By whitehatsauxiliaries,

While we are moving towards a “Hopefully” successful redemption soon, as there are now strong moves to acquire mass Gold volumes from our Chinese Elders Clients, to underpin the coming GCR, there are key questions. Apart from usual stressed Free Lunches howling, there are bigger Real World issues you first need to understand. How to grow your consciousness. How we help Humanity, and You, raises real issues of who is worthy, or not. Tough love! We have revolutionary moves in planning processes, once Redemptions are cleared, to create a whole new funding concept initiative to help the site and the genuine needy. There are so many causes. We know, we care! Our societies, post Covid, have to, and will, need to change. But now is not yet the time to show our Big Picture hand. Timing – Is everything. Cards matter. Very large Real Settlements for the Elders are close now. They have the key Assets the US needs. AU! Power, the key to the future to be used with care. Not for Bankers and Politico’s greed. For once, it’s now time to focus on rebuilding our shattered world, not funding bloated Militaries and its myriad of scheming, treacherous Agencies. Fund Humankind to be kind! Reeducate and rethink our goals as a species.

We, in turn, combined with key Elders, also have an Agenda, to ensure the coming releases are rescheduled and developed as an investment strategy, to make a difference. Scheduled for Communities and Individuals deserving of support, by putting back new profits accrued, where most needed. Ethical trading, Ethereal values. A conscious choice and a cogent direction. We are ever aware of need.

Please, break free of the US brain fogged Brokers Dream World and try to understand the core realities impairing all parties progress. Life matters, it’s all about Quality! We need to elevate consciousness and be more than we are. Fail this last chance and NWO, in whatever form, wins.

The juxtaposition of this transient reality, is that the Cabal and Deep State Racketeers who have plundered America while it slept, on your watch, have cross combined with double standard sanctimonious people, unfit for the Presidency, who have then looted the store yet again. As did the Neocon Criminal Bushes, also the Deep State Traitors and Cabal they became. The Cupboard, thanks to these Traitors and degenerates like the Clintons, is now laid threadbare. With it has gone your own, and your family’s future if not recovered. Betrayed from within. A City of Betrayers and Jackals. It’s too unthinkable that a crook like Biden could walk into the hallowed Oval Office and open the door for Harris. Don’t count Trump out yet. Biden and his son, Hunter, are despicable. Ukraine shame! Unfit for Office. This needs to be expanded by Trump. Face him down. The Bidens are all Bribe slime! Like Father, like Son!

All Politicos are being played and gamed as Pawns on the board by the malignant conspiring Zionists. Adelson, Soros and others need to be neutered. They treat the Deep State and Bribable Politicos like the Bushes, the Clintons, Soetoro and Biden, as no more than useful idiots, and now own virtually everything! You own…almost nothing. Do the Maths! Some nerve, the Federal Reserve. What a giant Scam.

You elected a Grifter who promised to Drain the Swamp. Arrests – None!

Beyond infuriating, so what do they have on him to be so pathetic?

All the power of the Oval Office and Trump has failed to use it. 4 years is NO Excuse!

Will he fully promise to jail them if re-elected and be assessed on it and held accountable to it? Otherwise, why run? Will he commit to quit in 2 years if he fails again? A hard commitment is needed. No more excuses. No more habitual lies!

Washington DC is a City of almost total moral repugnance, with both its callous Houses, who betray the world to order, in turn ever diminishing poor America’s standing in worldwide opinions. This is not the wish of America’s so many good-hearted people. Nor the humane, decent, harmless God fearing innocent Good American Jews, who have done so much for nations and societies around the world, but who now fear retribution for Zionist, or Bad Jewish Acts they were never party to, nor condoned. Many are now even fleeing Europe in fear, as rabid Antisemitism grows with mindless attacks on them by ignorant masses and a growing Right Wing. As it did in 1936. Good Jews, of which there are many, need also to align with us all to expose and remove the malignant and conspiring Zionists. Equally to stop them falsely posing as Jews.

Good Jews are Doctors,Teachers, Artists, Musicians, and many contribute so much. Most are not the Lying, Thieving, degenerate Zio Banking, Khazarian MSM Media, Hollywood and Legal trash, so be careful to differentiate. Good family values Jews matter and deserve both respect and protection to live in peace free from persecution. Soros, scheming bad Jews and Wall Street parties, do not. Soros is a heartless World War II War Criminal and parasite who should rot in jail. As should all the Zio Bolsheviks. Look at poor dispossessed Palestine with these Godless Israe-Hell Zios! Just look at their cruel tyranny and Genocide in Gaza.

