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Hello there! This time of THE GREAT AWAKENING could not be more aptly named. I am Awakening to so much more and yet, feel I am merely touching the surface. This time helps us to absorb much, so we are ready for the ‘Opening Night’ so to speak. Is this not so?

We send out to your Beings, much Love, much Joy and much Honour for ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT YOU ARE ACCOMPLISHING. Which is MUCH.

We would like to elaborate on that if we may? Indeed, this IS the time of the GREAT AWAKENING. It was known before you came that it would not be the easiest of times. Yet, you chose to volunteer and here you are. The reason you were accepted for ‘this mission’ as you know, was because you ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG.

You are the Ones that were known to be the Light of Love that could ‘hold your ground’ when within the thick of it. You are not quite within the thick of it, yet, it is very close.

Yet, you are ready and prepared. This preliminary ‘attack’ has prepared your soul, which is now ready to rise above ‘all this nonsense’. Many of you are able now, to ‘float above’ the dark information and transform it into Light … in the KNOWING that this is all that is necessary at this time.

When ‘reveals’ are shown for what they are … much of your Being is strong enough now to hold the Light for all those that shall quiver. Literally.


You do not need to think of what you may or may not say … what you may or may not do … may or may not think. All you need to KNOW and ‘show’ to yourselves is the vision of your BEING exuding the most Radiant Light … that is filled with such empathy, such understanding, such consideration for all those that are very much further back along the same pathway.


You are already BEING that which you request. You simply do not choose to recognize it, as you cannot yet, see yourselves as that Glorious Light that you are to present.

THIS TIME … that you have been seeking … THIS TIME that your hearts have been longing for … is here … NOW.

Some may feel that they are still waiting, yet, you are not. It is happening NOW.



This is your position, RIGHT NOW.

Encourage yourself. Let yourself KNOW and UNDERSTAND that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing in these times are unusual for you. You are unsure of your very identity. There is a feeling of despair and hopelessness that then is replaced by KNOWING!

When this KNOWING decides to remain … nothing shall ever ‘appear’ to be the same again.

You ask many times how to know this knowing? We have spoken of this.


More and more, as each day dawns, Awaken to the KNOWING that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.

It is happening. We repeat over and over … IT IS HAPPENING and it is the most exciting thing that has EVER taken place upon your PLANET and you, yes, you, Each One resonating in their hearts and the very inner core of their Being with these words … were CHOSEN TO BE PART OF THE TRANSFORMATION RIGHT HERE AND NOW.



Allow no longer, the thoughts of disbelief to overtake you. Thoughts of bewilderment of finding Truths that shock. Detach and let go … Accept and disperse the Energy. Then replace with thoughts of the beautiful world that lies in wait of your Divine presence.

We ask that you do not just read these words yet, you think about them KNOWING this is your future.

Your days ahead of untold Love and Joy in a place of such spectacular Energy.


Days, when your heart sings all the while, for that is what it chooses to do.

Days, when that which is offered to you as NEWS is only that of uplifting scenarios that continue to allow your souls to renew and rebuild their knowingness of such TRUTHS.

For so long, Dearest Ones, you have been kept under wraps. You have endured unspeakable, deplorable misgivings upon all that is life upon your Planet, under the guise of that which it is not.

IMAGINE … FEEL … the Freedom when all this has gone.

When the world you Awaken to each morning, is one that desires the Greatest Good for all.

The Highest agenda of Well Being FOR ALL.

EVERYTHING THAT LIVES shall be given the opportunity to be accepted for who and what it is.

EVERYTHING and EVERYONE shall have the gift of BEING THEMSELVES … to express the HIGHEST form of themselves.

Where your days will be filled with expression of self. Where talents and gifts are presented and offered not to ‘earn a living’ yet, because one’s natural state of GIVING can uplift and be shared.

What is your Joy? What is your Passion? What would you like to give and receive?

Add your ‘part’ in this Divine Plan.

Start thinking now of how you are to conduct your life in these new times. Fill your thoughts with these pleasures that are to unfold within you and for you.

Create and then FEEL that which is to be your day.

Focus your intentions NOW on what is to come … rather than invest Energy in the exposé of that which has been taking place behind closed doors.


Far out. For once I couldn’t get a word in edgeways yet, just need to ask what happens to those who don’t choose to choose it?

They will follow the path that they DO choose. Yet, we are not speaking of remaining in darkness and continuing to walk that path … we are speaking of the fact that …

Some may take longer than others to come around to these new ways.

