By Jim in San Marcos,

There are 331 million inhabitants in the United States. In a normal year (citing 2018 stats), there are 2.8 million deaths.
This year so far, we have had about 200,000 deaths from corona virus. If we calculate the normal deaths per unit of population, by dividing 331 million people by the actual deaths, 2.8 million, (before Covid). You get 1 out of every 118 people will die in a given year. That number is not high if you intuitively figure that the 331 million people alive today, all will be dead in 80 years.
Now let’s calculate the same factor for the Covid virus and let’s assume that the total deaths for this year will reach 250,000 with a population of 331 million. And you get 1 out of every 1,324 people will die from the virus.
When we divide the normal death rate group 118 into the Covid death group of 1,324. We get 11 people will die normally for every Covid death. So, it can be concluded that a person is 11 times more likely to die of natural causes than from the Corona virus.
The overall death rate from natural causes overwhelms the deaths from the Virus 11 to 1. The death rate from the virus does not warrant the drastic measures taken by governments all over the world. This is a panic that may be justified for people over 70; but this group of people already has one foot on a banana peel. The shutdown destroys the economy for the young people who must somehow survive without the means to earn a living. Government solutions to control the virus are destroying our economies. This quarantine in the US, will probably end after the election no matter who wins.
One million people dead out of 8 billion worldwide, from the Corona virus, sounds like a lot of people (if you concentrate on the one million dead). But if we calculate the expected normal death rate for the world with the present population (assuming everyone lives to be 80) expect to see 100 million deaths a year from natural causes.

If I were to die from Corona virus, the press would report, “See, he didn’t believe how dangerous the virus was.” The real motive of the press in hyping the virus is to get viewers. How do you do that? Feed on their fear. Now you understand why only one kid in the kingdom said “The emperor has no clothes.” Reality is a matter of the viewer’s perspective. Chicken Little was very certain that the sky was falling.



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  1. Since I want to know “the seam in the stocking” as we say in The Netherlands, which means that one wants to study properly, so that knowledge leads to understanding,
    for those of you who have the patience and perseverance to listen to a detailed explanation about how Coronaviruses work in the human body, and how the immune system responds, here’s one of a great series of conversations with Judy A. Mikovits PhD. I admire her stamina and applaud her “coming out” with her experiences and knowledge. Time will always tell, in the long run, isn’t it?

    In this episode of Medical Hope, Host Bob Lovgren discusses the issue of Corona Virus with guest Judy A. Mikovits, PhD.:

  2. When I saw the title of these paragraphs, “The true perspective of the coronavirus stats” I knew immediately the author could only support or justify this claim for himself, his own ego; and not for the collective (nation / world). A perspective is a point of view, or one’s unique way of regarding something. It can only be “true” to that person holding it (and then expressing it). If Jim’s view is true for him, then it cannot be true for Joe, because Joe’s view can only be true for Joe.

    Jim states there are 8 billion on this planet. Joe’s view is that there are actually only 7.594 billion people. Jim’s (true to himself) view of the planet’s population (8 billion) is a false view or perspective for Joe. The two data are different, close, but still don’t match. One or the other could be accurate – true, but not both. Are the numbers’ proximity enough for both Jim and Joe to agree the average of 7.797 is the true reality number?

    In Jim’s second to last sentence he says, “Reality is a matter of the viewer’s perspective”. So our collective reality is comprised of 8 billion individual unique perspectives, which are all true to themselves, but not true to each other. These 8 billion have unlimited shades and variations which can be either separated or blended.

    We start having problems (which have been manifesting in recent political discourse) when an individual thinks and believes that his perspective is SO TRUE and SO GREAT, and that it is not only true for themself, but that it SHOULD or MUST be SO TRUE for others, that they need to adopt it as their own, because it is the “TRUE” one.

    The reality is that there is NO SUCH THING AS A “TRUE PERSPECTIVE”. Just subjective perspectives, like yours, where you provided no statistical foundation for your data and absolutely no understanding of the principles of epidemiology. You should have just labeled your 447 words, Jim’s perspective of the (fill-in-the-blank)…. that would be true and accurate for you, because it’s yours. However, you have no authority to claim to the collective (blog, etc.) to call or claim anything to be “the true perspective” unless you’re writing it in your diary!

    Jim- If you can understand this, you’ll provide a more valuable contribution to the nation / planet. Because your ego won’t need to be rewarded by scrutinizing other’s views or perspectives to find lines of separation. Your new service will be revealing to us, how all these various ribbons (views) can be used to re-weave our new reality; which becomes a value-enhanced sum, greater and stronger than its individual stands.

    jae vee

  3. Chicken Little? Was she certain that the sky was falling? I didn’t grow up with her, in The Netherlands. But it’s present in my blog and email-signatures.

  4. In all the drama, the evidence showing up that we’re living in a 13 episode of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, the news gets better, literally BETTER. We now know, by study, understanding and comparing notes, hearing a multitude of witnesses with their testimonies, all that has now come to the point where fear for the virus isn’t necessary.
    I’ve known this from the very start, many more now are finding this out for themselves.
    In The Netherlands, new rules are introduced since yesterday. We’re allowed to have a maximum of 3 guests in our homes and all restaurants and pubs are closed at 22 pm.
    This afternoon, I wanted to visit the Therapeuticum, to see my doctor who still hasn’t met me, and intended to make an appointment. I can’t enter the place without a mouth-mask now. I was furious. More craziness on top of the madness? I meant to go for a long walk, but first I had to blow steam out of my ears and grumble inside, treating myself on a chocolate ice-cream, which is a rare event, but very appropriate to put out the flames!

    I keep reminding myself to step lightly and observe the reality of my comfortable life,
    in good health and freedom to go out for a walk and receive my daily nutrition from nature. On the way back I collected a large variety of seeds from trees, colourful and in shades of brown. Now I’m making a mandala, a collage of these seeds, a work of art.

    And… about stepping lightly, here’s Fred Astaire in his best moments:


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