky Way, her female grotto, where the biblical Eve got her ” hairy APPLE” to Adam to conceive! The real reason, why New York City was nicked as ” Big APPLE”, for its Lower Manhattan shape and symbol!
    Twin Towers were demolished as TWO SQARED HOLES symbolise it today as Memorial, number 8, symbolizing the Galactic Double centre in Egypt and China by number 8, as the Galactic WOMB! 8+WTC 7=15..
    Later, the conmen behind 911 attacks, rebuilt the complex of 7WTC BUILDINGS: 1WTC+3ETC+4WTC×7WTC=15 again, tied to the 15 ha Giza pyramíd complex and 15 ha pyramíd complex around the Way of Dead, with 15 pyramids and 15 steps on the main 3 pyramids of Kukulkan,Sun and Moon, matching the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion, and 3 stars in the Wings of the 9 starred Swan constellation! The same applies to the 9 pyramids of Giza+ 6 stepped YoSeR/ DJoSeR pyramid of Aquarian Age as Creator Age, Potters Age, starting in 2033, as Novus Ordo Seclorum!
    The worst is yet to come, after this 2nd terrorist wave of Covid- 19!!!

    • Giza- Teotihuacan pyramíd complexes symbolise the ascension of the souls trough Orion stargate( X- shaped ancient constellation of Orion as sand clock with SEVEN=7 STARS) into the RIVER OF LIFE= MILKY WAY, floating souls further into the Galactic WOMB, the double centre( marked as #8) yo Judgement and Purification of the souls, stripped there of its own memories!, and then, in accordance with galactic and karmic laws, descending trough the yonic Black hole( Swan or Yama) down to another cycle of life on Earth, not remembering previous life and lives! This is the process of immortality trough REBIRTH- RESURRECTION and REINCARNATION of souls to another, new born bodies- temples of the souls! However, we have thousands of cases of REINCARNATIONS, where children claims to be before someone else!!! Please, see The Cygnus Key- Andrew Collins,2018 bestseller.

  4. I am waiting for the prosecutions but I will not hold my breath .Thank you for this article.
    We all need some glimmer of hope amidst of this insanity of propaganda for the sake of a few that want to more rich on the backs of many.

  5. Who cares that it is NOT a real virus at all, why do this post? Only a few places had any real uptick in real viral cases. Majority of Coronavirus are lied about. By the way DOCTOR.. Covid stands for certificate of vaccine identification. Virus is handled with D3 and the substance referred to in the above article.

    Best solution is to NOT buy into this nonsense and remove the people causing it. This is what is being done behind the scenes. I feel this website and the management have lost their way.

    This website and organization is now affiliated with people who are lying to the public and using this organization for money. Many YT channels advertised on here that are strictly out to make money out of truth.

    You should vet the people you put on here and the information. You end up misleading people instead of helping them. Example: Rob Potter and his partner are lying about Venus. There is no monetary system there at all. Earth is currently the only planet being controlled.

    A currency system no matter where it is, has to do with controlling the masses. It is fine, a new podcast radio station not making profit off anyone, we will expose you for what you are doing here. I believe the kids are a front to spread nonsense information..

    Otherwise your desire to have money for the kids would be done on a better platform. I call them as I see them as an awakened being. This article should not be here, there is NOT enough cases of this man made virus to warrant this at all.

    TV news lies about the cases and the entire world count is skewed! The flu and other influenza cases are SLIGHTLY higher than years before. WAKE UP PEOPLE STOP randomly believing these greedy people.

    I wish you were all legit but you are not it seems. It pains me to see this nonsense being posted and accepted by people who are wanting to help.. it is very sad..

    • Cosmic Fox, we are not sure how you believe this website has “lost their way”. We survive on donations alone. Our staff and management are all volunteers who don’t receive any compensation other than the satisfaction in that we attempt to bring information to people like you. All of our articles include a statement that we don’t necessarily agree with everything and you are to use your own discretion. We don’t demand that our readers and subscribers hold to any position. And to suggest that our sponsored orphanage is a front is absurd. But like most people who find it so easy to trash others with simple and broad statements, you are only spouting negativity. We invite you to participate for yourself and meet the fine and few people who are attempting to keep this alternative source of information active, it might change your mind…and attitude. PFC

  6. From what I’ve heard…
    Use “Tonic water with Quinine” and Zinc….if you get this “flu”.
    I can attest after beginning serious all over body aches (worse than ever) in March, and using the above, I recovered, although do not be surprised if it loosens, your bowels, for a couple weeks, I feel it indicates, it’s cleaning your digestive tract out of the ‘flu’ virus.


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