Some may choose to leave the Planet through their own means, or through their physical body not being able to attend, or want to attend to the shock of that which their Awakening presents to them.

There is not a right or wrong path … just different time frames within it.

Many have concerns that family members and friends may not choose to walk alongside them.

Many may find that they choose to wait a little for them to ‘catch up’ in order for them to be able to do so.

Know, Dearest souls, No-one can miss the boat, so to speak.

THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IS ALL AROUND YOU … It is not in a certain town or a certain country.

It is right in front of you … and when ones’ eyes have adjusted to the HIgher Vibrations, you shall see it there before you.

You shall walk back and forth across this Bridge … Holding the hands of those whose eyes still have ‘sleep’ in them and you shall wash it away with your Love and your Kindness to all.

Yet, the Bridge is metaphorical isn’t it?

Is it?

Is it?

Is it?

We could do this all day … IS IT?

WE CAN SAY NEITHER YES OR NO. For it is and it isn’t.

Thanks for the clarity on that one. Clear as mud.

Perhaps Blossom here, we should give YOU the opportunity to speak about it.

Or not! I have had so many visuals through meditations, or when White Cloud or yourselves have been speaking about crossing over and then coming back and helping others across. Until such time, when the ones we have helped over shall take over that role, as the Vibration we left behind is no longer conducive to our well being and is too uncomfortable to be within, even for a short time. We will no longer feel it necessary for our part will have been played and then passed on. In my head that is such a beautiful vision … A Rainbow Bridge of Light of such exquisite beauty, as yet unknown to my physical eyes. Yes. I see it there … in a place /Vibration that I don’t know. Yes, metaphorical … and yet, an odd feeling as I write, that I shall one day actually see it. Maybe because all of us that know it to Be, create it into reality.

Well expressed and yet, we say, you shall see it in the reality of your consciousness which IS your reality.


Yet … not until this takes place, shall you KNOW exactly what we are speaking of.

Dearest Ones … FEEL OUR LOVE AND EXCITEMENT. For so long has ‘everything’ awaited this time that you are now in.

Hold fast in your KNOWING OF THIS TRUTH which will undoubtedly see you through the very turbulent days ahead of you. Yet, KNOW that the stormy waters that shall rise to such a swell, shall reach their peak and the storm shall pass, and lead you into the unchartered waters of your new life.

SUCH JOY, that you have not yet experienced, shall be within your hearts and Laughter shall ring out throughout the land.

and they all lived happily ever after.

And so it is.

And so it is indeed. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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  1. There was a message from the Acturians where they advised us not to go down the rabbit hole, trying to find out what’s happening in the world. With all this declassified information that’s been brought to light and, we can all see with our own eyes that all that it’s happening is not normal, I beleive we ought to get ourselves informed about the truth, not avoiding it. We need to keep informed about the enemy and prepared to help others, whom are less awake, to digest the horrible things that have been happening in the world.
    That message from the Acturians, I believe was deleted as I can’t find it here anymore.

    And with this new message, I resonate with it but there’s a paragraph that makes me think…

    “Focus your intentions NOW on what is to come … rather than invest Energy in the exposé of that which has been taking place behind closed doors.”

    Again, I don’t agree with it. I still want to know what’s been taking place “behind closed doors”, and I am still able to focus my intentions on what is to come.


  2. Things are on the verge of changing for the better on the planet it is improving I can feel it. I like the idea of a rainbow bridge I shall dream of that sounds wonderful.

  3. This is beautiful. You have so nicely expressed a vision I had once. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt as though tons of weight had been lifted off of the shoulders of humanity because those evil beings who have been oppressing this planet for millennia had been completely removed and humanity was now free to live and create and play in the utopia that this earth was always meant to be.

  4. Thank you, much is in sync and synchronistic now. Lorie Ladd has sent a new video, yesterday, with her message, received by her guides, that we’ve shifted out of the timeline that showed huge tribulations for humanity and planet Earth. Due to the human Collective Awakening, assisted by many Wayshowers and the Management Upstairs.
    The power of creation finds expressions in most magical ways. The Divine Feminine presence is of great assistance for women now. We can make babies and we can make reality come true that we dream in our wombs and hearts. The men have equal roles in the practical manifestation and strategies in need of the masculine quality of mind.

    This is what I found today, in a blog of one of my human guides:

    A version of a Gnostic text from Iran in Aramaic, around the 1st century.
    From: Desert of Wisdom, Neil Douglas-Klotz, Altamira, 1997, page 87-88.

    “In the name and light of all-powerful Life!