But, to protect the real Settlements away from prying eyes, we keep real progress purposefully off radar until each transfer is achieved. Privacy is key. We are seeking to do so much good to help turn our world around. These assets are entrusted to feed Need, not Greed. Entrusted for Safekeeping, not plundered by Hegemony. A Higher cause. Zio FREE and Apolitical. Control of such assets is an ethical privilege to be honoured and observed. We filter out the trash.

We have a real mission, an agenda of good intent and purpose. To make a difference. We will need you all to help when stage one clears. We will keep it Parasite free.

Yes there IS progress. Just not for Public release yet. Do NOT despair, or lose hope.

Understand just this as part of the total equation. There are more platforms also!

A vast historical Bond, Currency Pallet and AU Bullion heritage is held safely by the old Chinese Dynasty Elders, and accompanying nations, who are seeking a long overdue Redemption resolution which can re-empower and revitalize our ailing economies. It needs focus and clear Global strategy plans for Infrastructure, Education, and job creation. Core wealth and assets to keep sheltered away from Banking scavengers and Politicos. Also, fast buck fortune hunters and Brokers. It is in very, very real play, but now is no time to go public, not yet. Access will be selective.

Good religious Jews seek only to live in peace.

Evermore the Deep State continues unchecked. Whatever happened to Trump’s lax promise to Drain the Swamp? Worse, the Bolshevik Zio Rats he is surrounded by, roam free, even including the annexation and blatant THEFT and extortion of Syria’s mineral rich Golan Heights for Dweeb Crime Family Kushner and his Cabal henchmen, including Cheney and the Israelis. Despicable collusion again! It is not Trump’s remit to sequestrate Syria’s land. Abysmal Hegemony, more looting. Despicable! Who holds them accountable? White House power abused yet again. Always the dead hand of Zionists and Mossad. With their DC Lab Rats all in place as Gatekeepers to loot America, is no one clean in DC? Bennie’s Man Kushner, is a Gatekeeper for Mossad in the WH. So sad! Where is screening? Post Soetoro – Zero! Clean up America! Where is a Rodent filter?

They sit preening above all, endowed as America’s paragons of Virture with their AshkeNAZI Bolshevik Zionist handlers. The Kingdom of the Blind. To control your own future, first understand what was taken from you, and how. They stole your Democracy.


Be clear, not one of these Khazars is, or has, an ounce of Jewish Bloodline or DNA in them. The lot are AshkeNAZIS !!! Fake fronts.

Their loathsome tentacles penetrate the world. Fake Jews, the lot! Khazars!

Assimilate, Sequestrate, Annihilate is their agenda! Just look at America and poor Palestine. Wake up America! The Bolshevik Zionists have deceived, looted and blood sucked you dry also. Still you won’t awaken from this stupor while they feed like Locusts taking all for fools. Who owns the nation now? Not you for sure! What a convoluted web we fight daily. Real time! In America only Dreams are free!

Genghis Khan’s raping, looting Tribal Marauders, the Khazars of the Mongol Plains, plundered and robbed Asia and Europe, and both pre and post World War II, fled to America to bloodsuck its emerging riches. Gold Fever, asset rich, they came as ever, a Plague on humanity. Just 10M of them encamped in America, now own it all. They fund and own both houses. Without their money, who gets elected as President? It’s so wrong! America has to restrain Political seat funding ownership by the Zionists. When Democracy is bought, it is lost!

Swiss Denied Roman Abramovich Residency Over Suspected Criminality – The New York Times

Russia and Putin have the same problem. The key criminal Mafya Oligarchs are mainly the Zio Khazar Bolsheviks, like Roman Abrahamovitch, who gifts to Putin multi hundredmillion dollar Yachts, and a percentage of the profits of the Crime Proceeds of their assigned territories as his Fiefdom Tribute. Little Caesar’s pleasers. Commie Crime Inc. How did Stalin work out for Russians?

Incestuous crime follows them. Look what this filth has done to Hollywood and LA. All the depravity of the Khazars. Locust swarms. Ugly, depraved , all Weinsteins and Epsteins! Zio parasites. How many nations have kicked them out? So when does America – wake up? They are bleeding you dry. You do not even have your own American people’s Central Bank, they occupy all Treasury roles to keep you OUT, and they own the Fed. Will no one rid you of this accursed Pestilence? Still you sleep!

Almost all the Bank and Finance Industries are owned or controlled by them. The US Treasury and Fed also. Most Financial Crimes are theirs. All Bugsy Seigel types. Yet none dare breath its name. They own the Media and block news of their so many crimes. Even the truth is denied.


They fund and thus own most of the incumbents of the seats of both Houses, and yet Trump can’t even find how to run again without them. Why has it come to this? He is, in effect, imprisoned in this Ivory Tower of Babel, owned and beholden to them. Deeply compromised. Married into them. Absorbed like a Borg. The White House is full of them. Totally disproportionate inclusion. Why? We can’t allow so many good, Patriotic Americans who are more than fit for Office, fine people, outstanding Americans, to be denied the Rights to stand and protect their own nation. Why are the perverse Zionists and Jewish money, funding and fixing who does run? Gophers! Real Patriots are denied.

Stop these Zionists and Fake Jews owning and compromising your Democracy. Limit their funding! Block their powers. Stop selling out the nation. Inclusive for all.

This is NOT The Constitution your Founders fought and died for! What you have allowed to envelope you all is Reverse Slavery. You are ALL enslaved to the Zionists. They own your Banks, Fed and Treasury. They own the media. The Statue of Liberty excludes YOU Americans. Count the Zio Supremes! Justice?

Thomas Jefferson warned you of the enormous risks of betrayals ever allowing them empowerment. As Churchill did with the Nazis. No one listened or cared. We defeated Hitler but despite clear warnings, the Bolshevik Zionists had already penetrated America, and within a Century, now own it, and sadly, you.

The TriLaterals ethos for Population Reduction is very real. As you line up with your masks, sucking in your own exhaled toxic carbons, corralled, Sheeple in-waiting to cull, it’s being gifted to them on a plate. For sure, these are not the Designs of the Visionary Founders. What in your God’s name do you think inadequately tested vaccines can do to you?

But, forewarned and forearmed, post the releases and GCR, we will be operating between the QFS, the Feds attempt to slide in a Digital Dollar, and other platforms, to focus helping Nations and Communities emerge. There is a fight going on for life and Liberty of all, to be free of the Deep State, and Zio Bolsheviks. Once the first redemptions start, if a major Gold initiative, currently being strategically well negotiated, is delivered as intimated, and is money free to transfer, as per contract, without traditional Fed and US Treasury deceit, an entirely new Fiscal market can follow. Restrict Fed criminality and the planet can breath; the green shoots of recovery will emerge. Instead of Trading to fund the bloated Agencies and Military, we will be reversing market proceeds to focus on Humanity. Community funding, education, and seeking to restore Community pride and a purpose of being. Wall Street, its Offshore skim offs, and horrendous accruing debts, funding US Hegemony, has to end. All it achieves is a spiral of Debt for Death.

Time to clean out the Sty.

Think what good these funds can do if aligned to Cryptos launched as asset backed project funds with shared corporate ownership and profits income for all of you?

Our putting back to feed people’s needs and giving every child Education to contribute and belong in a new society where respect is now inherent for all. Where your life matters. A nation fit to live in. Your Sovereign Right to be Free in Dignity!

Educated to KNOW the Difference? Each child needs to be given a protected Right, Educated to fulfill their capacity and contribute for all. This NEEDS to be YOUR Constitutional Right! Your hard earned Profits working for Democracy, Humanity, and rebuilding our multinational world. Equality of opportunity. Ethereal – LIFE!

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look. – Julius Caesar



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  1. There have been arrests and executions. Trump has done a lot to clean things up but it has not been acknowledged by the news. People who think he has done nothing are in for quite a shock in the very near future. We people on earth will never be angles but there are a lot of decent caring people and now that we know the truth we will find the solutions to eradicate these problems and find solutions. The cloning needs to stop for a start. We will go forward with truth faith and hope that is empowerment. There is so much potential for the future with the right attitude.

  2. Where does London come into the picture? Or is it suggested, due to the Bank of England being a major player on the board of chess? Quite a rant, I agree with Jill here. I’ve decided to not take reports seriously when calling names in a negative way is strewn over that kind of “roast”, like fake blood aka ketchup sauce.

  3. Most Senior members of the Order of the Black Sun ALL GONE – Game over…
    Lifeforce Enforcement Ground Command Unmasked ..

    Must watch !

  4. Quite a rant. A lot of good info., but You are assume that no arrests have been made and you assume wrong. Many arrests and also many military tribunals with executions as well. Be assured the swamp is being drained! It is happening. The world will be shocked when this information is officially released next year.

  5. “Without training, they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge, they lacked confidence. Without confidence, they lacked victory.” Julius Caesar.