    Worlds came together to create
    creating the first Body
    Each head and leg, every neck, spleen, chest, liver and stomach,
    each male and female organ, all hair, skin and nails
    were originally their own world.

    All keep the conversation going in a friendly manner
    If not – or if there is one not working –
    the whole body will be in trouble.

    Then came the Soul, an innovative, gracious self that
    binds us with the atmosphere of luminous vibration.

    After completion of the Soul’s form, the Body
    created the Breath from one’s own radiant life
    This vital spirit animates and connects it to all other bodies.

    And after Body, Soul, and Breath were formed,
    The Womb became a form, comprehensive darkness in which new life radiates.
    The Womb is a great world, none is bigger or more powerful.

    The blood in the womb radiates pure purposefulness.
    The Blood in the heart radiates precious sophistication.
    The Blood in the liver radiates beauty in abundance.
    The blood in the veins radiates pure surrender.

    Those four radiant vibrating forces regulate the entire body.
    Were it only three, there would be no Body.”

  5. What a bunch of nonsense….Yes you are the greatest souls in the whole Universe…you are so amazing, but yet nothing ever changes on Planet Earth…same idiots running everything….nothing new here..! Meet the New boss same as the Old Boss… Wealthy powerful people controlled the world 1000 years ago and the same still applies today….God is an Idiot….and so are the Angels….They think Trump is a good guy..? Well I guess they don’t set the bar to high for getting into heaven….If he is good, who is bad…Hillary and Bill…. If Trump looks good to the Galactic Federation than how bad are they…..We are being fed more pathetic BS than ever…..the whole world is in lockdown….and we are doing just great…..oh yeah were doing swell….New Age Idiots….

    • Hello Jose, why are you here? Ask yourself, why? Reading this post? What is your vision? Why are you waiting for evidence, showing up in the world that you envision to be wrong? Evidence that is constantly hidden from you due to the wearing of glasses of your own making, blocking the light and hiding events releasing the darkness, by bringing it to light?

      I myself am weary of New Ageing sugar-sweet vibes, but one thing I do know, and that’s the return of freedom for each of us, for you and for me. That freedom is about a choice made by you, and not some sort of act or gesture offered to you. Live as if someone left the gate open.

      As much as the evil in this world is depressing you, as much love will make you feel sick, it seems. Think about what shows up in your mind and eyes, as the drama played out of our human existence. Imagine, when freedom of choice didn’t exist. What sort of reality we would see around us? A one size fits all reality, without creative tryouts and experiences, chosen to see if this works…. or that works… Would you be happy with it?

      The freedom of choice is innate to creation, in the human mind, and amidst all forms of suffering, I’ve had my share, we’re challenged and invited to create in freedom of choice, freedom of expression. How does your freedom of expression look like? What do you want it to be? Choose.

      No one can do this for you, and seeing the world with eyes that have already decided how it looks like, defined and judged, is preventing yourself from the freedom to create.
      When you’re not happy with the reality around you, change it, but start with your choice, what the reality is, envisioned by YOU, that you’d like to live in.

      Before judging what’s wrongly tried out by others who create their own lives. Only your own life is your own business, make it so. I’m no saint talking in an “all-knowing” manner, I’m in this experiment with you on equal terms while learning from my experiences as much as I’m capable of. Perfection isn’t a player in this field, a clear intention is, a self-made design for your life, with the affinity for ourselves in our ??????

      • No worries if he didn’t expect your beautifully worded message it didn’t go to waste because I sure got a lot out of them. Thank you and bless you!

    • Bless you Soul, still so far from even thinking to awake..
      the Truth will shine like a beacon once this Experiment to take Control over Human Minds is over… till then NAMASTE a. SLEEP GOOD my friend…

    • Go to “” & “portal 2012” ………wake up, your life will go from living a nightmare to heaven on earth no matter what you think. say, or do so just hang on.

    • I love what this guy, Jose, said – ’cause it put words to what part of ME thinks !
      We,ve been programmed from birth about “idiots running everything”…about “wealthy powerful people control the earth” and even about “God is an idiot” !! “New Age idiots”
      ….see I can relate with vigor to Jose’s words ! AND I can see that I’ve been programmed to relate to his viewpoint! to
      agree with Jose. A few years back I WAS Jose !!! Hearing his words – so straightforward and clear ALLOWS me to FACE what he’s (I’m) saying. And I notice that when I can see it so clearly , so openly, then I can look at this viewpoint with more of an openness than I’ve ever experienced ~ and it’s intensity, its staunch correctness begins to fade…. from Nyla


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