  6. Well, one can’t argue most of this article. Although there might be Chinese Gold (they’ve been buying it up for years now), I note one serious omission here, there is no mention of the Global Debt Facility massive gold fund awaiting Mr Trump’s signature for nearly four years now to begin the global currency reset, verified placed on the Oval Office Desk his Inauguration Day by his own son (per Karen Hudes, the signatory,, of the massive Global Debt Facility ie: Humanity’s Gold), again, a deal ready, to sign, which will reset all national currencies to asset backed money, backed by the Global Debt Facility gold, and national assets.
    Thus proving unequivocally all, in the current US Government administration, and both,,, houses of Congress (the guilt of the Supreme Court is clear and goes without saying) , all, are cabal, they’re either directed agents, willing bought and paid for elite scum slime, or pawns controlled by, the cabal. That includes every one of the US cabal State Congress swearing allegiance via the AIPAC Pledge (oath to a foreign nation) to Israel (near as I can tell, a completely corrupt cabal dictatorial Regime, not controlled by its own people – much like America).

    Vote them out, if they carry the endorsement of either “Republican” or “Democrat”, both of the “cabal parties”, two sides of the same Khazar Coin,, throw them out, throw them all,, out of office, forever.
    Or suffer the fate of four more,, like the last how many decades, of unbroken, continuous cabal rule. Personally after the last four, very long, sad, bloody years, during which the cabal agenda, has been advanced, to a greater degree than, under any,,,,,,, previous administrations (even including the utterly corrupt Bush dynasty, which is hard to imagine even equaling with the 9-10 financial coup and 9-11 liberty coup but, the current administration succeeded in over topping Bush with cabal crimes, and the mindless brainwashed blind stupid slaves scream this “President’s” name as “savior”, while like Judas, he sells us out,, every single day he refuses the offer, to free America,, and the world from cabal rule with the stroke of a pen and restore Constitutional rule in America with an Article V, Constitutional Convention).

    Enough is enough, don’t buy into the Trumpee and Bidenese (republicrat’s – our republic rats) propaganda, the exact same cabal propaganda, of four years ago. This is the exact same election as four years ago, just hit ‘replay’ on your vcr and you will not have missed much of anything). Look what the last four years has brought, realize how you, as the, the “declared enemy combatent’“ against the cabal state (Trump administration included as part of, the ‘cabal atate’, absolutely yes), have been lied to, used, and abused, look how many of us they’ve already deliberately and intentionally, murdered, the last four year’s… Now look at the next four years…how many of us will remain if the cabal,, get four more years of controlling Congress, and,, the White House? We cannot afford four more years of cabal rule, like the last four, vote them all out.

  7. (Paragraph under Thomas Jefferson) When You Cowards Acknowledge that We Defeated the Wrong Nation during WW2 is when We will see Progress Towards ‘The Light.’ Light does Not respond to Deceit, Lies, False Witness against Your Brother. Churchill & Roosevelt were Traders & Communist. That is how Bolshevik Penetrated Washington. Who did these Scums ally themselves with?? Communist Joseph Stalin from USSR whom was killing Russians by the millions in the Gulags. What about China during this time frame??Let’s take a look at Saudi Arabia whom just became a Nation after WW1 from Stolen Land, from ‘The Ottoman Empire.’ Roosevelt cuts a deal with these ‘Crypto jews’ that the U.S. would be Supplied with Oil till Infinity, as long as America stayed out of “Their Religion.” Hmm, What to hide?? So before you write another “Nazi” word or “jew” word, Please define, because I am Sure One Cannot!

    • Reza, Isn’t that ironic, those that fight Usury, their name is always debased. A few things to note of Caesar’s monetary reforms that got him killed, 1. Control of the ‘Mint’ was transferred to the Government. 2. Interest could not be levied at more than 1% per month. 3. Interest could not be charged on interest . 4. Slavery was abolished as means of settling debt. 5. The Aristocrats were forced to employ their Capital & not hoard it. This enraged the Aristocrats & Plutocrats whose hoarding was now restricted. “They” then conspired to Murder. After Caesar death came the decline of Rome & later ‘The Fall of Rome’ with the help of ‘The Church’

  8. Vote for politicians who will mandate the outlaw of CHEMTRAILS, ROUND-UP, INSECTIVIDES, forced VACCINATIONS When you address these problems openly and in full view of the public, and he/she does not ignore the issues, but firmly commits to removing those toxins, then you know you have someone worthy of your trust; someone you can work with. But beware of those who ‘say one thing and do another,’ for most have been bought off by the corporations that supply and force upon the public, toxins designed to make weak, sick and kill to make way for work forces of purchased and owned CLONES.


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